Monday, December 21, 2009


We all take communications for granted in todays world. Traveling teaches you to be apprecative of the times that everything goes right. In every country it is a challenge to connect to the internet and make phone calls. No matter how I set it up there are moments of disconnection. Moments where you can not call and talk to loved ones and friends.

It is also what evil does to others. Just as I mentioned the bubbles of worry disconnecting others from the divine. Our own worries, and fears can allow access to many things we do not want to communicate with in our lives.

Peopl who are able to focus and visualize every thing that can go wrong many times cause that to manifest in their lives. People who focus and visualize good moments for everyone find that this happens. It would be so nice if we could switch the worries of the world and the disconnections to thinking of the good that can occur and happen.

Everyone in the US is worried about money and the economy. Imagine a whole country of people who instead focused on visualizing the good in the economy and the country. I have mentioned this to others and they call it a method of problem solving and prevention. I agree that being rational and thinking of the ways to make things go right is good. Yet worrying about how they could go bad is counter productive.

It is the same type of energies but works in a better way. I am normally hired for problems solving and try to figure out how to do the energies to make everything go right. I could be called negative with the way I try to structure it. Yet that is the main difference you are thinking about how to make things go right not worrying about them going wrong.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bubbles of Eternity?

I have been noticing the people who have problems seem to be trapped in bubbles. Shields which prevent connection of their divine nature to God. I have wondered how this could have happened. God is a loving and forgiving God. It happens to others of different religions also that have multiple Gods and Goddesses.

I have worked upon these cases and the methods I found that broke the people loose seem to all do the same thing. The basis was to release the fears, worries, and upset you have each day. People who released these energies and forgave themselves each day for the mistakes they made, and the things they did that were wrong or stupid seem to be healthier. They also do not seem to develop the bubbles.

The bubbles also seem to be under the control of the negative influences that seem to bring all of the worries and upsets alive. I have always felt that people who have any type of psychic ability should learn to control their own minds and thoughts. My reasoning for this is that visualization is the key to magic and manifesting everything in your life. The people who are psychic can visualize all the things that could go wrong and bring their own worries alive.

It helps to trap them in the bubbles where they do not get the divine help that they need. People who release and quit carrying their baggage also quit trapping themselves. I do not know what to name these bubbles but it seems to have the effect where the victims are trapped until they work upon controlling their own thoughts so it can not be used against them.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Photographs of orbs and spirits

I enjoyed my visit to Mumbai and finished my work early enough to do tourist stuf. The Gateway to India is beautiful and it has boats which travel to islands in the Arabian Sea.
My client and I decided to see the Elephanta Caves. I enjoy everything to do with archaeology and love to see different things. The Elephanta Caves are worth seeing and the first cave has a Shiva Lingam which is not common.
It is a very powerful spiritual object. I took a photograph of it as the guard allowed me to do so. the regular temples in India they do not want you taking photographs and I can respect this fact.
I was using a photo program on my pictures making it so they were lighter. I noticed the Lingam looked cloudy so cropped the photograph, and I was amazed. It had an orb in it and a figure looking down at the orb.
I feel this is so cool and wanted to share it with you. I also took photographs at dusk because the Square of India is amazing. All of the people in beautiful clothes socializing in the square. I took some photographs of the square and had to lighten them.
I lightened the photographs and saw orbs. The square along with the Taj Hotel in the background was the place where a huge terrorist attack took place in Mumbai. I left Mumbai about three days before the anniversary of the attack.
I was amazed to see orbs again as if they were enjoying the socializing. I do see spirits but I never expected to have so many photographs with them in the pictures when I was just relaxing. Check out the other photographs in my gallery at my website. I have added some new ones.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I have to admit that with the warnings from the CDC, the news about the terrorists harming people that was broadcast all over the world, and other tourist comments. I was nervous about India. Yet I will be leaving and returning home on the 11th. During the time here I have found everyone to be nice and kind to me.

My major downfall was plumbing. I turned all the nozzles and nothing came out. I did not realize I had to turn all the nozzles and lift up. I corrected that quickly, and for future travelers to India. The spray nozzles that look like something for dishes in a kitchen sink are used for cleansing yourself. I could not figure out why they were there.

India sort of sideswiped me. I felt so at home yet things kept happening that were different from what I thought was normal. Part of traveling is enjoying the differences instead of trying to find a place where everything is done the same as you feel it should be done. I have enjoyed the differences and have to laugh at them.

If you are American practice some proper English as the English spoken in India is British English and everyone looks sort of confused at American. I asked what soda pops a restaurant had for example. They said we have no soda pop but my friend asked for diet coke and they said yes they had diet coke. They thought soda pop was a name brand.

Yet everyone has been kind to me. The shop keepers see you as a tourist and raise the prices but that has happened to me in other places. I was really stared at and people thought my blue eyes were strange. Yet they were some of the friendliest people who helped to show me novel things about India. Western style clothes are what the Indians want to wear. I bought some of the Indian style clothes and the light cotton is really suited for humidity.

So I have nifty clothes, a change of pace, a better knowledge of curries. I also have to buy another little suitcase or bag for the gifts I have bought my friends. They cost next to nothing in US prices so I am not worried about customs and feel I have gotten my friends the best gifts.

India is worth while and I will never believe all of the warnings again.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am Traveling

I have not been able to keep up with my blog because I have been traveling. I have arrived home from the Philippines and I leave in 24 hours for India. All of these cases are serious cases. Complex cases with a combination of causes are always difficult to heal from a distance.

In the case in the Philippines one of the problems did not show up from a distance so the only way I could have results was by traveling. I always enjoy traveling as it gives a new perspective upon life. It opens you up to new experiences and new challenges. I always feel good when I have accomplished a difficult case. In this case it was over 60 years of bloodline curses, cursed property and much more.

So if you notice my blog is not being written in all of the time the cause can be my work and being busy.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Retrograde Mercury

People do not give astrology credit for the things it gets right. Retrograde mercury always affects my life with communications problems. It can be irritating and maybe frustrating at times yet every time I see arguments going on I wonder if Mercury is Retrograde.

I know the effects for me always seems to be miscommunication. I send emails and things are not understood. I waste 90 percent of the time explaining them when it was simple in the first place. I realized recently some people do this to get attention but it still always happens during retrograde mercury.

I believe that we just ought to learn to laugh and try to go with the flow so to speak. Anything that gets started during retrograde mercury can be problems. So when things do not work out realize life is just testing us again.

Finishing up projects that have been started before retrograde mercury is the best thing to do. Yet realize that if you start it during Mercury retrograde you just have to go with the ups and downs.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Chaos and Conflict

I was watching a special on Satan on the history channel. It really made me think about how people act. Satan is the most popular thing to blame when things are going wrong. The Dark Ages had him as a great villain. Peaceful years had it where he was believed to be a rebel and the societies that gave him a break had major flaws.

The main one was that they discarded all of the belief systems and felt that what was important was taking care of yourself. The people were all out for number one and even philosophers made Satan look tragic. The special made me realize that we are doing that in this era in time. Evil is made to look tragic and beautiful in our movies and television. Are we in a period of world revelation which will occur through some tragedy like the black death in the Dark Ages?

Anyone who pays their bills know how desperate the companies have become. They act like they will go bankrupt if they do not get that extra two dollars that they made up a service for to get your cash. Every company I know of is trying to suck that last dollar out of everyone's pocket.

Yet I have seen customer service go down to a level that is unheard of in inefficiency. A friend of mine bought a laptop computer and it acted funny from the start. He took it in twice to the shop and it is still being repaired and was shipped back to the factory. It does not take 4 weeks to fix a computer and no one will help him get a new one to use. There is a warranty, and no one listens to him when he calls up to ask about the computer. Regular customer service would just give him a new laptop and redo the old one at their own leisure. It is not only cruel but the store and manufacturer will lose business over it. Yet they got the initial bucks from the sale.

The United States has been having a rough time economically. People with huge amounts of money are so greedy they steal from charities. If that does not mean this is a time of Satan or that if there is a devil he is not influencing our society I do not know what we need to do so show that to everyone.

So chaos and conflict were shown to be what occurred when the devil reigned in our societal values. Wars, and deaths. The Dark ages had wars and the black plague. We have wars, ethnic cleansing, abuse of women, and many problems all over the world. The Dark Ages had the same thing with out television and computers.

Could it be something that tries to make us find that part of the divine that helps people to work together. That shows money is not important enough to hurt others over or drive the world into an economic slump. Maybe that people should be treated as fellow human beings whether it is to a company, other people, or world ethics?

It is something to think about but the main times societies and civilizations fall is when people quit working together and start hurting others to benefit themselves. I know there are many good things happening also yet we are focused only on the chaos and conflict because that is what we hear about every day.

The thing to think about since we can not control anything anyone else does in their life is are we out for ourselves? I like to believe that if people showed more kindness and help one another the world would be a better place. We can at least keep our part of the world in good shape and maybe it will spread to others.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Living in Truth

I always tell people it is important to live in truth. Yet I feel I have to explain that when you live in truth it is with yourself. It is your truth and what you know you have done. No matter if it is right or wrong and how you feel about it. Living in truth means that you are not lying to yourself about any of your actions. You do not rationalize and you remember every thing in the light of truth.

You can live in truth and still find yourself in a position where you made a mistake. You can admit that mistake to yourself and work upon yourself. You try to not make that mistake again. You also have to judge whether or not to tell anyone else. If it is something that will seriously hurt another person or cause them to harm themselves then it is better not to tell them.

My reason for this is that you do more harm than you do by just not mentioning what you do. Yet how can this be living in truth? You promise yourself that in the future you will do actions which could be told to anyone and not cause any harm. You do actions that are the best you can do in any situation with out harming another.

Truth can be a double edged sword. I had a friend tell me there is an old proverb that a man who always tells the truth should have a fast horse. The reason for this is sometimes the truth is as harmful or more harmful than trying to tell a lie. Everyone tries to avoid saying things that cause harm to others. Gossip and talking badly about others even if it is the truth can be used against you.

In the Jewish religion it is called Loshon Hara. It itemizes all the proper ways of living in truth and what you can say to another. Even if it is true in many instances you are prohibited from speaking and telling it to others. Words and manipulation can be a great evil. I have seen more people harmed and put into terrible situations by words and others lies. Others truths can also put another person into a terrible situation.

Every person that lives in truth tries to avoid these situations. Yet if you are trapped in one of them you can only go by your own conscience.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Permission for Healing

People want to help others that they know are having problems. They get in touch with me and want me to do work upon others. I can ask the higher self in certain instances but I really need permission from the person to be healed. People push what they want upon others. They feel a person would do better if they did things in a certain way.

The person with problems may not see it that way. They may see the problems as needing to be cleared and a different path for themselves than the person who has contacted me. It is why I always try to get permission of the person I am healing.

The healing will not work properly if the person does not give a certain level of permission. I always ask for permission to heal the person of (state problems) and I will continue to work until the problems are resolved or the person tells me to stop working. I do this to make it so it is not open ended permission.

People do not consider how an open ended permission can allow others access to them even after the work is done. Most people will not use that access but some people do access the people so they continue to receive the payments and money they are sending. I have seen others actually change the energies to make the client contact them again.

It is when the healer is more of a problem than the original problem. It is also the same for any spirits involved in the healing. No matter what spirits are called it should always be stated that the work is until certain problems are resolved or the person asks them to stop the energy work.

It safeguards everyone and makes it so ethical behavior is the standard. It allows the client to know that they are able to be safe.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Email

I would like to comment that my email account seems to have been overwhelmed by the responses that I received. I always answer my email and I hope that those of you who do not get answers will write again.

I had heard stories of websites crashing and problems with the response from interviews on Coast to Coast. It is different when you experience it so any questions or emails you do not receive responses too please write me again.

Comments on my Interview on Coast to Coast

I want to thank everyone who wrote nice comments to me. I have three comments which discuss things in a negative fashion. One was from a person correcting me on how often I said the word God and that what I did was an abomination to God. I have been thinking about this and it brought up why so many people were relieved to find help.

The other comments were about why did I only use mostly Judeo-Christian phrases so it shows I can not be politically correct on either side of the coin. :-) I find this humorous and plan to address both issues. I try to use the phrases of the people that need the most help. I live in a country where the main religion is Judeo-Christian. I use those phrases because I want to help the most people possible. I also on my website have phrases from the Quran to recite when evil is trying to harm you, meditation methods which are Buddhist and a number of Pagan and witchcraft oriented methods.

My reason for this is I do not exclude anyone from any religion. Most people that do exorcisms use Christian methods in the USA. Yet every religion has a way to banish malefic evil spirits. Every religion has negative spirits that could be called demons. I am working on getting rid of the persons problems not forcing everyone into my belief's or methods. It means that people can get rid of spirits by prayer and chants in what ever belief system they adhere too.

I believe that everyone has a correct religion for them and it depends upon the vibration of their soul. So I always state that anyone visiting my website can use what ever deity, or belief system that they have the most faith in and believe the power that system to remove the evil.

Now on not saying God often enough and my work being an abomination to God and Christ. The person even gave a link to show what an expert they were. Yet hearing the way the message was written showed me that the person was using the method because he believed in that method. Did he care if the person he was helping believed in it or not? Did he care if the person was cured or did they have to be cured his way?

Anyone who does this limits his work and the amount of good he can do. The methods are not for the exorcist to believe in but for the person having problems to believe in and know they are cured. It is to make the energies leave, and never come back. Much of this is done by using the right method for the PERSON with problems. The exorcist knows about God because if he can not connect to the deity of his belief then he should not be doing the work. If you do not have the divine you have nothing.

So to me this person is the abomination as he is trying to limit God to his belief's. He is trying to force everyone into his belief's. He is trying to say he knows the mind of God and feels he can judge others. No one knows the mind of God nor do they have the right to judge others by their opinions of what they believe God is thinking about. They can adhere to their belief's and judge their own actions. Yet they should not cast the first stone feeling that they are right.

The important thing is for the people to be helped and have the divine brought alive in them in a way that cures the problem. Each person has a right to their own belief's and not to be forced into something that may not work to heal them.

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to have so many people find ways to help themselves. It is what I am about finding ways to solve problems for the many people who do not know how to help themselves. I always feel it is worthwhile to empower others.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Three things to do when you are having problems in your life

I have had many things keeping me busy in my life but plan to write more often. July was a rough month to post things on my blog. People who seem to have their life stuck in their problems always wonder what they should do. I always do three things.

I think about what I have done in the past and make sure I show repentance of any things I did that could be misconstrued. I have the best intentions and move forward with what I think is the right thing to do. Yet life is not always able to be dealt with that way. The best intentions can go awry and look wrong. I always try to move it back towards my pure intentions and manifesting the things I feel will correct issues and problems. Yet it does not always work.

I repent for those moments. I always feel that repentance is a tool. It is not saying that you are wrong or your intentions are wrong. You are repenting the lack of knowledge and the way the intentions did not create the right results. Everyone hopes for the best results but life is messy and repentance is a way to ask the divine for help plus correct any mistakes, or things that went wrong.

You also ask the divine for his help and that you hope he accepts your repentance as a gift to you. Many people feel it is like an exchange but really none of us are perfect so asking it as a gift also covers any past mistakes we might have made that we feel should be ignored.

Next is to forgive yourself. You did not mean for things to work out in the wrong way. Your intentions were good but the results poor. Thank the divine for all of his help and say that your understanding was poor. Ask for his forgiveness and forgive yourself. Forgiveness always works to clear up the blockages and let things move forward. I also feel that it cuts out the ego. Ego gets between the person with problems and the divine. They feel they deserve the help and do not humble themselves. You can not be filled with the divine if you are already full of yourself.

The third thing is to ask for redemption and salvation. Ask to have your intents show and to please be redeemed that you did not mean for problems to happen. Ask that all agreements, actions, permission, and taking blame for yourself and others be redeemed and that you be saved and shown the right way to do things in the divines name.

Again humility and asking for the help as a gift promotes healthy thinking, looking at ones actions and helping yourself. These three things will always help to clear away the illusions, discord and mistakes in our lives. It will bring about the positive change and blessings that all of us want in our lives.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Names are very important in magic. Everyone knows about sympathetic magic from the movies. The voodoo doll and the pin, photographs being used and mirrors. Yet few people realize that to get rid of a demon you essentially need its name.

People claim to be demonologist and do big ceremonies to get rid of demons. Yet if they can not know what the demons name is by looking at it and learn its different connections to regions of the world they are still in trouble. To produce the right results the person has to know the variations of how it can shift its energies and energy signature or they may be rid of one aspect of it but not the other aspects.

Eggregore demons are really difficult for this reason as they have a multiple number of named and unnamed demons to use the combinations of the letters, and energies to change shape. It also means the names used in the past such as if the demon was also recognized as some sort of God in an ancient culture or demon.

So everyone feels that it is a one shot ceremony but I always feel the ceremony should be done at least three times on different days and the house completely sealed and cleared three times also along with the persons car.

The reason for this is that demons leave energy eggs around like fleas leave eggs. They use them to come back and to multiply. The energies of a demon can be shifted to any of the names it had in other cultures so everything has to be cleared. The demons do use a standard type of shape that makes it so they are recognizable so it is experience and persistence that makes you successful in this type of work in helping others.

This also comes down to the victims names being harmed by others using magic. Everyone should baptize and name themselves with a secret name that they tell no one. The reason for this is that it closes off the persons inner core where nothing can get through easily. It is a simple protective method that is very useful and helpful.

Names add the final touch to any magic done on anyone or anything.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I have cases where the people need a way to help themselves. I have tried many different methods but one that seems to work with some of the problem people are mudras. Mudras are hand movements that are used in Hinduism and Taoism. They are a spiritual gesture and energetic seal of authenticity.

Mudras have different methods but all of the methods use up to 108 to 250 gestures depending upon what method is applied. Tantric has 108 mudras that can be used for different meanings and purposes.

The Abahaya mudra which is translated as the mudra of no fear is used for protection, benevolence, peace and prevention of fear. It is great for people who have some sort of invasion in their energy system. The invasion can be through psychic vampires, the persons fears after being attacked. Each of the mudras can handle different parts of symptoms of psychic attack.

The mudras have stopped energetic invasion in many of my clients that are more difficult cases. They have used it during meditation or prayer to stop negative energies. I hope anyone with problems googles mudras and checks them out.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Group minds, and Hive Minds

I have had a number of clients over the past ten years who have left groups that demanded oaths, and did initiations. The oaths and initiations are being used for a different purpose than they were designed to do. An initiation is a way to advance grades. It is a reward for accomplishing your goals and your work.

Oaths are necessary in many groups to keep the members from talking about special rituals and making it so the group is private. Oaths can also be made to Gods, Goddesses, and courses of study. People make unconscious agreements every day to conscious ones that they do not keep. I promise I will not eat all of your candy up again while you are polishing off the last of the ding dongs is an agreement but it is not magical.

Magical oaths are done differently and are binding in many ways. Implied agreements to spirits can be manipulated by negative energies into a magical oath. Agreements have become a big deal over the last ten years. It is why I have removing all agreements known or unknown in my Removing Negativity prayer.

Promises are an agreement so be very careful of the promises that you make. Do not take them lightly as a promise in a magical group can have severe repercussions. So the person is in a magical group and they demand an oath. Do not join any group that includes spiritual punishment in the oath if you do not follow the orders of everyone else. Read every oath carefully and if it includes magical punishment instead of casting you out from the group do not join them.

Magical punishment means that if a person one rank higher than you does not care for something you did then you get punished by the group servitors. or eggregores Every group I know of that demands a spiritual punishment oath also uses group minds, uses the members as batteries, and pushes all the negative energies into the lower ranked members. An oath using magical punishment is different from an oath demanding loyalty.

The group minds and hive minds are all the popular thing at the moment. The reason for this is the magicians are basically negative in nature because they believe their personal power is what matters not the divine. They link everyone together because a group is more powerful because it has more personal power. The group leader gets to use this power and everyone else has certain levels of access depending upon who they are and what they do.

It is a way for a person to have the personal power of everyone else and to use it for what they want to do. So if your personal power is used to harm another then you get the karma for it as much as the person who did this. So it is a way for the group leader to get what they want and spread the blame on everyone. Most of them make sure that none of the repercussions of their actions happen to them.

How do they do that? It comes back to the spiritual punishment oath. The group members who are out of favor or just not what the group leader wants are punished with the energies and blame from the bad actions of the group. They do not have to be conscious of what the group is doing and they can still be punished with the results.

I have heard about hive minds inevery type of magic there is on this earth. The important thing is how the groups are set up, do you have to take oaths that include spiritual punishment, are you linked to a group mind or group spirit. No matter how benevolent the group sounds if they use spiritual punishment, hive minds, group minds or any fancy name for any of these things. Do not join the group.

You should ask all of these questions before you join any group and work for their success and purposes. You should also leave any group that lures you into their group and you find that they hid any knowledge of group minds, group oaths and spiritual punishment from you. They knew it was wrong to do to you or would not have hidden that they did those practices from new members.

Anyone can meet others with the same interests. Join them in a group project that all agree upon with no repercussions, group minds, or strange oaths. The organizations give out ranks, feed the ego, and do everything to give people status.

It is not what magic is about and harmful to any member that is not attuned to the same selfish goals. Magic is about working on yourself, bringing the divine alive in your body, mind and soul. Learning how to work with divine energies if you are doing positive magic.

Anything else is an empty shell that will harm the people who do the spiritual practices that harm others.

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Time of Rejoicing

I have many clients who have problems. The psychic attack makes the problems worse and many times the healing left to be done is emotional. Post Traumatic Stress can be induced by psychic attack, anxieties and many other problems.

The clients who can not break their patterns are the ones with the most problems. I achieved another goal today because of another client who is cured of her problems. She may have some issues she needs a counselor for but she no longer has the issues that brought her to me.

It feels good when this happens I have validation that my methods do work. I have joy over another person who is freed to move forward and have a happy life. It is why I do this work. I know that I can do nothing with out the divine and it is like knowing that the divines love is with me.

I work very hard to vary methods so the healing of someone means I found the way to connect them to the divine in a fashion that works with their soul. I love the moments when I know that the divine spark in a person I am helping came alive and I was able to help the person be healed.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Magical Groups-scapegoats and control freaks

A classic magical group ploy is to scapegoat others for your actions. It means that if you find a good group that one control freak is enough to cause problems. Control freaks happen because of ego and their wanting to seem the best. They normally have multiple problems and big egos.

Every time I see a person who scapegoats others. They will also blame them for the problems they created. A psychic vampire will blame it on anyone else to make it look like they are not draining others. I always believe that anyone in magic should have to live in truth and look at themselves. Yet these people do not want to accept responsibility except when they sound good to others.

The problem is what do the people who are not involved believe? The person doing the scapegoating is better at manipulating others, and lying about their actions. They try to get others mad where they stomp off and quit. There are as many different ploys to harm others as there are people.

I normally run into people intimidated by me and what I do. I do not care if I am a student or someone important but they do. So they just drift away where they can be the big fish in the small pond. It happens in any magical group and High Priestesses are just as guilty of it as the Ceremonial Magician who is sulking because the woman magician is better than he is at magic.

The best thing to do is to just be honest and truthful. If someone else is manipulating and trying to cause problems it is hard to stay calm. Especially if they are creating high drama with multiple lies and tall tales. If someone is doing this then realize that they are not competent magicians or they could be appreciated for their talents and kind nature. Instead they have to treat others badly.

So what do you do if you are in a group and someone asks you for help. They are being victimized by another person who is manipulating their energy fields, and draining them dry of energy. The first thing is to deal with the person as a force. Say anything that drains Lady Sparrowhawk that is harmful to her I banish forever.

So you see what effects this has and the person always shows up and has to be an utter drama queen. You should always give the psychic vampire a chance. Ask them if they are having problems with others. Let them know that you noticed energies around them do they need help to clear them.

If they start playing the blame game it will be on their victims and the people they can not control. So the main responsibility in a group is to deal with it so the group does not break up into different small groups all mad at each other. If someone wants to gossip about someone else do not listen. Do not say anything bad about another unless you are problem solving. It means that the words do not leave the room. The person with problems in their lives always blaming something else whether it be a student or a leader is a person to watch.

This is the behavior that causes groups to dissolve and it is normally because of someone wanting their own way, harming others, manipulating others or having to be in control. It can be applied to every area of life. It also shows an ability to rationalize, and harm others. A person like this is the first to try to harm others and say it was their fault.

In magic they try to use NLP, and other techniques upon people so finding a group that is perfect is impossible. Yet if you are in a group that scapegoats others -run do not walk away from it. If the teacher uses the students as batteries, and has servitors no one in their right mind would think of as of the divine. Run.

A good group will socialize with others. If people of like mind come together that is great. If they do not get along then the one group can work by themselves, and no one else has to work with them. Freedom of choice, good ethics, and teachers who care and do not manipulate their students are the groups to join.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Magical Groups-How to protect yourself

I thought I would mention about groups. Magical groups can be very dangerous to join. The important thing is to know what to look for when you are joining. Cults are formed out of groups that are common on the Internet. Someone wants to set themselves up as a guru. It means they are in charge and will accept everything except the blame.

Cults come in many shapes and forms. Yet some things are common. Every cult has you sign or state an agreement to join. Some agreements are just about behavior and what will happen if you violate the rules. They do not state penalties as much as exclusion from the group if you can not behave. The problem groups are the ones with punishments such as you will die if you leave the group or other such threats. It means do not join the group. Any group that threatens penalties if you leave because you find it is not what you want is oppressive and will do much worse things if you do join.

Any groups where the leader wants to form a hive mind, group mind or put the members under control where all energies are shared. Do not join a group like this as the members of lesser ranks normally are the ones who pay for the group decisions and karma. It means the leaders make the decisions and if something happens the lower ranked members pay for it. I know of one instance of a group leader that liked to start magical wars then let the lower ranked members die for him.

Do not join groups where the leader is into weird sexual habits, multiples wives and has to have sex with every member. If you are into kinky stuff it might be right for you at the start but I guarantee that those groups can also be like living in a pit of snakes. Everyone is competing for attention, being jealous, gossiping, and acting in ways which are not spiritual. It is a waste of time for anyone.

Do not join groups where demons are not labeled as evil unless you want to be a Luciferian or Satanist. I heard Lucifer labeled as the light bearer and as if he was still a divine angel. I heard people remove the evil status from many demons listed in the keys of Solomon. If Solomon had to go through the trouble he did to trap them and call them demons then believe him.

Do not give unconditional permission to anyone to use your energies. It leads to vampirism and your being used as their karmic dumping ground in most instances. It is not wrong to trust but it is smart to research what you are trusting. I always tell everyone to listen to their own intuition. If you are joining a magic group because you are psychic and your senses tell you to steer clear of those energies and that group listen to yourself.

Permissions, agreements, pacts, group minds, and other names all mean the same thing. You are giving up control of your life and letting something else take over. Do not do this misery to yourself and you will be happier. I know of many people who are good people that will teach and be in loosely knit groups that are a joy. Look for them and not the other types of groups.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thoughts on Angels

I have been busy after arriving home from my travels. I thought of writing something in my blog but could not formulate anything I felt was interesting. I had a thought of inspiration because of talking to friends, and also my leaving my laptop behind for my 27th wedding anniversary.

I get wrapped up in my work trying to get results. Results means showing people how to defend themselves, and breaking others loose from what is oppressing them and causing them to be disconnected from the divine. Everything I do is being inventive and to find ways to banish and remove energies that are causing problems in peoples lives.

I teach defenses but in psychic warfare cases it just means people try to figure out what to do to break through the defenses. I talk to people about what they are doing and sometimes it just feels hopeless as they go back to the same habits and try to waffle around like they can do what they want to do.

Everything I do is through the divine. It means that my successes are really the successes of divine love. My problem cases are because the person is still trapped in learning their lessons, or they refuse the help they are offered through their actions. I plan to write an article on this for my main website yet most of the blockages from the divine happens because of our own actions.

Angels and the divine enjoy prayer. They enjoy people coming alive with divine energies when they do the right thing. They enjoy many things that humanity does but they are like parents. They want to help but see the results if they save someone before they learn what they are meant to learn. Everyone who has problems and said I prayed to the angels but they did not come so the evil cut me off from the divine has to realize the divine is more powerful than any forces of evil.

The reason you are cut off from the divine all comes under different experiences. Each persons problems hinge on their choices in their lives, what they have belief and faith in and whether or not they trust the divine. So what are the main causes I have seen and observed people doing when they are cut off.

People who want to feel special and that they are better than everyone is number one. No one no matter how much they study or work with energies is special. Everyone has talents and they might be talented in one way or another. Yet they will lose that talent especially in spirituality if they show actions and choices that block them from the goal of growing as a person. A person with a huge ego, and some other problems will lose the spirituality that they crave so much by acting this way.

People who believe the angels have to appear and rescue them in a certain way and act in a certain way. We can not define the divine so how can we control and make the divine do what we want them to do. I always try to help people but I believe many times I come close to these actions in trying to help others that the angels feel need to be broken out of their patterns. I have developed methods for people to help to clear the energies and break the patterns. Yet it is not just the victims. No one can call the divine in like the cavalry and make them do exactly what the victims want them to do and act like. It would not be an angel if that happened.

People who are passive to the point where they will not say no to spiritual forces. I see this with people who do channeling and have not been trained properly. They will invite in any spirit with out checking to see what it is, and believe anything. Angels act in specific ways. They show a nice end result and say good things. They do not say you can get a George to buy your condo by blackmailing him. They do not pinch, or hurt. The people who channel normally try to say that the angels approved this but angels do not channel through the back of the neck chakra. They come in through the crown chakra. I mentioned all of this in another blog post.

Yet I have people saying they want me to tell the angels what is happening. The angels know what is happening to everyone. I have even had people say the angels must be stupid not to see I am doing everything that you said to do. You can go through my methods all year but with no sincerity, love, belief and faith it will do nothing. You have to visualize the positive end results to let everything know what you want the result to be. Your faith, belief, effort, and love for life helps to bring about that result or something similar. I can open the chances but the victims have to do the right actions and choices to get results.

Yet thinking bad or insulting things about the divine help you can receive and acting badly will have the angels waiting until you learn a new lesson. Everything happens at their own pace and all of the people I visit have problems that are not normal. It means they have to work extra hard after I am gone to keep the divine energies and choices moving along. It does not mean I wave a magic wand and everything is perfect. Only the victims trust, belief, faith, and williness to work upon their own problems will do this. I had people tell me how much they have suffered with an Incubus or Succubus after reading this blog and never once realize how they were agreeing with me. The first sentence was I disagree with you, my life has been miserable for 60 years, no healer ever cured the problem or fixed it. I know I would look at myself and see what I was doing to cause the incubus to be present. Yet I was saying how miserable it was to have those things happen and that the spirits were hard to get rid of for various reasons. People are so wrapped up in their own misery that they never think of the obvious.

The patterns of action, the reactions of thought, and the trust in the divine even when he is not showing up to prove to you that he exists is essential. People who want proof of the angels and open themselves up to everything will find every force but an angel. The reason for this is that angels show up to people who need them not people who expect them to appear in the way they want them to appear and do exactly what they want them to do.

Doreen Virtue has a book out called Angels 101. I also have the Beliefnet Big Book of Angels. Anyone serious about angels should read both of them and realize that many of their opinions and attitudes about angels are not valid when someone who has done serious research talks about angels. Both books provoke serious thought about what you do believe in and how you have been wrong in many aspects of belief.

I can say right now that angels do not talk to you everywhere, they are not there to control your decisions by giving perfect advice on each one, they are here to do the best they can to bring alive the divine sparks of the creator of love.

So the next time you want to ask for angelic guidance instead think I am supposed to have the free will to make my choices so no angel is going to show up to tell me the perfect choice. I can see the creators hand in everything but it does not mean the angels will talk to me. Realize that humility is there for a purpose as you are an empty vessel that can be filled with divine love and miracles.

Ego can be a problem for everyone. I want to fix everyone so they get a second chance, and work very hard to do this. I want people to say how much their life has changed, and that I have helped them. It is my own ego problem as I can not fix things that need to be allowed to run their course until the person breaks out of patterns. I can be there for them and help them with the knowledge that I do have. I can not make someones life perfect only the person doing right actions and choices can do that. I always say everything is through the work of the divine.

Yet people get mad at me like I am supposed to fix them with out any effort on their part. They do not need to write me to keep me updated so I can try to help. I would do it if I could most of the time yet the people would not be better people who learned about themselves. Getting rid of the spirits is easy yet the patterns of the people and all of the baggage of the victims make victories into failures.

So the main thing is to remember is it is all the divine and what choices and actions have you done lately. The people attacking others in psychic warfare have to learn the difference and sometimes it takes longer than anyone wants it to take. The spirits leaving is not the only thing that needs to be worked upon but also the people have to learn about right actions and choices. We pick our experiences by how we act and the choices we make. It is not some divine scheme. We all have decided what we learn and struggle to learn.

Life is for experiencing and the wrong choices and actions turn into lessons but we pick those for ourselves in one way or another.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado

I am away from home at the moment and I always try to enjoy some of the areas attractions. I am in Estes Park at the moment, and took the tour of the Stanley Hotel. The tour guide was great and I was able to add a few more photographs to my photo gallery.
I also thought that everyone would enjoy this photograph. I believe that the black color on the white wall is the elbow of a ghost who followed me through out the entire tour. The tour guide also has a few ghosts of children who follow her through the tour.
Unlike what was seen in the movie The Shining the hotel ghosts seem to be friendly. I also caught dark figures walking down the hallway so check out my photo gallery on the astralhealer website.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Be Safe While Being Yourself

I have times where I am so busy I do not find inspiration on what to write in a blog. Today a message made me think about how people treat others. The common denominator in all mass murders of racial groups has also been religion, sexual orientation and race. The Holocaust and the Jews, Gypsies, Gays, and Christians that were slaughtered by Hitler. The conflict in Bosnia and other places where it was Christians and Muslims. The conflicts between the Muslims and the Kurds. The Witch Burnings.The list could go on forever as the Muslims in India were actually conquered people forced to be Muslims. The Japanese also killed Christians that would not leave their country centuries ago.

So what religions cause this conflict while professing to be doing everything for God. You see a pattern over the years where you can say "Wow this religion is everywhere in all of those battles". You then see the ones that are active religions trying to weed out everyone that is not of that religion and forcing them to convert. It is that or be killed or abused.

The main ways this is done is by picking scapegoats to blame everything upon and put the force of religion behind doing this so it is acceptable. It is acceptable to preach at everyone and speak badly of them if you are of a certain religion and decide everyone has to follow that religions rules. In many places killing the person is acceptable when the person is found out. Yet the scapegoats are only being used to hide issues that the people are not supposed to know. If anyone reads or watches the History channel you can see the scapegoats screaming over the centuries.

I have heard in recent years of many abuses. Gays being beheaded, women who marry someone of a different religion being stoned to death are the most dramatic. Yet how many people think of supposedly civilized countries and how they treat people differently. The message of picking a scapegoat or person to blame is widespread to the point of being ridiculous.

It means that everyone who is different and who is honest and truthful about themselves has a chance of being a scapegoat and being abused. It is acceptable to do this and it crosses racial barriers of every kind. I have met blacks who hated whites more than any whites I know of hated them. I see people who do not do their work properly finding it acceptable to make someone else to blame for it and think they did the right thing. I have seen gay males who never had sex with a woman hate women.

On the other side I see Christians who hate others while professing how they are right. God and Christ are supposed to be deities of love. Muslims who feel blowing up innocents is right to do. Shoving religions down someones throat as if they had not heard about the religion. CNN had a recent report about people being disillusioned about their religions and leaving them. It goes across all levels of society.

It all boils down to the people who are religious being focused on themselves and what they want to have happen. It is about me, I, and I am more important than these other people. Religion adds in the God loves me and would not want the world to have XYZ or by what ever name deity is called by the person. It is being sure that you are right and everyone else is wrong. It is being judgemental and manipulative. It is normally sugar coated with the it is the will of God, God spoke against this or some other factor when religion is added into it so even God wants you to do this scapegoating to others.

I find this an abomination of how to treat others. Yet I know I am not more important nor am I going to judge and manipulate things to harm others. Yet anyone who is different in this world has to consider a few things. Am I shoving this down others throats or just being myself? Do I accept others judgements of me?

Being to far on the other side inflames the people who can not stand to see someone or something different. It can make you as bad as them if you scapegoat them back over the issue. It is finding a balance in how you can be yourself and not making everyone else suffer over being different. I wonder what this world would be like if everyone liked, loved and accepted the differences with out having to be right.

It can also make it so the person who is different is abused, killed, stripped of their children and many other things done by society to those who do not conform to their rules. I watch myself and try to do better each time I make a mistake. I am not politically correct which is just another way to make people different. I do like people and I do not scapegoat anyone.

If someone is different and you do not care for them as a person that is one thing. You gave them a chance as a person. They were given the chance to be someone you liked or disliked with out sex, race, sexual orientation, religion or anything else added into it. It is not about you, what you think, whether you are right or what you feel they should be. It is about whether you like them as a person.

It is what everyone should strive for seeing each other as individual people and enjoying the difference.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Health problems and Soul Connections

The people I have healed who have had illnesses many times have that happen because of a past life. Even if the healer does not believe in past lives they may have visions that show images of the patient doing things or being someone that indicates a past life.

A person with a closed mind will ignore this but the truth is if the healer is having visions of something it is important. We all have had past lives because none of us are perfect. If we were perfect we would not be on this earth. Even the ones we could say were Masters of their profession are not perfect because no one understands or knows everything. None of them are the divine and the most they see is part of the picture.

I myself am not perfect and would be the first to say I do not know everything. I could parrot others views from books, and the system I studied but if I did not give credence to my own insights to heal someone I would not be successful.

So people who have fears that have no basis in this lifetime and a healer accesses them and picks up past trauma that did not happen in this life. It could be considered valid that they are from another life that the soul experienced that the person is dealing with in this life. The past life ties occur because the soul needs certain choices and experiences to complete what it is all about to perfect itself.

The soul is always perfect yet it becomes more in tune with creation the more experiences that it has to fill out the perfection with choices and actions. The soul becomes more multi-faceted with connections to all of the paths of the divine it has worshipped and all of its truths in the lifetimes that it has made choices on and experienced.

So any healer that gets visions and sees a part of the person connected to a vision of something that is not of this lifetime should remove the hook and let the person heal. They should remove the energies and let the experience flow into the soul. Psychic and Astral healing all encounter myriad definitions and others are always sure that their way is best.

Yet is not about our own experiences and prejudices when we are healing a person. It is love of the divine and knowing that the way is open to help the person. A healer should learn from each case as much as the person learns from the healer.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Communication with the Divine

Communication with the divine always seems to be cut off by any problems due to evil for some people. Even if the person has always had angels around them it can happen. I feel the reason for this is the persons core beliefs. An example of this is I had a client that felt Hell was on this earth. In one way he was right as both the divine sparks and the Kellipot which are husks of illusions and bad ideas exist on this earth. The core belief of Hell on earth basically had his life centered in the husks of the creation of life that had no existence except for illusions and blockages.

The earth is the realm of the divine, and every religion, or system of belief is correct. The reason for this is any communication or praising of the divine brings about the divine sparks. Acts of charity, kindness, and mercy bring alive the sparks. Praise and happiness over the things of creation and beauty brings alive the divine. Creativity can bring alive the divine. It is the energies we focus upon that brings them into our lives.

Another person says they believe in the divine. One lady in particular I had as a client was a Hindu, and she chanted nonstop to show how much she was praying to Hindu Gods. Yet while she was doing this she was focused upon herself, and how good she looked because of her prayers. Prayers only work when you forget about yourself totally and melt into the mind of the divine and heart of the divine.

Another lady who is Muslim says nothing is changed and nothing ever changes. Yet what if she instead focused on praying to Allah saying that if it is his will she will accept it yet she needs his help 24 hours a day with all of his angels to survive this life. I had a client do this and they had things change overnight for the better.

Our mindsets no matter who or what we worship affect how we connect to the divine. It also affects what can connect to us. A person who has no faith in anything helping him but himself will find that is what happens to them. A Christian phrase is "The lord helps those who help themselves." This is true on a certain level but believing it on all levels makes it so the person works only on personal power and does not accept divine power. The reason for this is the person does not believe there is any divine help for him.

Our focus is what brings us into the connection with the divine and what we need to achieve to bring certain energies into our lives. It means that the focus of having good luck and happiness will work if you keep adding to the energies. You can bring love into your life by visualizing a voice of a person you love. The love will bring the rest of them into focus and into your life.

We have these abilities to ask for this help and open ourselves to the positive energies instead of focusing on what we do not like. It means that every time you notice something that upsets you try to see a way it can change to the positive and visualize that happening. If you do not make progress with these energies then it is time to show submission.

Submission opens us up to divine help so that things can happen that are best for us. What we visualize may not always be best for us. So a statement to any divine force you worship is something that should be said like this-

If this is meant to happen to me, then I ask (name of the divine you use) that you be with me 24 hours a day with all of the helpers you have to help me survive this life so I can live it in safety, security, and love. I honor you and know that you want the best for me and have faith in this. Thank you.

The next step to realize is to keep saying this every time something happens. It may take a while to break out of the pattern that has you miserable. Yet if you are consistent and persistent you will notice how much your life will improve.

I know that I wish for your joy, and happiness every day. All of the students, clients, friends, and people I know I want the best for them. May you find the joy and happiness you are seeking.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Power of Beauty, and Music

I like many people appreciate the beauty of a flower, the beauty of a sunset and many other things in this world where I know the divine exists. Yet how many of us try to have beauty in our lives? A cluttered house always leaves an edge in our mind that we should be cleaning it up. Anything that removes beauty from our lives also removes ways to connect to the divine.

I was lonely when I first moved away from my family. I ran up a big phone bill and then had a friend tell me that she used to do that. I said how did you quit being lonely and like living alone. She said every time she became lonely was a time she cleaned her house or made it pretty. It made her feel better and if anyone came over to visit she could welcome them to her home.

We limit ourselves through our own fears from seeing the beauty in life. Some people do not want to go places because someone might hurt them or the people might not like them. The secret is to learn to like yourself, and be sure that you respect yourself. How you feel about yourself is mirrored in your actions and in your environment.

I am not talking as much about how we see flaws in how we look. I do not know of a single person that does not have a moment of seeing themselves as not perfect. Yet is how we look more important to the divine or our actions? A person can be nice no matter what they look like. They can respect themselves when they are fat, or feel ugly. It is nice to be able to lose weight but some people have health problems where they can not do so.

So looks are not the be all to end all to the divine. What is important to him is allowing ourselves to enjoy his world. Listen to music that brings peace and happiness to us. I am not talking about a great deal of the music which seems to generate hate, and curse words. I am talking about music that makes our soul sing with joy. It does not have to be religious but does have to have the ability to uplift us.

Mankind is the only thing upon this earth that has a challenge in this life to experience it. Our choices are important, what we do to bring the divine alive in this world is important. Our love, kindness and happiness is important. That is also included in being kind to ourselves, love ourselves, and be happy with ourselves.

Life is not about doing this to everyone else and neglecting ourselves. It is about bringing the divine alive in our lives through our own self love and being what we love.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Walk-Ins and Channeling

I want to mention a few things to help people in the future that do channeling. I have on my website the article Magical and Mental Access and Permission I wrote this article because I noticed that people were giving spirits permission, and healers permission to do what they wanted no matter what it did to them. I believe in faith but anyone would lock their doors nowadays. It is important to lock your mind so nothing malicious can access it also.

I am again having problems reported only this time it is from people who are trying to find their guides. They accept also that the spirits are good with out any keys, locks, or protections. This is not wise. People are summoning ascended masters. They never think of the principle of duality when doing this. The principles are listed in my article. Principles of Magic

The principle of duality shows that there is a balance in everything in this world. We may try to elevate ourselves but as long as this world is formed with duality as a principle certain things happen. Evil is there to contrast good and show us what good really is about in every way.

So as long as there are good Ascended Masters then there will be bad Descended Masters. As long as their are people asking for guides with out specifying that they want guides that are from the divine creator of love. Some people will have evil try to affect them because that person could do something in this world to make good stronger.

I have an article on my website called Angels what are they and how do we know they are angels? I believe anyone who works with angels, guides or tries to channel spirits should read all of these articles. I wrote the articles because of people having problems with identifying and knowing what was evil or not evil.

I am sure that everyone thinks this is relatively easy. I mean how hard is it to differentiate between wings and horns and a tail? Yet angels do not always appear that way and neither do demons. Angels are not the way they are now portrayed. Cherubim or cherubs are described in the older books as 9 feet tall and warrior angels.

Demons try to trick people in many ways so they can exist on this earth. The reason they do this is it is the only way they can experience emotions, and feelings. So anyone who channels should not trust the fact that if it looks angelic it is angelic. They should test it out each time and any real angel will not mind that at all. Masters are not always of the light and anyone powerful enough to be a Master can make illusions where they can fool anyone. The only way to be sure of what they are is by stating a statement before you do any channeling that no other spirits may interfere with this process and that nothing evil will be allowed to access you.

It is as important to be safe with doing the work of a medium, magician, or spirituality as it is to lock your car, not allow anyone to shoot at you, or harm you. I hear people saying all of the time that if you ignore evil it does not exist for that person. It is very untrue as evil can happen to anyone no matter how good they are in life. We would not have wars or many of the things happening today to many good people if ignoring evil worked.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Focal points

Focal points are the energetic spot where negative energy can enter into the energies of a house, person, or place. Focal points are formed by release of energies that can be used by negativity. A person dying in a house gives off energies that can attract negativity even if they do not become an earth bound spirit. The reason for this is the pain or the spirit leaving weakens the veil of energies that keep spirits separate from that place.

Homes can be built upon places where battles were fought or others died. The people in the house will notice the difference if the spirits do not want them there. The house will have discord, accidents, and negative events continue to happen. The reason for this is the deaths or energies of the land become a focal point where evil can appear easily.

Magic in many cultures is about focal points. All magic has to have a focus or place to send energies both good and bad. You want to win the lottery so you try to focus on the numbers that you picked lighting up and being the ones that show up for the Grand jackpot.

Negativity using focal points form the problems energies of many peoples lives. Psychic vampires or energy vampires focus on the victim and extrude what looks almost like tentacles in the knots or dark spots of traumas in the victims aura. The reason for this is the knots or dark spots are the places where the traumas are stored.

A person who tries to project their energies upon others will actually overlay the energies of one person with another. They then send all of the emotions that they want to believe the person is doing upon the poor victim. Once the victim has the bad energies the person projecting the images takes the good for themselves and blames the victim for doing something they never did in their life.

It means if you feel that someone or something is focusing on you a house cleansing and house blessing is good to do. The blessing helps bring alive the divine sparks and have the divine focus upon you. If you notice a person doing it then get rid of all gifts from that person, and all links to that person. My new book will have a link breaking wheel to do this easily.

I have quite a few ways to make it so that the person can not focus upon the victim to free them of the harm others can do. Spirits have to be kept out and removed. The easiest way to do this is to bring in the divine energies by prayer, music, beauty, and happiness. Negativity can not exist where these energies exist.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Guardian Angels

Everyone has a guardian angel. Yet so many people I work upon can not seem to find their guardian angel anywhere around them. I have always wondered how could a guardian angel be blocked. I could see some poor angel mugged, gagged and tied up lying in a spiritual alleyway trying to wriggle out of their ropes to get help.

Yet why would a guardian angel leave? The only way this would happen would be if the person they were assigned to said they did not want them around anymore. Angels have to honor our choices and free will.

So what if you have a big hairy nasty spirit in control of your third eye, and crown chakras and running the show. Does the angel know the difference or does it honor your order even if it is some other spirit talking through you telling the angel to leave? I feel this is the major problem. People who are under attack get angry. They say stupid things to the divine and anything that could help them many times because they can not see the angels are there trying to help.

Our choices, and efforts in our life lead to our experiences and lessons. If we are experiencing a rough time and instead of having faith that there is a reason for this and things will get better. We yell at the divine then we are cutting ourselves off.

Yelling in despair, asking for forgiveness, asking what we can do to make things better with first asking for help does not seem to have the repercussions of some of the stupid things I have heard people say to the divine. Some quotes are-"If you won't help me what good are you?", "Why do you hate me so much?", are just two of them.

No matter who we worship they are the spiritual parents, and teachers in our lives. They watch us and want the best for us. Yet there are times they make it so we have to learn what not to do. It is why we experience things in this world. We are given choices and our choices decide what sort of person we are and how we live our life.

I would never go up to my Mom and say if you won't help me what good are you? I am an adult and will do my best to help myself. I have had my Mother deny her help and many other things at all times. Yet I have been taught it was a sin not to respect my parents for what they have done correct and right. No one does everything wrong.

The divine is the same way and even made a commandment about how to treat parents in most major religions. So I believe many people should think about how they are talking to God. If you complain about praying more often when you are having problems then you negate the good energies that you are trying to accumulate.

If you have an attitude towards the divine it will get you nowhere. Just like an attitude with your parents will be your downfall in any family matters. Think of how you feel and if you can not put love, caring, faith and belief into your prayers no matter who you worship then you will get nowhere when it comes to getting help.

You have to ask for help and feel it with your body, mind and soul. The divine and the Guardian angels are like hurt family members that you have yelled at and treated shabbily. You have to make sure they know they you really mean it.You need them and will never treat them badly again.

I believe in the Hermetic magic Principle of duality. There is always an opposite to what you experience. Many people talk about walk-ins and divine spirits. There are also demonic walk-ins and demonic spirits. It means you attract what you put out and if you do not want the divine the opposite forces are there ready to take over your life. It comes about through your choices and actions.

The person themselves is the decision maker about what they are about and what they do. The person can be in the most oppressive circumstances possible yet if they have belief in the divine and try their best to be a real person living in truth it will work out OK. Most victims do not know how to live in truth or be a real person. They only think of how they feel and are incapable of putting themselves in someone elses place. It is the only way to judge how we have treated others. If you had someone say to you what you have been saying to the divine or the other people in your life. How would you act to that person?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do no Harm

I always try to help people but there are certain points where you have to stop because the issues are not energetic but emotional. People try to blame everything on demon obsession or possession when they have these problems. Yet the problem clients are the ones who benefit from aspects of being cursed, obsessed or possessed. I can hear the boos and hisses out there right now. How can I say that as it is something that should leave with the demon. I always hear the problem clients saying it is something wrong with you. You did not do things right, or it is something that you did wrong.

Countless times it has been mentioned in books and by others who deal with these problems that the victims have to work on themselves. Yet the victims always feel that the worse problems can be removed immediately. If that were true I could make a fortune from people who are just regular people with no problems.

Imagine having the power of God. You can wave a wand and remove the emotions attached to those traumatic incidents in the past, you can remove that unfair spanking the person received at age 5, or make it so everyone who abused them got caught. It would be nice but this is not real life. A client who does not live in truth is a nightmare.

The only way negativity can get at a person is if the person has had trauma, emotional problems, ups and downs or a major occurrence that caused them to have a fragmentation of their core beliefs, and emotions. I do not know a single person who has not had some sort of trauma that would not like someone to have a way to remove all of it so they could feel good.

Yet the only person who can do this is the person themselves. It takes living in reality and dealing with it. The person realizes that they never have to go through the problems again. They heal and try to live a life that they want to live and enjoy. It does not mean their giving up work but their living their life fully after and during the work hours.

Clients who do not live in reality benefit from obsession and possession in a couple of ways. They have an excuse or something to blame every time they have a failure. They have a reason to not get out and work or interact with others. Anyone who asks them to do something they do not want to do is influenced by the demon.

They get attention, and can cause high drama upsetting everyone in their lives. The person becomes cured and has to deal with people. They do not know how to interact with others so find out the world is a rough place to experience. The clients who are trying to heal and work on themselves find integrating into reality relatively easy. They want to live a life where they can work and enjoy it. They are so happy nothing is around and cautiously return to a normal life. They accept the difficulties and listen to advice. They learn to empower and help themselves.

The ones who benefit always hit a breaking point. It means they realize they can not function the way they have been doing. Everyone starts to expect them to work or help with bills. They are treated like a normal person and instead of doing good things so they receive attention all they can think of is that the demon is doing this to them.

Evil is as strong as the energies you put into it. It means that the person who has problems will try to make others see it the same way. Clients like this have certain patterns of behavior and I try to help them come back to reality. Yet some of them will not do so.

The problem clients do not want to give up their cozy fantasies. It means that they call the demon back many times just to get their life back to including it. They do this by allowing it to be in the fantasies, giving the energies power by blaming everything on it, and then being positive nothing is gone because their life is a mess.

I have had a drastic example of this recently. The client was doing very well. Yet she was determined that people were treating her badly for no reason. I said she had to give up her fantasy of what the world was and learn to live in reality everyone else does that can function in this world.

I had to hear how her fantasies were her comfort. What a surprise that they started at the same time her problems with what she called a demon first appeared. I removed the demon numerous times but in her words the evil always was flying around her. Evil is not a demon so if you can see emotions and negative energies you should learn to shield and I have articles for this.

The next thing I knew she pulled every manipulative, button pushing trick to try to get her own way, and then tried to get me angry. I watched for one week as she did this figuring once she cooled off from her emotional and mental breakdown I could help. She then blew it by not knowing what reality was, projecting her past problems with people upon me, and endlessly writing messages that made no sense and blamed me for everything.

The last straw was mentioning thoughts of suicide, and then how she cried when I told her to go to a psychiatrist to get mental help. The question always is am I doing harm working on the person. I can not see where working upon someone who obviously had a mental break with reality when it is all past trauma and emotion will help them. If it was the demon it would be different but it was all about the persons past and she needed medication.

I may be able to help after she gets medication but she also needs someone to work on her medically. Yet she always treated everyone who was not doing exactly like she said horribly. I experienced it through the emails. I know if I was a doctor I would not put up with her for a minute after she started blaming me for every doctor in existence who did not do things the exact way she thought it was done.

Yet to her it was always others evil and demons. Yet she never could live in reality long enough to look at herself. I told her to read her own messages and think how she would feel to have someone writing messages like that to her. She was incapable of putting herself in the other persons mental place to show compassion or judge herself.

Responsibility, truth, and reality should be the keywords for anyone healing from a problem. They should have to learn to see how their actions affect others. I do that with myself nonstop each day. It is the only way to be a real person.

If you have to manipulate, button push, blame someone for another mistakes. It means you are looking for an excuse not to be cured or change. The person will be causing everyone who loves them nightmares for the rest of their life.

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Shielding Methods and Thoughts

I have added two types of shielding methods to my website. I have a pagan shielding method, and some angelic shielding methods. I hope they inspire people to see how a simple shielding and filtering method will make their day work better. Check it out at

I was editing the profile on this page. I had a few thoughts that I would like to share with everyone. I am an Interfaith Minister. It means I accept all faiths, and try to include the people who are not of any religion that need help. I was raised Christian and most of my clients are Christian. Yet that does not mean any religious method is better than another.

I like to use Angels because I understand that shielding method and enjoy it. I also like the Pagan Gods and Goddesses because I understand how complex the divine is and how it can seem like millions of parts.

Yet the main thing I have noticed in magic is forces that can be correlated to different aspects. the tree of life is common in many different ways. Judaism, and the Norse had a tree of life in their religions. I believe Hermetics is more of an interfaith magic when done properly. I mean by this that it takes into consideration every way a religion, force, God, Goddess, Buddha, Prophet or any other aspect that can be used with magic where it fits, and works.

I believe that what makes the divine work in a person's life is their actions and choices. We lose our path many times and it seems like there is no hope. Illness can occur to people to make their choices and actions different. They have to think of what they have done in their lives.

I can name examples and have heard them called lessons. Yet many times it is our own choices that set these forces into motion. We bring the actions of our choices into our lives. Demons, and other negative forces try to make us lose what we are striving for and muddy our thinking. It is an adversarial condition where we have the choice to rise above it and show we are truly of the divine or be overcome by the problems and lose our true selves. I see this in the delusions, and illusions of our world, and the lack of clairity and truth in our lives.

Living in truth is the most important thing we can do. It means that if we have a strange experience and share it. It is not for others validation but to share a experience that can make others think. If we have a choice of doing something easy and wrong or doing it right and with positive intentions. We should pick the harder way of doing it right and be positive in our good intentions. The reason for this is doing something right is never easy.

All you have to do is read the news and you can see delusions. People objecting to stopping weapons being smuggled into Gaza. They are still bombing the Israelis so what delusion is this when the prophet says to harm one innocent person is like killing all mankind. How is bombing others first defending yourself?

The Israeli Defense forces video film people being held captive and a huge gun shooting rounds at a UN school. Yet no news program shows it and you tube wants to remove a moment of truth in the films being shown. Denying the truth when it is put before you.

Someone walks into a church and kills a minister. He then has the gun jam and tries to stab the church members. They were not bothering him as he had to go into the church to look for them.Yet this person feels he has a right to hurt others because of their religion or being religious.

Bernie Madoff not being put in prison and all of his and his wives funds from certain dates confiscated. What message does this give our country when a poor person can be put in jail for stealing food for his family? Charities invested with him and our world will be a poorer and harder place to live with out the charities helping those with problems. All of the people who invested with him made choices. He was to good to be true so all of their advisors should have realized this fact.

So this is a world of delusion, and programming. It is up to us to overcome all of the delusion and live in truth to make our decisions to change this world. The way to do this is to start in our own lives and work upon ourselves. It is not judging others but judging and challenging ourselves to be the best human beings we can be.

It is the way to fully understand the divine, and the beauty and joy in our lives. We bring it alive a brilliant divine spark at a time.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Incubus, Sucubus and masturbation-Sex Demons

I felt that now would be a good time to mention a type of demon that is common with many people. Incubus's and Sucubus's are mentioned mainly in the Catholic religion but they do describe a phenomena which has caused the religious rules against masturbation.

These demons by what ever name that you call them are sex demons. They attach to a person to have sex with them. The demons structure their lives so no real person can have sex with the victim. The victim is always sucked dry so it may be mistaken for a psychic or energy vampire attack. Yet it is always about the person who is masturbating and the way they structure their dream people they are having sex with into complete images.

Visualization is used to draw things to us. The phenomena of using images and visualization is very popular now and known by anyone who has seen the movie The Secret or has heard about the Law of Attraction. Yet most people do not realize how it can adversely affect their lives.

Focusing the visualizations upon the positive is important but we have to live and experience our lives in reality. A person who makes such a vivid dream world and ignores the real world can have real problems. Especially if they never admit to being wrong, and abuse others then change it in their mind to how they have been abused. It is called projection and is a major issue with people who have problems with sex demons.

The person also has to be focused upon themselves, and able to push into mental patterns where it more or less keeps them from having to do anything. No one who has these problems will be able to think in certain ways. They will only think about how they feel and not what they said to others. They will only focus on their dream world when a real problem happens in a relationship instead of making things better.

The demon adds to this and the person finds that every time they masturbate it comes back and has control over them. You can banish a sex demon 30 times a day and unless the pattern is broken the person draws it back and becomes vicious about their illusions and fantasties. They are right how dare the healer tell them to correct their fantasy world to reality. It is the only way they cope.

The victims are focused upon themselves, and their looks along with the fact that no one ever treats them properly. Everyone is mean to them and their illusions are their real life. I have had cases where the demon punished them for gaining weight and cutting their hair. I have methods in the new book I have coming out to correct this along with a grounding exercise.

Grounding yourself in reality is the big thing to do to cure this problem. Most of the victims do not want to do this because they enjoy the illusions. It makes it for a vicious client that only acts good at times when their lives are so bad they have to admit it is wrong to do with their life. It makes it rough on everyone.

Living in reality and the truth cures many psychic attack and other spiritual problems. Yet it is the last thing people want to hear. They want to blame an outside force, and not do anything to help themselves. Everything is supposed to be cured by the wave of the magic wand when they do not correct the very things that bring the demon to them.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Healing involves Self-destruction and Rebuilding the Basic Self

I always seem to have things blocked when I try to explain this concept to others. Psychic attack can mean spirit attack or possession. It is a spiritual illness which involves a number of elements. Any psychic attack involves forcing a person into a position where they delude themselves. They make wrong choices and react. It is impossible to predict and the people start repressing and ignoring things.

Victims of abuse do the same thing. I have been abused in my life in many ways. Yet I always dealt with it and the only time I repressed it an attack forced me to have to deal with it. Magic and working with divine sources will do that to you. You are working to perfect yourself on your path. No path is easy and if it is easy you are probably going the wrong direction.

The reason for this is the person has to learn. They have to quit sabotaging themselves. Once you are under psychic attack it is even more crucial to have to live in truth. A harmless thing like visualizing the perfect person for you can turn into a form of self sabotage. Guilt or knowing that you acted poorly to another will have them haunting your dreams.

People always want to say that person is trying to get me. Yet many times the victim is reconnecting because they have not released the emotions, and energies. They have not forgiven the person. Any one who is trying to harm another hopes for that moment of reconnection. It happens when a person is afraid, wants revenge, is angry, and any other sort of strong emotion in many instances when there is the connection left from life problems. It makes it easy to attack and harm the other person. It is why it has to be resolved and removed.

A healer who is working on a patient can be attacked by the patient with out them realizing it. I have found that many of the people I help try to project others upon them. I try to say if someone is reconnecting it is a time of forgiveness to release the energies.

I have to hear how they do not have emotions. I then say they would not be appearing in dreams. They then try to get a conversation going so they can take one point and say you are contradicting yourself. It then goes down to I am pissed off at you if the other methods do not work I am helpless and have no control.

I can not count the times this has happened. The divine is the only one that can heal those energies with in a person and the person themselves. The healer can work on outside energies and letting those energies loose to where the person can deal with them. Yet a person who does not want to remove or change a habit will always try to cause it to be beyond their control or some other excuse.

The reason for this is that they do not want to get rid of the habit or they benefit in some way from the problem. People who are cursed have something to blame for their mistakes and not wanting to do things instead of saying no. People who do not want to forgive others will always say they do not have anything to forgive. People who want to argue instead of just doing it and seeing if they tackled an emotional issue from a different area of thought to fix the problem do not want to be rid of the problem.

It is normally the last step before their being healed and it is the roughest one for that reason. We may like the habit that the energies are using or feel we like it. The main thing to remember is if negative energies can hook to it then it is not a good habit.

The habits have to be destroyed otherwise it is like building a foundation on mud and water. You will have an uneven house if you do not build on solid ground. Building on bad habits leave us with an unbalanced self image and self esteem. It will destroy us no matter how harmless the habit seems when the person is under psychic attack. You have to destroy parts to bring the self together at times because you have to rebuild yourself to live in another way. The parts to be destroyed are always habits, thought patterns, and reactions that cause problems and that negativity can attach to and use against the person. Truth is the only way and if it involves a habit where fooling ourselves is involved it is definitely the only remedy. Yet most people love to ask questions to try to make the healer or someone else do the work. They do not want to hear what the healer sees if it involves them doing the work.

Life is a challenge and experience. It can be enjoyed and loved. It also can be a challenge to do what is necessary for the path we picked in our life. Either way it always involves building, learning, challenges, and experiences. It is up to us how we deal with them and no one else can deal with them for us. They can only help along the way.

Destroying the illusions and mind games that we use to block and trap ourselves. Rebuilding our divine spark and connections to the divine, and living in truth are the only remedies for the problems of psychic attack. People have made the wrong choices for years and have a shaky foundation. It is like rebuilding your home.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Divine Intervention

I always hope for divine intervention on everything I do. A person who does the work of clearing and healing others can not function with out divine help. I have heard people claim it is their personal power that is used and make ridiculous claims. Demons can not be killed only their energetic envelope in this plain can be destroyed. Yet the demon is gone for awhile until it figures out a new way to try to attach and get to the victim.

The healer should always keep in touch with the clients and work with them on the emotional, and mental issues that the clients have after years of spirit attachment. It is not necessary in some cases but people drag out the cases for years. They have suffered abuse, can not forgive others, and will not give up the control of the healing. They think they can manipulate and control how they are healed and that blocks them from God.

I believe this is part of the problem as how they treat the healer is also a way to judge if they have learned anything from the experience. People who are cruel and mean to me always seem to have the divine turn its back upon them. Not because I have wanted it to happen but because it was a test to see if they had learned anything from their suffering. Yet if I had control of it I would want them healed just to show them what they did, and how poorly they acted.

The next problem I have with one case is why does the divine not intervene when the rest of the family is being harmed. I have had one person who uses the spirit against her family. She bullies them, controls and manipulates them, and puts them through misery on this earth. She has been rude and mean to me and her sister who has tried to help her.

They allow her to stay because they love her, and they know something is wrong with her. She abuses them and does not work. Yet when I did the exorcisms after having her permission they did not work completely. I found out that she uses the demons against her family and others to get even and has been doing this since the age of 12.

I have worked nonstop upon protecting the family but there she is like a speed bump stopping everyone from moving forward. I wondered if it was a lesson for the family on being to kind but that is not my choice. I wondered why the divine would allow the demon to try to harm the people removing it because it said the family member used it.

I cast it out in many different ways and the last way worked best because it has never been able to return inside of her so it is only an obsession. The family members may suffer from her controlling manipulative nature and her projections of what she does upon them. I wondered if it was more Borderline Personality Disorder with a Narcissist touch for a psychic vampire.

I did work upon that and her being able to drain and live off the people she is around and tried to stop her from harming others. Yet the question here is when is enough harm done where God will intervene and help free the family? I felt maybe it was me, and I was having the wrong attitude after her being nasty to me.

I beat up upon myself and did more trying to figure out what is happening and why I am always drained and realized many times I was blocked for trying to help her and remove the spirit. Everything I had been doing was personal power. It gives a way for the spirit to harm you if you use that instead of divine power. It also gives the person a way to dump everything into you that is their problem. Yet why would the divine set me up like that with out a clear message to me and the sister that it was the wrong time.

A new member of the family is being born, and it is male which is great because the demon does not seem to be able to hook up to males easily. It will take the demon possessed persons attention away which is not good. It will mean the person will focus on the baby and be jealous and envious which is her nature. I want to prevent harm like that happening to the family.

So the question is why has the divine not intervened. All of us have free will but the family members are asking for help for themselves and the other members of the family. The free will request for angelic and divine help is open and begged for by everyone. Everyone that has been harmed in this situation has asked for and approved help. The rest of the family has acted good and been good people.

So the only thing left is that the timing is wrong for this person to be cured. It is wrong for the family for some reason. I do not understand the reasons because I am not the divine but it is very frustrating and I have to have faith and believe that help will arrive at the right moment. I keep trying to restrict and trap the harm that can be done and that works for awhile but something is breaking loose where it is not permanent. I have total and complete belief and faith that the family can be healed.

So my question in this blog is when is enough harm done for the divine to help. When can the requests be listened too. Why is one family punished for such a long time while another is set free doing the same things. What conditions have to be removed for the spirit to be removed? Is it their kindness and mercy to a cruel person? Yet mercy and kindness are godly emotions. I can not understand the mind of the divine as I am just human like the rest of us. I just have to have faith and belief that the intervention will happen and the family will be rescued. I will just keep plugging along in my normal way asking for help for them, and the suffering that has happened.

People who do this sort of work have others feel they can heal them with the wave of a magic wand. They feel they do not have to work upon themselves, and that anything that does not work properly is the fault of the healer.

Yet when problems occur that are not able to be explained it is not the healer. It is the divine turning its back upon the problems until the right mental point for healing is achieved. The healer may be imperfect and not what the clients expected. It is just perceptions as anyone with a good cure rate loves the divine God and he loves them back. The results of choices need to be completed where the lessons will be learned. Nothing can be done with out the peoples interaction in this process. It is not the fault of the healer but the very power that helps to heal will not respond until the proper time and proper lessons are learned and internalized.

Welcome to my Blog

My blog will be about my work helping others with spiritual problems. I will talk about methods, try to brainstorm on different methods, and many of the problems I encounter and the people encounter with being able to be healed.