Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mt Samat, Internet and Singing

I did the second step of my Land Energy Clearing project at Mt Samat. It is a mountain with an 11 story cross built on the top of it. The cross and land around it are on consecrated ground. I was impressed by the murals and the beautiful energies and landscaping.

I chose this photograph because it shows the back of a church group from Rosario in the Philippines singing and thanking the people who died to make it so they lived free. I felt this was the perfect focus point for the transformation of war energies being released to God. It also was consecrated where the wishes of the Filipino people were carried to God easily along with the energies of the project.

I have three more steps to go and it should make it so the people who fought wars and lived in the Philippines will be released where the countries can move forward to a new prosperity, and progress. It is the blessing part of the project. The photos of Corregidor Island on my website show how much the energies of war last and can affect the land and energies of everything around the battlefields.

It was nice for me. Yet it drained me completely and I have been working very hard on my internet. I could not get my own account at first and then when I got the account the network went down. I made it through those problems and then my website went down, the hosting company had service problems. I then had problems with my email and getting on the internet.

I thought could I have a virus but I have an up to date virus program but I went through all of the steps to fix any virus's, Trojans or key-loggers. I just can not get to some website and am sent to Filipino websites which are not the same as where my American accounts are just as this page has part of it in Tagalog. I am trying to   learn Tagalog but this is a rough way to go.

So I was frustrated quite a bit this month and spent a great deal of time trying to get things to work right. I finally have it to a livable level but something happened. I was invited to my land ladies for dinner. They like to feed me on and off and I love Filipino food. I sang karaoke and in my moment of angst did Sweet Dreams are made of these by Annie Lennox. I sounded OK. I felt the tension break and I relaxed.

I started to do more singing where I removed some of my tensions. I started singing more karaoke when I was upset which was quite a bit with the internet and email not working properly. I have been enjoying it although I do not know what the neighbors think about it.

Yet they started to invite me to parties to sing karaoke songs so I could not be too bad. I have made friends and singing was behind it just like singing the prayers at Mount Samat was beautiful and helped to bring the divine into the energy clearing.

Music is a powerful tool when you are upset and not able to do much about it. It helps to build energy and everyone should enjoy singing no matter how they sound as it releases the stress and things that make us ill. I will be posting more often now that things are straightened out. Yet remember there are moments in life we can not help and instead of staying upset try to sing a song. You may be amazed at how much better you feel about your life.

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