Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Reality-What is it?

Reality is defined by everyone in their lives. It is the bills having to be paid and the stuff of life. Cars do not run with out gas and maintenance. People need certain things in their life to exist such as food, warmth, and shelter. Even if it is only a tent it is better than freezing or being wet.

Yet is reality warped by how things are phrased? Do some people ignore reality because they feel focusing on what they want is more important. I have seen people want something and say even with it being a $50.00 item someone is selling for $2.00 it is not stolen. I was taught by a person who did bad things to other people that being greedy about what you want is a way to be ripped off. If people were not greedy then they would say this is to good to be true and not fall for the scam or buying something that is stolen.

Anyone can ask who does this hurt. Someone else will buy the stolen item. It may work where the person can make a profit. Yet a great deal of the things wrong in this world is because of people feeling they can spin doctor words and reality.

If you do something that is wrong then something will happen to you sooner or later. Not because it is something anyone else does. It will happen because people who have choices create reactions with their choices. Treat enough people badly and you will find that you will be treated badly. Hurt people and sooner or later you will be hurt by someone who is meaner and stronger than you are. It is the way life works to teach us the lessons and ways to exist as a good person.

I truly feel the world is crippling for those people who are unbalanced in one way or another. In Hermetics Magic balance is everything. If you do not have balance then the energies will not work, and you can not ground. The more unbalanced you are the further you are from being a real person which is the only way to advance along the path to God.

The mental makeup of many people can cause them to be victims of magic as they have the world work perfectly for them on the other planes. They have the abilities but they do not have the balance or grounding in this life and this world to function here.

Reality is living in truth and you have to know what truth is to live it. You can not rationalize nor expect to be validated by others. You have to like yourself, and try to do the right choices. Many people are not capable of this and our world sure proves it.

The people who are cruel to others because they are not what they want them to be. Treat others badly because of their race, weight, sexual orientation, or other reasons. All of these people are living in the realm of judgement. They ignore the fact that they can be judged harshly by others also.

Truth is trying to be the best person you can be and to love and esteem yourself in this life. It is very difficult to do because everyone can always find something wrong with themselves. Yet the balance, and truth bring about a joy in life that can not be rivaled by the realities that are the constructs and lies of others.

It is the spark of the divine breaking loose and making this world a better place.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday season no matter who they worship, believe in or think of for this holiday season. May everyone be happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise. May we all find beauty and joy in our lives. May the next year be the best year for all of us.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow on the Joshua Trees

Snow! The area I live in is high desert where we normally get a little bit of snow. Just enough to look out the window and say how pretty before it melts. This year we had snow stick on the ground more like the first year we moved to the high desert. It is beautiful but shows the weather changes and weird weather that is happening through out the world.

Las Vegas Nevada has never been much for having snow. It is a desert and my family moved there is 1962. I can not remember snow happening in Las Vegas until the last few years. They even said Los Angeles, and San Diego had snowfall. I do not believe it stuck on the ground but how unusual.

I believe more of this weird weather will keep happening this winter. I know that I loved seeing the snow and enjoy it but it is like the higher heat and the droughts. The water temperature changes and everything else happening to the world. I hope everyone enjoys the weather they do receive for the Holidays.

May it all be a blessed time where everyone is safe indoors, with power, warmth and being able to look out and say how beautiful.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Being Rational

The subjects I cover and work with are not rational subjects in many ways. Yet being focused and rational is the only way to deal with them. People always look for a reason outside of themselves to blame their problems in life on so they are blameless. It is easier to do that than to change themselves.

People with problems love to focus on the problems and bring them alive. They want them to be all encompassing, and to have a reason for existing. Any cure they want to have some repercussions that help everyone where they can feel the problems have a purpose. Problems are just that problems. It is how we relate to the world and what we do after the problems that prove whether or not the person learned anything from the challenges and suffering they went through to cure themselves.

We assign all sort of reasons for anything paranormal to show that the persons mental status is bad or they are fooling themselves. Yet there are certain things that can be ruled out. Appliances such as refrigerators click when the cycles go on and off, they gurgle when they make ice, they make a noise when they defrost. Regular noises like this are not spirits. The changes in heat and cold make pipes pop when it is cold outside and warmer water is run through them. Computers turn off when the battery is not plugged in to be charged after a certain number of hours.

Things like this are natural yet when counseling someone we can mention this to them and they can not accept it. Counseling has for years been someone listening to another person describe what their problem is and what is wrong. The counselor then tries to come up with reasons for their behavior and methods for them to cope. Yet the person wants it to be something else wrong because they are not realizing their dreams.

It is the same with spiritual counseling and even more a part of belief. Do you argue with a client and make them upset or give them ways to deal with the problems so in the future they can claim to have cured themselves. Even if it is only realizing the new refrigerator makes different noises and it is normal. Do you build them up or rip them down to look at their inner self so they can grow into the good person they could be.

It depends upon each person and how their perceptions relate to their mental state. If a person is going to be harmed by something that you would do then go about it a different way. I always try to bring them to methods to have more good come into their life so they are not in the same state of mind. No matter what their perceptions are reality comes into play when they start feeling better and happy.

Ripping a person down to look at their inner self only needs to be done when they are trying to control and structure everything. They discard what anyone says and try to live in their own little world which is something harmful to them because they isolate themselves. Love and kindness to help someone learn to have joy again is more important unless they will not look at what they are. If a person wants to focus on their problems and not work upon the issues then they just want someone to listen to them.

Sometimes that is my job and I have had to experience it lately. Other times it is pointing out to them that I did not cause their problems. It is not my responsibility to work upon my own issues to get myself out of patterns. It is their patterns causing the problems and they have to do it. Healing is not someone waving a magic wand. It is someone removing the things keeping a person unhealthy. If the person will not listen or do it no matter what the healers say then they should think about what they expect from a healer.

Healing is a partnership. The healer has a partnership with God and the person being healed has a partnership with certain expectations from the healer. The healer needs to define the partnership also including limitations so the person realizes that God is the healer and if they do not work on themselves so they can connect to what ever version of the divine they worship they are wasting everyones time. Certain energies can be removed but the person is always susceptible to those energies until they remove the negativity they hook too. It is also about the person fooling themselves so they have an excuse when they are not good at something, are inflexible or just do not want to face reality.

Yet the people have to be rational and able to realize that their problems are sometimes caused by their perceptions and actions. They just to want something to blame. It is when the person will keep themselves in the cycles until they realize it is the way they react to life causing it. Not unseen forces.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bullies-How do we overcome their behavior?

I have been thinking since the last post and can see the pattern of how the bullies work. The internet bully will pick on the new person. They are normally the people that seem to need the attention and will answer every post even if it is only a one line answer. Yet in the last two examples I have had it was all about perceptions and manipulation. They also pick on the person who does not seem to have a bunch of internet friends.

I work on many malevolent spirits and help others. I find that during the most active cases the malevolent spirits seem to have people pop out of the woodwork that cause problems. The people who lessen me are the ones who want to make their beliefs known and denigrate me and everything I do.

It all comes under their wanting to be right in what they are doing. So if someone states something that might disagree with their beliefs it is when they react. It is normal to get a discussion going by doing this. Everyone can interact and get an interesting conversation going on a good subject.

Instead the person instantly tries to do some sort of insult. One person used a string of fancy words and terms just to show how smart he was and stated that he did not believe I did anything. The people just needed mental help. Any defense of myself was then open to being argumentative and labeled as such if I defended what I did or stated references. An act of manipulation, judgement and abuse by trying to make me feel inadequate.

The other person called me a fluffy bunny. In the occult this is a person who does not really know their subjects but just has their head on cloud nine with out knowing reality. I was told to get under the porch and let the other people talk. It happened after this person seeing my website and both of the examples mentioned were into worshipping demons although the one claimed to be middle path. If they were middle path they would not have reacted that way about praying or that I only work with good energies. They would realize that I have to deal with all types of energies to help others. Yet they had prejudged me after one post.

I stated what I had studied and done since I was new to the group and did not mention my ranks on purpose. I do not brag about what I have done but will state I have been trained in Mystery Schools and taught others. Yet that was ego once I stated how many years I practiced. She made sure she started an argument. I asked the moderator for help and no moderation even with it being a moderated group. I could then see every post tagged with her abuse, ignorance and narcisstic ravings. I also said I could see why she was solitary as it was obvious that if she attacks people in the first two posts they make she must have a very argumentative nature.

I know I should not have let them get to me but being a doormat is not in my nature. Yet I was being accused of ego by defending myself, and had no right to any opinion as she made snotty answers to every post I made. She then had a friend come in and say he wanted to play like I had to worry about him and any attacks he made. The end results is the two people transferred their lies from a yahoo group to Google with out any permission and that is against the law. So is harassment.

So what is the answer here. Sticking up for myself did not work, correcting lies will not work and I did not do that in the first instance. I had one other case where a person donated to my website and told me not to work on him and is still lying about it. He made a donation of $50.00 minus Paypal fees into 3000 pounds sterling. He said he had a right to do this because he had his pants pulled down by three women. Yet when I showed proof of what he had paid me and stated he was lying about everything all of the people slandering me did not correct themselves or even apologize. He still whines because I defended myself. In his perceptions he was right to do this because of his nonstop drug use, and mental problems.

So keeping quiet means the abuse stays there for everyone to see and think it might be correct. Defending yourself is taken as something to play with and cause problems. It all comes down to standards of behavior and ethics. Talking bad about others even in these examples allow others to try to judge you. The perceptions of people are slanted and used against you no matter how wrong it is to do.

Ethics is following the basic Golden Rule. Do unto others as you want others to do unto you. The next question is do you want people to read this garbage and not have an answer defending yourself. In both instances I could have kept my mouth shut as I know I am telling the truth about myself and not role playing or anything else they could say about me. Yet the next question to ask is are you trying to be right or control the situation.

I do not want people to perceive me in that fashion. Yet answering one of these manipulators back has you perceived in a negative fashion also. They try to make it so even when the comments are obviously about their viewpoints they take things out of context and use it to try to get help from others. My example of I can see why you have to be solitary was taken to mean all solitary witches and magical practictioners by them when it was obvious who it was about and I am solitary at the moment myself.

It was also taken to pick upon the Middle Path when I am on it myself, and all pagans, witches, and others. Perceptions is what it is about on the internet and not about reality. So how can we make the internet real.

I believe the way to do this is to respect others who use their real names. Respect others who use ethics instead of trying to manipulate things into arguments. Respect others views. Recognize the manipulative actions of others and state that they are being bullies, trying to cause problems or manipulating the posts. It is true that it takes two people to argue yet if it is going out to a thousand people and then put on search engines why would anyone take that amount of abuse?

Defending yourself may cause the creeps to get attention but stating what they are doing and then stopping is the way to make it so it is not fun. The secret is when to stop answering which in my second case after asking for the moderator to stop it, and nothing happening I should have quit the group as it was obvious it was not somewhere I wanted to be.

Toxic groups are just that toxic groups. They should be alerted if people quit because of the actions of others that their allowing these actions will not be allowed. Manipulating and asking others for their opinions and then using it to cause problems should make it so the person doing it is bounced even if it is the group owner. Toxic groups do not respect others and believe everyone is a phony because they are phonies.

I have noticed how much things slow down on groups because everyone is burnt out by the people who do this so I wonder if the groups should have a system of keeping track of others who have been thrown off of groups so they can be rejected before they start causing problems. It should get through to them that if no group will accept them as a member their behavior is horrible.

Tolerance is something to think of also as no one has to agree with everyone else. Yet if they do not agree then they do not need to post and show some restraint and manners instead of attacking others. Respect of another person is proof people have respect for themselves. I feel compassion for so many people who role playing is the only way they perceive respect for others and that they have none for themselves.

Yet the people with out respect for others or want to play games with others deserve to be taught no one will put up with them. It is not about them and their ego but interacting in a group and being a real person. So even when you do not agree with them you can discuss the issues instead of type casting them and trying to make them into the pattern you believe they should be in; instead of judging them as a real person. Who has feelings, and is a human being.

Welcome to my Blog

My blog will be about my work helping others with spiritual problems. I will talk about methods, try to brainstorm on different methods, and many of the problems I encounter and the people encounter with being able to be healed.