Thursday, March 26, 2009

Focal points

Focal points are the energetic spot where negative energy can enter into the energies of a house, person, or place. Focal points are formed by release of energies that can be used by negativity. A person dying in a house gives off energies that can attract negativity even if they do not become an earth bound spirit. The reason for this is the pain or the spirit leaving weakens the veil of energies that keep spirits separate from that place.

Homes can be built upon places where battles were fought or others died. The people in the house will notice the difference if the spirits do not want them there. The house will have discord, accidents, and negative events continue to happen. The reason for this is the deaths or energies of the land become a focal point where evil can appear easily.

Magic in many cultures is about focal points. All magic has to have a focus or place to send energies both good and bad. You want to win the lottery so you try to focus on the numbers that you picked lighting up and being the ones that show up for the Grand jackpot.

Negativity using focal points form the problems energies of many peoples lives. Psychic vampires or energy vampires focus on the victim and extrude what looks almost like tentacles in the knots or dark spots of traumas in the victims aura. The reason for this is the knots or dark spots are the places where the traumas are stored.

A person who tries to project their energies upon others will actually overlay the energies of one person with another. They then send all of the emotions that they want to believe the person is doing upon the poor victim. Once the victim has the bad energies the person projecting the images takes the good for themselves and blames the victim for doing something they never did in their life.

It means if you feel that someone or something is focusing on you a house cleansing and house blessing is good to do. The blessing helps bring alive the divine sparks and have the divine focus upon you. If you notice a person doing it then get rid of all gifts from that person, and all links to that person. My new book will have a link breaking wheel to do this easily.

I have quite a few ways to make it so that the person can not focus upon the victim to free them of the harm others can do. Spirits have to be kept out and removed. The easiest way to do this is to bring in the divine energies by prayer, music, beauty, and happiness. Negativity can not exist where these energies exist.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Guardian Angels

Everyone has a guardian angel. Yet so many people I work upon can not seem to find their guardian angel anywhere around them. I have always wondered how could a guardian angel be blocked. I could see some poor angel mugged, gagged and tied up lying in a spiritual alleyway trying to wriggle out of their ropes to get help.

Yet why would a guardian angel leave? The only way this would happen would be if the person they were assigned to said they did not want them around anymore. Angels have to honor our choices and free will.

So what if you have a big hairy nasty spirit in control of your third eye, and crown chakras and running the show. Does the angel know the difference or does it honor your order even if it is some other spirit talking through you telling the angel to leave? I feel this is the major problem. People who are under attack get angry. They say stupid things to the divine and anything that could help them many times because they can not see the angels are there trying to help.

Our choices, and efforts in our life lead to our experiences and lessons. If we are experiencing a rough time and instead of having faith that there is a reason for this and things will get better. We yell at the divine then we are cutting ourselves off.

Yelling in despair, asking for forgiveness, asking what we can do to make things better with first asking for help does not seem to have the repercussions of some of the stupid things I have heard people say to the divine. Some quotes are-"If you won't help me what good are you?", "Why do you hate me so much?", are just two of them.

No matter who we worship they are the spiritual parents, and teachers in our lives. They watch us and want the best for us. Yet there are times they make it so we have to learn what not to do. It is why we experience things in this world. We are given choices and our choices decide what sort of person we are and how we live our life.

I would never go up to my Mom and say if you won't help me what good are you? I am an adult and will do my best to help myself. I have had my Mother deny her help and many other things at all times. Yet I have been taught it was a sin not to respect my parents for what they have done correct and right. No one does everything wrong.

The divine is the same way and even made a commandment about how to treat parents in most major religions. So I believe many people should think about how they are talking to God. If you complain about praying more often when you are having problems then you negate the good energies that you are trying to accumulate.

If you have an attitude towards the divine it will get you nowhere. Just like an attitude with your parents will be your downfall in any family matters. Think of how you feel and if you can not put love, caring, faith and belief into your prayers no matter who you worship then you will get nowhere when it comes to getting help.

You have to ask for help and feel it with your body, mind and soul. The divine and the Guardian angels are like hurt family members that you have yelled at and treated shabbily. You have to make sure they know they you really mean it.You need them and will never treat them badly again.

I believe in the Hermetic magic Principle of duality. There is always an opposite to what you experience. Many people talk about walk-ins and divine spirits. There are also demonic walk-ins and demonic spirits. It means you attract what you put out and if you do not want the divine the opposite forces are there ready to take over your life. It comes about through your choices and actions.

The person themselves is the decision maker about what they are about and what they do. The person can be in the most oppressive circumstances possible yet if they have belief in the divine and try their best to be a real person living in truth it will work out OK. Most victims do not know how to live in truth or be a real person. They only think of how they feel and are incapable of putting themselves in someone elses place. It is the only way to judge how we have treated others. If you had someone say to you what you have been saying to the divine or the other people in your life. How would you act to that person?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do no Harm

I always try to help people but there are certain points where you have to stop because the issues are not energetic but emotional. People try to blame everything on demon obsession or possession when they have these problems. Yet the problem clients are the ones who benefit from aspects of being cursed, obsessed or possessed. I can hear the boos and hisses out there right now. How can I say that as it is something that should leave with the demon. I always hear the problem clients saying it is something wrong with you. You did not do things right, or it is something that you did wrong.

Countless times it has been mentioned in books and by others who deal with these problems that the victims have to work on themselves. Yet the victims always feel that the worse problems can be removed immediately. If that were true I could make a fortune from people who are just regular people with no problems.

Imagine having the power of God. You can wave a wand and remove the emotions attached to those traumatic incidents in the past, you can remove that unfair spanking the person received at age 5, or make it so everyone who abused them got caught. It would be nice but this is not real life. A client who does not live in truth is a nightmare.

The only way negativity can get at a person is if the person has had trauma, emotional problems, ups and downs or a major occurrence that caused them to have a fragmentation of their core beliefs, and emotions. I do not know a single person who has not had some sort of trauma that would not like someone to have a way to remove all of it so they could feel good.

Yet the only person who can do this is the person themselves. It takes living in reality and dealing with it. The person realizes that they never have to go through the problems again. They heal and try to live a life that they want to live and enjoy. It does not mean their giving up work but their living their life fully after and during the work hours.

Clients who do not live in reality benefit from obsession and possession in a couple of ways. They have an excuse or something to blame every time they have a failure. They have a reason to not get out and work or interact with others. Anyone who asks them to do something they do not want to do is influenced by the demon.

They get attention, and can cause high drama upsetting everyone in their lives. The person becomes cured and has to deal with people. They do not know how to interact with others so find out the world is a rough place to experience. The clients who are trying to heal and work on themselves find integrating into reality relatively easy. They want to live a life where they can work and enjoy it. They are so happy nothing is around and cautiously return to a normal life. They accept the difficulties and listen to advice. They learn to empower and help themselves.

The ones who benefit always hit a breaking point. It means they realize they can not function the way they have been doing. Everyone starts to expect them to work or help with bills. They are treated like a normal person and instead of doing good things so they receive attention all they can think of is that the demon is doing this to them.

Evil is as strong as the energies you put into it. It means that the person who has problems will try to make others see it the same way. Clients like this have certain patterns of behavior and I try to help them come back to reality. Yet some of them will not do so.

The problem clients do not want to give up their cozy fantasies. It means that they call the demon back many times just to get their life back to including it. They do this by allowing it to be in the fantasies, giving the energies power by blaming everything on it, and then being positive nothing is gone because their life is a mess.

I have had a drastic example of this recently. The client was doing very well. Yet she was determined that people were treating her badly for no reason. I said she had to give up her fantasy of what the world was and learn to live in reality everyone else does that can function in this world.

I had to hear how her fantasies were her comfort. What a surprise that they started at the same time her problems with what she called a demon first appeared. I removed the demon numerous times but in her words the evil always was flying around her. Evil is not a demon so if you can see emotions and negative energies you should learn to shield and I have articles for this.

The next thing I knew she pulled every manipulative, button pushing trick to try to get her own way, and then tried to get me angry. I watched for one week as she did this figuring once she cooled off from her emotional and mental breakdown I could help. She then blew it by not knowing what reality was, projecting her past problems with people upon me, and endlessly writing messages that made no sense and blamed me for everything.

The last straw was mentioning thoughts of suicide, and then how she cried when I told her to go to a psychiatrist to get mental help. The question always is am I doing harm working on the person. I can not see where working upon someone who obviously had a mental break with reality when it is all past trauma and emotion will help them. If it was the demon it would be different but it was all about the persons past and she needed medication.

I may be able to help after she gets medication but she also needs someone to work on her medically. Yet she always treated everyone who was not doing exactly like she said horribly. I experienced it through the emails. I know if I was a doctor I would not put up with her for a minute after she started blaming me for every doctor in existence who did not do things the exact way she thought it was done.

Yet to her it was always others evil and demons. Yet she never could live in reality long enough to look at herself. I told her to read her own messages and think how she would feel to have someone writing messages like that to her. She was incapable of putting herself in the other persons mental place to show compassion or judge herself.

Responsibility, truth, and reality should be the keywords for anyone healing from a problem. They should have to learn to see how their actions affect others. I do that with myself nonstop each day. It is the only way to be a real person.

If you have to manipulate, button push, blame someone for another mistakes. It means you are looking for an excuse not to be cured or change. The person will be causing everyone who loves them nightmares for the rest of their life.

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Shielding Methods and Thoughts

I have added two types of shielding methods to my website. I have a pagan shielding method, and some angelic shielding methods. I hope they inspire people to see how a simple shielding and filtering method will make their day work better. Check it out at

I was editing the profile on this page. I had a few thoughts that I would like to share with everyone. I am an Interfaith Minister. It means I accept all faiths, and try to include the people who are not of any religion that need help. I was raised Christian and most of my clients are Christian. Yet that does not mean any religious method is better than another.

I like to use Angels because I understand that shielding method and enjoy it. I also like the Pagan Gods and Goddesses because I understand how complex the divine is and how it can seem like millions of parts.

Yet the main thing I have noticed in magic is forces that can be correlated to different aspects. the tree of life is common in many different ways. Judaism, and the Norse had a tree of life in their religions. I believe Hermetics is more of an interfaith magic when done properly. I mean by this that it takes into consideration every way a religion, force, God, Goddess, Buddha, Prophet or any other aspect that can be used with magic where it fits, and works.

I believe that what makes the divine work in a person's life is their actions and choices. We lose our path many times and it seems like there is no hope. Illness can occur to people to make their choices and actions different. They have to think of what they have done in their lives.

I can name examples and have heard them called lessons. Yet many times it is our own choices that set these forces into motion. We bring the actions of our choices into our lives. Demons, and other negative forces try to make us lose what we are striving for and muddy our thinking. It is an adversarial condition where we have the choice to rise above it and show we are truly of the divine or be overcome by the problems and lose our true selves. I see this in the delusions, and illusions of our world, and the lack of clairity and truth in our lives.

Living in truth is the most important thing we can do. It means that if we have a strange experience and share it. It is not for others validation but to share a experience that can make others think. If we have a choice of doing something easy and wrong or doing it right and with positive intentions. We should pick the harder way of doing it right and be positive in our good intentions. The reason for this is doing something right is never easy.

All you have to do is read the news and you can see delusions. People objecting to stopping weapons being smuggled into Gaza. They are still bombing the Israelis so what delusion is this when the prophet says to harm one innocent person is like killing all mankind. How is bombing others first defending yourself?

The Israeli Defense forces video film people being held captive and a huge gun shooting rounds at a UN school. Yet no news program shows it and you tube wants to remove a moment of truth in the films being shown. Denying the truth when it is put before you.

Someone walks into a church and kills a minister. He then has the gun jam and tries to stab the church members. They were not bothering him as he had to go into the church to look for them.Yet this person feels he has a right to hurt others because of their religion or being religious.

Bernie Madoff not being put in prison and all of his and his wives funds from certain dates confiscated. What message does this give our country when a poor person can be put in jail for stealing food for his family? Charities invested with him and our world will be a poorer and harder place to live with out the charities helping those with problems. All of the people who invested with him made choices. He was to good to be true so all of their advisors should have realized this fact.

So this is a world of delusion, and programming. It is up to us to overcome all of the delusion and live in truth to make our decisions to change this world. The way to do this is to start in our own lives and work upon ourselves. It is not judging others but judging and challenging ourselves to be the best human beings we can be.

It is the way to fully understand the divine, and the beauty and joy in our lives. We bring it alive a brilliant divine spark at a time.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Incubus, Sucubus and masturbation-Sex Demons

I felt that now would be a good time to mention a type of demon that is common with many people. Incubus's and Sucubus's are mentioned mainly in the Catholic religion but they do describe a phenomena which has caused the religious rules against masturbation.

These demons by what ever name that you call them are sex demons. They attach to a person to have sex with them. The demons structure their lives so no real person can have sex with the victim. The victim is always sucked dry so it may be mistaken for a psychic or energy vampire attack. Yet it is always about the person who is masturbating and the way they structure their dream people they are having sex with into complete images.

Visualization is used to draw things to us. The phenomena of using images and visualization is very popular now and known by anyone who has seen the movie The Secret or has heard about the Law of Attraction. Yet most people do not realize how it can adversely affect their lives.

Focusing the visualizations upon the positive is important but we have to live and experience our lives in reality. A person who makes such a vivid dream world and ignores the real world can have real problems. Especially if they never admit to being wrong, and abuse others then change it in their mind to how they have been abused. It is called projection and is a major issue with people who have problems with sex demons.

The person also has to be focused upon themselves, and able to push into mental patterns where it more or less keeps them from having to do anything. No one who has these problems will be able to think in certain ways. They will only think about how they feel and not what they said to others. They will only focus on their dream world when a real problem happens in a relationship instead of making things better.

The demon adds to this and the person finds that every time they masturbate it comes back and has control over them. You can banish a sex demon 30 times a day and unless the pattern is broken the person draws it back and becomes vicious about their illusions and fantasties. They are right how dare the healer tell them to correct their fantasy world to reality. It is the only way they cope.

The victims are focused upon themselves, and their looks along with the fact that no one ever treats them properly. Everyone is mean to them and their illusions are their real life. I have had cases where the demon punished them for gaining weight and cutting their hair. I have methods in the new book I have coming out to correct this along with a grounding exercise.

Grounding yourself in reality is the big thing to do to cure this problem. Most of the victims do not want to do this because they enjoy the illusions. It makes it for a vicious client that only acts good at times when their lives are so bad they have to admit it is wrong to do with their life. It makes it rough on everyone.

Living in reality and the truth cures many psychic attack and other spiritual problems. Yet it is the last thing people want to hear. They want to blame an outside force, and not do anything to help themselves. Everything is supposed to be cured by the wave of the magic wand when they do not correct the very things that bring the demon to them.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Healing involves Self-destruction and Rebuilding the Basic Self

I always seem to have things blocked when I try to explain this concept to others. Psychic attack can mean spirit attack or possession. It is a spiritual illness which involves a number of elements. Any psychic attack involves forcing a person into a position where they delude themselves. They make wrong choices and react. It is impossible to predict and the people start repressing and ignoring things.

Victims of abuse do the same thing. I have been abused in my life in many ways. Yet I always dealt with it and the only time I repressed it an attack forced me to have to deal with it. Magic and working with divine sources will do that to you. You are working to perfect yourself on your path. No path is easy and if it is easy you are probably going the wrong direction.

The reason for this is the person has to learn. They have to quit sabotaging themselves. Once you are under psychic attack it is even more crucial to have to live in truth. A harmless thing like visualizing the perfect person for you can turn into a form of self sabotage. Guilt or knowing that you acted poorly to another will have them haunting your dreams.

People always want to say that person is trying to get me. Yet many times the victim is reconnecting because they have not released the emotions, and energies. They have not forgiven the person. Any one who is trying to harm another hopes for that moment of reconnection. It happens when a person is afraid, wants revenge, is angry, and any other sort of strong emotion in many instances when there is the connection left from life problems. It makes it easy to attack and harm the other person. It is why it has to be resolved and removed.

A healer who is working on a patient can be attacked by the patient with out them realizing it. I have found that many of the people I help try to project others upon them. I try to say if someone is reconnecting it is a time of forgiveness to release the energies.

I have to hear how they do not have emotions. I then say they would not be appearing in dreams. They then try to get a conversation going so they can take one point and say you are contradicting yourself. It then goes down to I am pissed off at you if the other methods do not work I am helpless and have no control.

I can not count the times this has happened. The divine is the only one that can heal those energies with in a person and the person themselves. The healer can work on outside energies and letting those energies loose to where the person can deal with them. Yet a person who does not want to remove or change a habit will always try to cause it to be beyond their control or some other excuse.

The reason for this is that they do not want to get rid of the habit or they benefit in some way from the problem. People who are cursed have something to blame for their mistakes and not wanting to do things instead of saying no. People who do not want to forgive others will always say they do not have anything to forgive. People who want to argue instead of just doing it and seeing if they tackled an emotional issue from a different area of thought to fix the problem do not want to be rid of the problem.

It is normally the last step before their being healed and it is the roughest one for that reason. We may like the habit that the energies are using or feel we like it. The main thing to remember is if negative energies can hook to it then it is not a good habit.

The habits have to be destroyed otherwise it is like building a foundation on mud and water. You will have an uneven house if you do not build on solid ground. Building on bad habits leave us with an unbalanced self image and self esteem. It will destroy us no matter how harmless the habit seems when the person is under psychic attack. You have to destroy parts to bring the self together at times because you have to rebuild yourself to live in another way. The parts to be destroyed are always habits, thought patterns, and reactions that cause problems and that negativity can attach to and use against the person. Truth is the only way and if it involves a habit where fooling ourselves is involved it is definitely the only remedy. Yet most people love to ask questions to try to make the healer or someone else do the work. They do not want to hear what the healer sees if it involves them doing the work.

Life is a challenge and experience. It can be enjoyed and loved. It also can be a challenge to do what is necessary for the path we picked in our life. Either way it always involves building, learning, challenges, and experiences. It is up to us how we deal with them and no one else can deal with them for us. They can only help along the way.

Destroying the illusions and mind games that we use to block and trap ourselves. Rebuilding our divine spark and connections to the divine, and living in truth are the only remedies for the problems of psychic attack. People have made the wrong choices for years and have a shaky foundation. It is like rebuilding your home.

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My blog will be about my work helping others with spiritual problems. I will talk about methods, try to brainstorm on different methods, and many of the problems I encounter and the people encounter with being able to be healed.