Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year 2011 plus thoughts about 2010

I have not done this before but decided to think about the challenges and things I learned in 2010. I started out in the end of 2009 recovering from MRSA pneumonia. I had a 35% chance of living because I had regular pneumonia plus MRSA which basically destroys your organs. The doctors said my fever had to break as I went four days with a 104 to 105 fever. I was not responding and they tried with my approval something from the Penicillin family. I am allergic to every thing in the penicillin family as this experience proved to me. The MRSA made every genetic disease that I have worse including my diabetes.

I developed a rash and had problems breathing. The nurse could not seem to understand that I needed something to stop the problem. The doctor later told me that most people do not get such extreme symptoms so fast. I felt better after the allergic reaction had stopped and just submitted myself to God and the divine. My fever broke and I feel that my submission saved my life.

The year of 2009 ended up with my being on the George Noory show.I did not know about being on the show and was out of the nursing home for 3 days. I had one days warning and that was another sign that I had done the right thing as far as I was concerned.

The year 2010 started with my third trip to the Philippines. I enjoyed helping my clients but was asked to do many new things. I found I am best at protection and transmutation of energies and life problems. I found out about how expectations of others affects my work and that most people do not really know what experts go through to learn in my field.

I found that a part of me will not read minds or invade someone’s privacy. I always used permission and still feel that magic upon others with out some type of permission is wrong to do to anyone. The people I was working for wanted to find the thieves taking their money. I could tell them what was wrong and did so from the first visit on. I also found out that when people do not listen to you or say that something is not important want to control what you are and what you see. It was important and if they had listened to me the second goal of the people plus the third goal would have gone better and happened. I still see the client achieving the goal. You also have clients blame you for problems when they do not listen to you nor try to remember that they started every thing in motion you are only trying to make it come out right for them.

I had the beautiful experience of praying for rain and it rained out of a clear sky. I could have cried as it means that God loved me enough to show me his grace. I found I was limited by the abuse I had suffered through out my life. I have done huge amounts of work upon myself and always test out my own methods upon myself. Yet I now have a new method that deals with the abuse, brutality, and actions of others so it should help many people.

I discovered that much of abuse when dealing with clients is always about their expectations. They believe they are in control and can dictate how they are to be healed and itemize everything about the healer. This is so foolish as talents are different in different people. No one can tell God how things work and what is supposed to be done. No one can live up to others expectations and remain a person who lives in truth. A healer who is putting on how evolved, or other ego issues would be dead in the sort of work that I do. I always felt this was the problem as so many people try to live in their own worlds and this year proved it.

I was still ill with my diabetes during 2010 and had some very bad moments. I prayed to get the money to get an exercise machine as I live 45 miles from any sort of gym. I had just gone to my endocrinologist and I won enough money to get a used bowflex plus attend my high school reunion. Again I felt like God really had heard me.

I had moments of depression from illness and realizing that I need help when I travel a long distance with a drastic time change. I am fine in the country but I now need an assistant or someone to travel with me. Yet I met a person who was psychic and had the soul component needed. I had two other friends that are now no longer friends. Again expectations and their wanting me to not live in truth and be what they wanted me to be. The one person is probably still wondering why I am bothering with him. Again God gave a solution to me with someone who I traveled with before and enjoy the company. He also knows when to keep his mouth shut if a woman looks grumpy. That is priceless.

I dipped in sacred springs, and had a great deal of adventure. I met Amma the hugging guru, and also many fine people. I realized that I was just energetically exhausted and that most healthy people could not go for 6 months with out a single day of rest defending and expending huge amounts of energy with out the help of God. I felt angels around me and had many experiences. Yet the body is not as willing at 58 to do what I did at 28. I need more rest but have not done that as often as I should because of helping others. I will take the rest now no matter what happens as I do better work.

I received answers to a 40 year old experience and an ongoing trend in my life. So if I look back at 2010 it was a year of challenge, and looking at myself. Realizing that I had it pointed out to me that I need someone around to help is a scary thought to me. Most people who help me do not last as they do not have the soul component nor the resistance to the tricks of demons. All of them are attacked at a certain level where the longest they have lasted is 8 years. I have been doing this sort of work for 40 years.

It challenges everything in your life being attacked by people with agendas, curses, hexes, sent spirits, ghosts, and many more problems. You have to deal with people who will not help themselves or empower themselves. They expect the wave of the magic wand and they are the most abusive and upsetting clients as they take everything wrong with their life out upon the healers. The negativity of the energies will bring out every family genetic illness you have and run with it.

Yet the clients who empower themselves and realize that your stopping the harm meant for them is dangerous and something that needs experience and training are priceless. They are my beautiful people and I am proud and happy to know every one of them. 2010 was a year of counting my blessings.

You have to have faith in God and realize that everything you experience and learn is part of his plan and to trust him. I have had so many gifts of God and divine goodness shown to me. People have seen angels saving me, and protecting me. So I can not believe that the problems I have with my health are not part of the plan of God. 2010 was a year of realizing how much God loved me plus how many nice people I have who are kind to me that I have helped with their life problems.

I guess my wishes for 2011 is to work on clearing land in problem areas as that will solve many problems for people who get attachments, ghosts and entities. I would love to travel to Cambodia, and Vietnam just to release some of the hungry ghosts and make things better for everyone. All of the areas in the world where war and genocide were done need the energies cleared for people to live with good mental and physical health. The land being cleared resolves the issues for a great many people who do have problems with obsession and possession.

I also plan to exercise when I am at home like I am doing now. I want to write a book of my cases and could probably make one book out of my first exorcism. I hope that I attract the clients I can help. The clients who will not do the work or are abusive I pray will find a healer that they will do neither too. I wish everyone who reads my blog a happy joyful New Year. May you love your life as I do.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Cambodia-haunted country

I have read about the Cambodian stampede and here is the news link.

The people of Cambodia were having a festival. They were enjoying themselves after the years of suffering caused by Pol Pot and the way they murdered so many people in Cambodia. It made me want to cry. Yet it fits with hungry ghosts and haunted land.

The ghosts exist off of energies that are of life. Things irritate them and make it so they can not drain these energies. A festival is always noisy, and ghosts do not like noise. Running water affects the ghosts and notice that the stampede occurred on a bridge where the spirits attached to the Cambodian people on the bridge could not connect properly.

The energies of all of the unsettled hungry ghosts could be as big of a cause of this as anything else as they listed no reasons for this occurring. It is what happens when there is so much blood spilt on the land that the ghosts number almost the same as the people.

I hope to be able to solve problems like this for people in the future with the work I am doing on methods.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More information on haunted land

I have had many new ideas with new methods for the haunted land. The big moment in making haunted land live able is to transmute the energies. I have new symbols and methods for doing this and plan to do the methods the next time I get to clear a large amount of land.

The symbols have worked well with houses and clearing energies in smaller plots of lands so that has cheered me up. I have gotten results with some of the work I have done in the area I live in where I have noticed the difference.

I live in a place where wagon trails existed, pioneers traveled, cavalry roamed and so did Native Americans. The mining towns are close by and so is the west end of the Grand Canyon. I have been working on the energies for awhile just to test out methods and feel very encouraged. I also have used the new symbols on some of my cases that I have traveled too.

The main thing is transmuting bad energies to good energies and increasing the vibrations. It is not easy to do as the people who live in the area can try to drag the energies down if they are having a rough time. It is still a valuable method and plan to let everyone know the results when I do get examples of how it works.

Facebook and Social Networking

I studied social networking and found I was to busy to do it properly. I also felt that I wanted people to find me by what I do easily. I joined Facebook and some of the other social networks but never did much with the webpages and settings.

I did get some friends requests but never any notifications of messages so I just thought that I was not getting messages. Imagine my surprise when I found a bunch of messages and information placed upon my wall. I added everyone that asked and have to apologize to everyone who expected me to be talking to them.

Welcome to my Blog

My blog will be about my work helping others with spiritual problems. I will talk about methods, try to brainstorm on different methods, and many of the problems I encounter and the people encounter with being able to be healed.