Monday, October 27, 2008

Divine Connections-Part two

The trap with being angry at the divine is that it cuts off communications. Anger in a constructive way is not as drastic but still limits communications. I will give a couple of examples. Someone who has problems with obsession and other problems is upset. They feel God is letting them down. It does not matter what religion or God they are being let down. The divine knows everything and they are having suffering and trauma. How could God do this to them is what they keep saying over and over.

The second person who tries to be constructive about it wonders if he made a wrong decision. God knows everything so there must be a reason why this is happening. The second person may be angry but it is also when he repents and asks what he did wrong. Either way is a blockage as neither person asked for help.

Now both of them do some reading and realize they have to ask for help from the divine. They beg the divine to change the circumstances. Yet they are spiraling out of control and the reason for this is that the negativity is attached to their weaknesses, abuse and trauma. They have to learn to detach from themselves and see the problems from another perspective.

They can then work on and correct the problems that allowed negativity into their life. One person always feels they do things wrong. The other person feels they deserve better in life. It is our own perceptions that cut us off and keep us from connecting to the divine in most cases.

Evil and negativity can play with these perceptions until we break free of them. The suffering and abuse in the victims life is a big part of this. People who have not suffered abuse have a different view of life. The world is a brighter and safer place.

People who have suffered abuse have anxieties, and they worry. These emotions can show as a lack of faith and belief over time which forms a pattern that removes the protection of the divine connection. Worry is a lack of faith because we do not believe the divine has our best interests at heart. Anxieties are what makes our worry come alive as we imagine everything bad that could happen. People try to say it is problem solving and many times they use it for that and prevent bad. Yet it sets the patterns in the brain for the belief that everything can hurt them.

I am not one of those people who believe that thinking positive is the only way to exist since if you do not plan things out properly it will be hard to be positive. Yet there is a great deal to be said for having faith that everything will work out for the best. To believe that things will come through in a good way no matter what the problem.

Bad choices make it so sometimes the best is really a poor result. Yet if the person has made good choices having some faith instead of visualizing the worst that can happen is powerful. It does not make the worst things in life come alive. Fear of something bad happening is another way to bring it alive in our lives. The negative emotions have a powerful effect on our life.

Visualization is one of the big parts of life that causes problems and some people do their best work at visualizing the worse things in life. All of this affects our divine channel as it makes it so our perceptions tie us to the problems of the earth.

I was raised to worry and have anxieties by a parent that did the same thing. It is how it happens to most of us. My other parent balanced the first parent out by saying that being good to people and thinking the best could bring it about in your life. I was lucky that way.

Yet people with evil attached to them seem to be the ones who worry, are fearful, and have anxieties. It is what makes them susceptible to ghosts, and demons. They are normally abused and traumatized where evil can make them live through the worse times of their lives over and over again until they break the patterns of thought that trap them from the divine. It is rough to do but once the patterns are broken all of the things causing the traumas have less power.

The person comes out from under a cloud and can live again. The only way to remove demons and evil is by having the divine help you. It is not personal power but healing the divine connection to give the victims a chance to work out the problems with the love of the divine.

Anyone who is a healer who claims how much personal power they have is missing the point. Divine love is the only way a healer really works. It means that any healer, any magician that puts more faith in their own abilities and says that is where they are receiving the power is not connected to the divine. They are connected to their own egos and are as blocked as the people who are the victims of worry, anxiety and fear.

The divine power of the creator of Love is all that matters. No matter what name or religion you are a member of in this life.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Divine Connections- How they heal the problems in life

I want to mention that most of the people I have with possession, and obsession problems have their divine connections interfered with in some way. The connections are all pointing at the negative side of life. The people can never seem to achieve good results no matter what they do because they draw in negativity, and when they ask for help from God they draw in the wrong energies.

I have seen misconceptions about this in many of the cures people have used on others. They add positive energy to raise the vibrations and the person can not receive them. The other is that they send angels and the person involved can not tell they are around or seems shielded against the angels.

I have a few theories on this which have seemed to work and help. If you read on the internet there is such a thing as ascension chakras. All of these chakras are in the divine channel and lead to God. What if a negative force can add in programming where instead of going to the divine the chakra instead draws in and broadcasts what the negative force wants to happen. An example of this is I have seen many obsession cases with black cords and connections to highly negative energies through the 3rd, 6th, and 9th chakras.

The third chakra is the seat of the emotional body.The gland associated with this chakra is the adrenal gland.

The third eye chakra has to do with inner seeingness or spiritual sight and vision. The third eye chakra also relates to the conscious mind.The gland associated with this chakra is the pituitary gland.

The ninth chakra corresponds to the base chakra in the third-dimensional chakra grid. The ninth chakra corresponds to the body of light. It has to do with joy. When this chakra is activated the body of light is now in your cellular and sub-cellular structure

In many cases the 1st chakra or root chakra is combined with the black cords to the 3rd, 6th, and 9th chakras. The root chakra covers the following:

The first chakra is the seat of the physical body. It focuses your Earthly life, connecting you very specifically to the Earth. It deals with issues such as grounding and survival.

The main thing is to think of the combination as something is funneling the problems of abuse and survival with what you see, feel, and perverting the joy to survival, discord, upset and anger. It then allows any demon or negative energy force to access those chakras and rewire them to send the energy to it and not to the divine.

The other chakra that can be combined to this connection is the eleventh chakra
This is the chakra of the New Age energies. It corresponds with the solar plexus chakra in the third dimensional chakras, connecting the third chakra to the eleventh chakra allows us to diminish the present and past life trauma stored in the third chakra. The eleventh chakra energy feeling will be like a wave, and it will move through your body and out again without staying in the body or without attaching itself to an area of mis perception.

The rewiring of the other chakras make it so the help of the eleventh chakra is linked by negative forces to an emotional, physical, and spiritual body that is rewired where no joy or happiness can be expressed with out more negativity being expressed in the persons life.Everything is perceived as a struggle with no joy. The negative forces are hateful energies that exist to keep us in the frame of mind that they can use for our life energies. It is this combination that affects so many cursed, hexed, obsessed and possessed people.Medical professionals may help but they do not know how to rewire these negative energies and remove them. I will be giving a few things I have done and am trying that seem to really help.

Reiki energies seem to help if they are done often and keep the energies realigning to positive forces with out the negative energies having a chance to change the programming before another attunement is done. It is not a cure all but can keep the person stable until the links are removed that connects them to the negative.

The person looking at themselves and their emotions. Emotions that cut us off from the divine are anger, frustration, rage, trauma, abuse, and other negative emotions. I have noticed before an exorcism I will find people trying to abuse me, make me angry or cause me some sort of negative energy to weaken me. It is a trap that I try to avoid and not fall into too. The victims of this sort of attack are angry at God, the angels, and everyone that tries to help them. Why is it not being removed quickly, why does God not listen, why are the angels not there.

It is also a trap and one that prevents the connection to the divine energies. I will discuss the reasons it is a trap in the next blog post.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

How I Work on Problems and Case Histories

I have started putting up the histories of cases where the names and places of the events have been changed. I have been given permission to use these cases by the clients involved so I have not violated their privacy even with changing the names. I hope you enjoy them as it shows how I work and the problems I have dealt with in the past.

The main way I work is through solving the problems like it is some sort of mystery. I ask who, what, where, when and the victims impressions. It is the only way to work through the layers of problems. I normally get clients who have had years of problems. It makes it difficult to get to the original problem and working through years of collected problems takes time.

I do like challenges and enjoy the way that I can help others. I am always learning new techniques and methods to make it so I can help the most people. I hope that the old cases will help people to understand what I do and how I do it.

The first case is about rips in the fabric of time. The second case will be about a psychic vampire case I had in the past. I have many more so let me know if you want to hear more. I was inspired to do this by my friends, and family. They all enjoy listening to me talk about the ups and downs of cases and how I figured out a solution. I learn from the cases I can not heal also. Yet it is the favorite thing they want to hear about what I dealt with this time and how it was different. I know the variety ought to be interesting to everyone.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Psychic Warfare

I also want to mention what psychic warfare is and how it affects a persons life. It could be called spiritual warfare also. People watch TV and think spells are simple to throw on others and do not realize the damage they can cause. Most people are just victims of someone constantly wishing them ill and not doing magic. People do this when they hate another person. They think each day of something bad happening to them and focusing on them.

They become enraged until something does happen and it makes them really angry if the person is ever happy. This is not psychic warfare although it can sure feel like it. It is more of an energy vampire situation where the person is determined to insert bad energies for everything good that could happen. They suck the good out of the persons life for one reason or another and the person is left drained. This is common compared to someone magically hurting someone.

I always say anyone who does magic will run across an envious, jealous person who will act bad. The reason for this is magic has a tendency to attract people who want to be powerful, controlling and structure their world. People who can not control their ego and are argumentative about how great they are in magic.

Many of these people are closet narcissists and structuring their world means everyone around them. Ego and being a narcissist is a dangerous combination. You can blame everything on everyone else and feel it is right to do anything that you want to do. Almost every magician I know of that has harmed others is this combination.

The student of magic or person who just does not realize what is happening is a ready made victim. You act the way this person wants or they will do things to force you to be what they want you to be. The student is honest and works hard then when they surpass the person with the ego problems it turns bad. Nothing is better than the egotistical narcissist and they get cursed by someone who will work nonstop to cause them problems.

The narcissist will feel they have been cursed back because most people that protect themselves find out that the energies still bring about reactions for the people who curse others. The narcissist acts nonstop to prove to himself in his own little world how great he is in magic. They never stop and will send spirits that harm others also. The narcissist feels they are the victim because the inferior person should have the courtesy to be destroyed and die. It is easier on the nerves if you just punch them out and less karma than cursing another.

Other people who engage in psychic warfare normally use simple spells. They are jilted lovers, upset co-workers, family members and others who want what the other person has in life. They can cause problems but nothing like a magician whose focus has been to force, manipulate and make people do what they want them to do.

Psychic warfare comes in different levels. The simplest level involves sympathetic magic and is easier to undo. The Egotistical narcissist will be at the top level since they will use any sort of spirit necessary to cause what harm they want to the person.

The interesting thing is most of these people never quit. The spells they do will not work and they do more. People are protected where a spell can not be reversed because they have not harmed anyone. The person cursing them will then work harder to harm them because they are not getting to watch them suffer. Many of the people suffering from psychic warfare are suffering from their own work in magic because they do not know what a spell that has been reversed feels like. Anyone who does any sort of magic which can be reversed is not only stupid but they never seem to learn how to undo their own magic.

Once you have seen energies that have been reversed then you know what they look like and feel like. It makes it easy for me to know who did magic. If I see those energies around a person I will not take their case as any energies that can be reversed means that they were harmful.

The key things to look for are people that have done the following things.
A. Say they will curse you.
B. Are jealous of you and leave strange dusts, powders or oils around your space.
C. People who have threatened you and then give you food-do not eat it even as a peace offering. It is one of the most common ways to feed someone curse materials.
D. Strange gifts or gifts that when given make you feel weird.

Those are just the easiest ones to watch yet a person who does not act normally and makes you feel wrong do not accept any treatment or anything of any type from them. It is better to be safe than sorry in these circumstances.

Magicians when asked about psychic warfare will say the person is paranoid. I know there is some truth to this as some people react to others being magicians. They think they could hex me they know magic. If their life is not the best they blame the magician for everything that happens. They had the exact same level of luck before but it is person XYZ cursing them.

If you do try to help others or have a person for no reason accuse you of something you did not do magically. Realize they will try to curse you. Tell them once you do not do anything like that to anyone. If they accuse you twice be more firm. A third time and get rid of them as a friend as they are going to be more trouble than they are worth. You can do absolutely nothing and be blamed for everything from world hunger to their losing their job through being a jerk.

It is why most people do not say anything about their spiritual practices. Yet there are real cases of people who do curse, hex and send demons at others. It is knowing the difference. I suggest that anyone with a talent or ability learn how to shield. They should know the basics of what to look for when someone is doing magic upon them. They should learn how to undo any magic that they do. They should keep a diary, and compare notes when they notice a positive or negative difference.

I know most people do not believe they have been cursed until things get really bad. Yet a few simple precautions should prevent problems. It should also prevent the problem people who cause the troubles by being paranoid, jealous, resentful, envious, manipulative and everything else that causes someone to believe they have a right to harm others.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I will be on a Radio Show on October the 29th

I will be on a radio show on October 29th on blog talk radio. It is 5PM in the evening my time but I suggest checking in to see what time it would be in your time zone. Blog talk radio seems to check the time zone for the person listening to the show.

The URL is

A talented Psychic Medium is also on the show on October 15th. His name is David Baker so if you are interested in spirituality and mediums I hope you enjoy the shows.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happiness and Satisfaction in My Work

All of the following posts lead up to this one. I wanted others to realize that this is serious work, and not something that can be done in 10 minutes with the wave of a magic wand. It is like doing detective work. You have to figure out the who, what, why, when, and where to solve the puzzle. The energies have to be read, and you have to understand what you are doing to help others.

I really enjoy the job when I solve the puzzle and see a person become happy and healthy. I have not sounded like my normal cheerful self. The reason for this is the fact of two or three people treating me like my private life, experience and training mean nothing. I intend for this to be put into an article to show not everyone claiming to be a spirit removal expert, demon killer, and other specialties really know what they are doing. I am also doing these articles to show that the person being worked upon is sometimes the abuser not the victim when it comes to people who try to help them. It is part of the problem with what I do as no one knows what to expect except from the movies.

Not every one who complains about an exorcism not working is the victim as they have to work upon themselves also. They should see a psychiatrist and see if there is any physical reason for their problems. No one is taking the place of a doctor. No one can do anything but help you until the things you do, and feel that evil is attached to are reduced to the point where the problem can be removed.

Post Traumatic Stress is a problem as this is so out of the realm of most experiences that it is more traumatic. Self-worth issues also happen and many other feelings the person has to work upon so it is not a quick fix.

Victims who make an agreement with these forces and like some of the things they can do are impossible to help until they work themselves out of denial, rationalization, and their issues. So they can claim multiple people do not know what they are doing when it is the fact that they want to be fixed their way and with out any work upon their issues.

So what is the solution to this? The only one I have found is many of these people will not pay money or say how broke they are. If they call me a psychic, and want a reading then when I quote a price they say how broke they are then they will not get worked on by me. I will pray for them to find someone who fits what they want to help them.

My solution for issues is to learn as much as I can of many different disciplines where I am an eternal student just to be sure I can do my work properly. I am a professional and this is a great deal of work.

I want people to realize this is not something easy nor is it making it so the people have beliefs which are wrong. It is serious issues in a persons life and nothing to be made light of or taken lightly.

I am like having a doctor on retainer and do work every day to help others. The rewards are worth it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

More on Patterns

I thought I would talk more about rationalization and patterns. Everyone is in a pattern in their life. You talk to people at lunchtime, take breaks, eat meals all in the same pattern each day. We live by patterns and linear time.

The patterns in our lives form on our time lines which we structure as linear time with our splitting our lives into the past, present and future. Demon and angels do not work on linear time. All time is accessible and happening to them. It means that we can have them affect our past, present and future all at one time.

Demons can work upon a victims life in the past, present and future at the same time. So the demon finds a victim and needs certain access points or weak spots. The demon travels to the past and creates these moments in the victims life even though to the demon it is happening at the same moment it finds the victim.

The demon then goes to the future and tries to affect the persons time line. Each person has certain predictable patterns so even with free choice we have some moments that can be watched for in our lives. It places what I call a time line bomb to blast the victims life to pieces when an opportunity happens for it to be possible to cause chaos and havoc to the victim.

To the demon this is all in the same moment. The victim sees it as years ago and wonders how the traumatic moment that had been mostly forgotten could be affecting the victims life. The demon has it where it can invade the barriers, and life of the victim to the point that it is running the show by altering perceptions, and bringing alive the worst in the victim and life.

The demon does not want an exorcist to show up so it tries to prevent this from happening. People who are to become exorcists have their lives affected before they are old enough to know what happens. The reason for this is the demon can see who is going to get rid of it. The divine and the angels try to protect the exorcist so they are hidden from evil in as many ways as possible. The demon then goes to everyone in the life of the future exorcist and finds their weak points to oppress the exorcist before they know what to do.

The reason they do this is they see it happening like we are living all of our life at once so they access these moments to get their own way. The exorcist then ends up with an adversarial situation with something they can not deal with that attacks them.

A great many people believe it would be cool to be an exorcist, and fight evil. I know that most of the people I have met who do my type of work do it because it is the life path that they picked before they were born. The person from the moment of birth was slotted to be an exorcist but the moment of knowing this always happens with evil and its schemes to be rid of the exorcist before anything can be done to harm evils fun. Evil attacking the future exorcist brings it out in their lives. So another pattern in life.

Everyone gets to have free will but the time bombs are set up by demons before the person knows how to remove them. The victims have similar problems. Exorcists can hide in the middle of the desert with no one knowing what they do and a victim can look at them and tell them their problems and ask for help.

Angels guide people to others who can help them. I know I have had people find me and know what I do with out saying a word. Many other people have experienced the same thing who do this sort of work.

So the victim and the exorcist are going through life not knowing that this is set to hit them at different times until it happens and they learn what they are in life. It is a divine gift for someone to be able to help others to heal and remove these problems.

Angels noticing a person does not mean they will have an easy life. Yet it does mean they will have an interesting life that is full of courage, and fighting for others rights not to be oppressed. Years ago it was respected and the person was seen as a spiritual warrior with the whole town happy to support them.

In times of change things do develop in different ways. I would say the way society is going now that many past virtues are lost. I wonder if the way society is focused on selfish behavior and the ways it has of judging others is not just another time bomb for everyone to overcome.

The things that should be important are seen as weakness, and something to take advantage of and use. Laughter at others is a way to feel good about humiliating a decent person who tries to do right. All of these are signs of leaning towards the dark connection instead of the divine connection.

Yet people want to ignore patterns because they do not think in that fashion. Ignoring evil is very powerful and can help to prevent harm. Ignoring reality of society and underlying patterns that point to the truth is very common. Unless someone has experienced the attacks of evil the person just has mental problems and should be ignored. It explains why so many people need the medications of this day and age. A part of them knows the truth and the rest does not want to do anything but blame it on something needing to be medicated.

I am not against medication but I do feel we are using it in the wrong way.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Awakening, Patterns and the Dance of Change

The next thing that should be taught about exorcists is that they work upon awakening the energies and the spiritual nature of the victim of evil. So the last two posts outline the problem nature of healing others. Most healers work with physical ailments. They do not work with mental ailments or removing evil. I have already stated the reason for this as it lowers the vibrations and evil always tries to block the divine energies.

An exorcist is nothing with out the Divine Energies of God or the Creator of Love. Mankind has two ways to connect either with the negative or positive. People who connect to the negative are the ones who want to do this type of energy such as Satanists or Luciferians. It is their nature as much as it is the nature of wanting to join the divine energies.

Each of us by the choices in our lives picks the effects. The people who are harmed by demons have their choices limited to bad and worst than bad. The divine channel is blocked and they are disconnected from the divine. Raising the vibrations help with the divine energies communicating with the person and helps defeat the evil.

Yet when a person is afflicted with a demon they do things they do not realize they are doing. The demon is the one in control of the pattern so their perceptions are altered. It is why the Catholic Church mentioned that many cases of schizophrenia are cases of demon possession. It means that you can work upon a person and nothing will change because they are stuck reliving their own personal moments of abuse, trauma, and pain over and over again until the demon is gone.

The demon tries to trap the exorcist into doubt, and lack of faith. The reason for this is having doubt and lack of faith cuts off some of the divine connections. Frustration and anger are also emotions that demons use against exorcists. Clients being hurt, or just acting badly is what demons use against the exorcist and to keep the person trapped in the patterns.

An example of this spotlights how demons are different from the descriptions of the past. The new improved demons have multiple parts and are like being attacked by a swarm of flies or cockroaches. The movies show a demon named legion and that is an example of a multiple part demon.

The demon with in the person is multiple parts so exorcising a demon by its name is difficult to do. Another part of the whole replaces the exorcised demon and uses another name. Demons have evil as their nature and evolve to make chaos and evil. It is their purpose. They can not evolve to be good as that is not their nature.

The exorcism ceremony is just the ending of a dance of change. The exorcist prays and has faith in the divine. The victims of the demon that are under its control tries to make the exorcist upset and cause chaos. Many times the person who is under the demons control plays and manipulates the situation where the demon is in control while claiming the whole time to not want it around them. Some people meld so perfectly with a demon that they do not want anyone to get rid of the evil.

The patterns are like a giant strategy game. Every move made has a counter move which if one wins the divine connection opens to the divine. If the other wins then the connection opens up to chaos and demons. It is heart breaking to get a client up to where the divine can enter their lives and have them go into a negative cycle. Persistence is the only way to keep things going in a positive fashion.

God did not do this to make people who become exorcists miserable. The problems happen not because of the exorcist or the work not being effective. It is to test the resolve of the people who make the choices that got them into the pattern of possession, obsession, and oppression. Yet one of the major flaws of mankind is not wanting to be wrong. So the person suffering through this will want to find someone else to blame so rationalizes so others are blamed for the problems. Many times demons get so called experts to cause problems where it can get the victim and the healer at the same time. I have seen this happen a number of times.

The key to awaken someone is to bring up what made them go into this cycle. Ego is a big one where the person had to feel special, wishing themselves dead is another one, feeling that God is not all powerful and let them down is another. The list can go on as long as their are people. Yet truth and forgiveness can put divine order into chaos and evil. It structures them and if love is added then it can break the pattern of evil.

Yet the main thing is the person awakening to their patterns. I have had a few people who are so controlled by the demon that you can point out the patterns. They listen and understand then forget everything and go right into the same old patterns. The most vicious of these is the way demons will pass energies through people so it looks like they are doing the harm.

Demons will keep the person trapped in the cycles of anger, hatred, rage, and other emotions with out thinking of anything else. So the person needs to be helped to the point of changing and being able to mentally change. I mentioned EFT and Reiki helps. Yet the main thing is for the person to quit isolating themselves. Demons want the victims isolated. It can make the victims depressed and lack confidence.

Friendships do not work, and people are affected in many ways. Once the person gets to the point of an exorcism the difference after the exorcism is amazing. I believe the most powerful combination would be a psychiatrist and exorcist working on the person at the same time.

Yet the main thing to remember is that all of this is a strategy game of movements. The victim is the real winner.

Exorcists-Facts instead of Opinions Part 2

The next part of this should be about some of the people who claim to be spirit releasement experts, and experts in general. The main information about how to exorcise a spirit comes from the Catholic, and Orthodox churches. They are what is available to everyone. Unless you are a priest I do not advise using this method unless it is a personal exorcism done upon yourself.

I have had many years finding methods that work and developing how the energies work upon empirical data from all my cases. Yet I have been told about people who say they can kill and destroy demons. Demons can not physically exist in this world so the only thing destroyed is the host and the way demons enter this plane.

Next I hear about demon hunters. I find this down right silly because demons are hunting us as we are the prey. It is like going out to find a grizzly bear that is a man eater. If the divine wanted them destroyed it would happen. I also have seen people treat these energies as a joke and helped them heal themselves afterwards.

I have heard plenty of people brag and claim power. I do know they do not get the results. A few warning signs. If the person can not summon the demon into a triangle from outside of the house they can not control it inside of the house. A five hour ritual with fancy robes is downright silly as it gives the energies a chance to disrupt everything and have the people doing the ritual make mistakes.

If they know only one method and tell you it is gone when you feel it crawling on you do not listen to them. Many people take multiple exorcisms with different forces and methods for it to work. I always ask for a photograph instead of a phone call. The reason for this is that most of the people who insist on a phone call abuse their privileges and call me up night and day. It also makes it so the demon tries to work on me through the phone, and the person is focused on only one thing. That their viewpoint is correct even with it not working for the x amount of years they have had problems.

A photograph is the best assessment tool. No one can do an exorcism over a phone. I have heard that one also. The reason for this is everything vibrates and is energy. The phone itself can have energy disrupted by the energies of evil. Evil can use technology against you when you do any healing over the phone.

It can not disrupt the energies of a photograph. Next is the person possessed or obsessed has to travel to the Exorcist. This makes it so when they go back home it is to the same place where the demon has existed. It has not changed and like a virus the person becomes infected again. The exorcist has to travel to where the person is or the person has to follow instructions to clear the living space of energies if the exorcism is being done energetically at a distance.

Not clearing the living space, and not following instructions allow for the most failures. The person has to do the instructions and learn to help themselves to make sure it is not a problem that occurs again. It is not the exorcists fault if the spirit is still there because they did not put the demon there in the first place. They either did not do the right method or they did not have the person work upon themselves first to be at the moment in their life when they could cut the demon loose from any negative incidents of the past. Forgiveness is crucial in this. You have to get rid of the resentments at yourself, the divine and whatever energies most people want to blame instead of looking at it objectively. I have had people blame other people and be mad at them for years. They find out what happened to the person and realized everything they were shown by the energies were lies. Demons are masters of lies and illusions. Exorcisms have to be timed right and if the person is not ready then it will not work.

I have had clients lie and dramatize things just to get me out there to clear it from them. I have to do hardcore work upon them and make them learn. It is easier when they do the work upon themselves to clear the issues. Things that help remove these negative moments are quite a few. The person can not rationalize and it has to be done before they are pushed to the point of oppression where they do not know what is real or illusion. I have to be sure of this BEFORE I go anywhere. Another reason for a photograph is the soul can not lie and those energies are in a photograph.

I have already mentioned problem people and the patterns of thought that go in circles which must be changed. The client arguing with me means they will never be ready. I can not clear anyone who the moment their opinion is challenged where they have to heal says "The demon is affecting you this works. I know because I am the person affected. It means the demon and person are working together to retain control. A person like this is a danger to the exorcist and everyone else they are around at the time. I have never had a person whose method worked call me up and need me.

So there are exorcists out there who do say things just to get people to pay them yet the victims and exorcist form a pattern also. The pattern continues with the manipulation and control issues happening to keep problems occurring in the persons life.A client who does this is not ready until they do not manipulate, lie or use excuses. No one should exorcise or help them until they are past this point of obsession and oppression. The client wants to blame everything but themselves yet the pattern of abuse comes into play because they feel they can do this to the exorcist. The reason for this is so many people want to believe there is no evil, devil or demons. It makes it so a person who does exorcisms can be slandered. All of these energies of lies, slander, and manipulation are under the control of demons so any client doing these things to the exorcist is not ready to be healed.

Demonologists are people who know about demons. What they are and how they work in this plane. It is still a field where people are learning new methods. Exorcists and anyone working with these energies will find that the energies have changed. New methods have to be found and shared. I plan to do this in my next book. Every one of these experts must be on their toes. Clients try to match energies, and connect mentally. Everything has to be protected including the computer, phone, and letters.

I would love to do classes to help people learn how to help themselves, and remove the blockages to their divine connections and abundance. It would be an eye opener to many people how the reactions and negative energies are present in this world.

Welcome to my Blog

My blog will be about my work helping others with spiritual problems. I will talk about methods, try to brainstorm on different methods, and many of the problems I encounter and the people encounter with being able to be healed.