Sunday, May 23, 2010

Obstacles and Blockages-Money and Abundance

Everyone has heard how things can be influenced in their life. I know I go on about this but do not give opinions on what can help very often. I do this in hopes people will read on my website but this is also a great way to get through to everyone.

I help many people to transform their lives. I have to work through layers of problems to do this and always say it is like peeling an onion. You never know how many layers there are and the problems become more intense in the middle.

I have read many books on drawing money and abundance. Most of these make it sound so simple. Yet many people can not make these methods work or manifest the good energies for themselves. I have some ideas on this and what has helped problem people in the past and plan to cover the different subjects.

People who are married join their spaces and Master Programs of their conscious and subconscious minds with their spouse. If you marry a rich person and you have a poverty program and make it so your space is dominant. Your spouse will start to make mistakes in judgement and lose their money. A rich woman marrying a man with a bad money space in particular will allow this to happen. The male energies are more active than the female and the male takes over. So the rich woman will wonder why she is making mistakes in judgement and know that it happened after she married. Yet the male will do things right occasionally and moments of agreement allow him to anchor his energies into her space until they are broke or bankrupt. Kick that man out of your space and the same is true for rich men with manipulative ladies that drive them broke. I believe the best way to be married is to join yourself but state right in the vows that all spaces and energies for success, abundance, and karma are separate where they will not hit both people at once.

Joining the spaces where the master programs are not upgraded to the positive is a mistake and every one should work upon these methods. Many times I need to do a space and soul method to realign all the spaces and programs. Every marriage should join the people at the heart chakra in love and joy. It should not involve a cold blooded take over of all spaces where one person is in control. I also want to state this can happen in a business partnership where the business fails and the blame is pushed onto the person who was not in control of the decisions. They get upset for the lack of success and the reason why is because they gave up control of their spaces to the partner.

So how do we avoid this and it comes under mental patterns and agreements. No one should feel that any person needs to be in control over their mental spaces but themselves. You join together in marriage or business but you do not give up yourself. You can say "Oh honey you are better at this than I am but always say what you are good at so you keep things separate. Never give up your inner talents and self to be controlled by your agreements, belief's and statements to others. You are the one who has to live with the decisions, mistakes, and take responsibility for what is done. Why would you let someone else decide this for you?

People will say I am not doing this yet look at your life. We are trained to give up control to our family and parents during childhood. We do it when we are employed because we are expected to be loyal to the company and help our co-workers. We do this when we are married because the man is supposed to be in charge. Yet we always have different talents than the other person and this should be remembered. A marriage is a partnership that works to the talents of each partner. Not being under the control of someone and hiding our true abilities. The work place is different than when I was a child now everyone is out for themselves. The middle road as the Buddhists put it is the road to take.

Anyone who wants abundance and money has to be able to have self-esteem, responsibility for their actions, acceptance that they need to correct wrongs, and determination where they can overcome failure. Different themes are played out in this way through out everything that we do. If your theme is to screw over everyone until you reach the top then sooner or later you will find someone who does this better than you do. You will be right back at the bottom when it is done because you never developed the talents and skills to be at the top.

Many times we are blocked from our solutions and that is where magical obstacle removal comes into play. I have a very good method for this in my book "Solving Psychic Attack at

It is my new book and has the advanced methods I left out of the old book. Contact the publisher and you can buy it to have it shipped to you when it is ready. Yet there are also other methods for every belief system. Introspection meditation especially of the mind shows what we do to ourselves.

Yet the most important thing to realize is that it is our own beliefs that can block us and the way we make our choices. I have the introspection book in my library at my website. Just click on books at the top and go to the library section. I also have loving kindness meditation and how to introspectively control your own reactions.

I have mentioned many times about actions and reactions from our childhood. Life choices and many other subjects. All of these tie into how we obtain what we want in our lives. Babies cry in the way most irritating to the Mother and practice to do this. We can be the squeaky wheel but be so obnoxious and self-centered about it that we do not get what we want in our lives. No one wants to listen to us because everything is always wrong and useless.

The reason for this is expectations that we have in our life. Some people have set beliefs that if one thing is not perfect then nothing has been done and nothing is perfect. If I accomplish 8 out of 10 things and two are partially done I look and say Thank you for all I have accomplished, and thank the divine for all of my blessings. I do not accomplish anything with out the divine. The people with abundance problems always say that they are upset because the two things are left. Be thankful, and always thank the divine even if you do not like what is happening. The reason for this is if you thank the divine for something even when you do not yet accomplish it then you have the divine energies there for you.

Problem solving is different than worrying about every thing that can go wrong. So being thankful puts you in the right mood for things to go right. I always feel that praying every day is also a release of goodness and protection into your life. Affirmations work well for this also. You can turn your life around by being more positive and thankful. Worry can bring alive thought forms that turn into monsters and plague your thoughts for the rest of your life.

A serious problem is if you are married to a person with a demon influence in them or around them. You have to decide through chaos what you can do and many people allow the demons into their spaces because that is what they do when they marry someone. My advice is to get help and if the spouse uses the demon to harm others get rid of them or remove them from your spaces.

You will never get anything you want in life as long as your spaces are joined. It is the real struggle when there are outside forces reinforcing our bad choices and belief's. Yet the same methods will help you to take back your life and yourself that I have listed above in this post. I hope this has made many people think about their lives. We are responsible for everything that goes on even if we have people to blame for mistakes. We did it someone Else's way and should have done it our way.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life Choices and how They Change the Mental and Emotional Part 2

The next part of mental and emotional choices comes through different ways our ego, and rationalization causes problems. A spiritual practice in which ego rules over everything done is the way of personal power. Personal power will cut you off from the divine energies. Everyone says I do this or do that when they do magic or they get results. It is all the divine that does it.

I have said this to people for years and if I do not use the word I many people feel that it is not my help. Yet having the divine connections open and clear is what makes it possible for me to do my work. I always thank the divine for everything and every way I am helped. I do daily prayers praising the divine in every way. Yet for the clients I have to say I all of the time.

Feeling you are capable of accomplishing things with out divine aid through personal power is a trap. Every thing we do is guided by our choices which the divine notices and we get moved into different experiences. I know that every time I help someone and they are nice to me it means to the divine that they appreciate the help that is being sent by using me as a vessel of light or for waking up divine sparks. Thanking me and being nice to me even if I am not a perfect person that fits all of the expectations of others means that the divine is being thanked for allowing me to try to do my best to resolve issues.

The reason for this is the divine wants a human solution because we are his children and one good act or deed redeems everyone. We are meant to do acts of kindness and charity. We are meant to praise the divine. The moment we feel we are in control and can control how the healing or energies flow we cut ourselves off from the divine. Methods can be used but they will work differently for different people and cases.

So I do a healing and follow the messages I receive and what I can do. I try different things and invent ways I feel a healing will work better for everyone. I do not change what the people worship and work on everyone having the divine brought alive in them. I only do this with permission and I am not always successful because I am imperfect even if the divine is perfect. I wear out, get ill, and make the wrong choices because of many factors.

Some of them are the physical effects upon my body from the energies flowing into my body. Evil can be broken but also set with a trap to kill the person who breaks the evil. The divine saves the person but they have to trust and believe that the divine will help them in the first place. Yet evil is inventive and evil spirits have intelligence and really can cause manipulation on many different levels. They try to harm the people who do the healing and are being healed. Obsessed or possessed people can be dangerous and have evil use them like a glove. You can like the person but you have to realize what they are no matter how painful it is for you and others.

So the tricks and traps that come from dealing with obsessed or possessed people are the same. They try to make you feel inferior and that they are superior. They are willing to lie, manipulate others, rationalize, judge, be controlling to the point of harming someone, and many other actions. The people around them always make excuses for them but if there is more than one problem having them around where they can try to control the outcome makes it so every thing is chaos. So if multiple problems are happening getting rid of the people who are trying to control, manipulate, and insert themselves and their energies into every thing is crucial.

The person who is obsessed or possessed should be told that they need to get the energies out of every ones space. The reason for this is that they are allowing others to be infected with evil and all of the problems. Realize that regular people can have these symptoms but it shows that something is working on making the choices go from good to bad. It makes the persons life where they are choosing the least bad choice instead of having the choices be both good and bad. All of the choices have repercussions that end up manipulating others and moving them towards the wrong choices. The worse people are the ones who can not be helped because they used the evil spirits and demons to kill others and destroy others. They become integrated and more demon than human.

The person with problems feels that the divine does not love them and will not listen to them. Many of them ask why the divine hates them. They become angry and upset. Things get worse and they are more isolated from their loved ones and friends. None of this is the divine but the fact that through ego, bad choices, anger, and chaos that hooked all of their life to the wrong energies which were not of the divine. Anyone can be a victim of these energies yet once evil notices someone it works upon every issue in the persons life.

Every thing goes wrong so the person will try to micromanage everyone and every thing in their life and try to predict everything they will do. It means the mental illness of Narcissist behavior. It is rampant in this world and shows in all of the people who try to run every ones life. If you do not do exactly what they expect you to do then you are wrong. It is trying to make everyone fit what you believe they should be instead of enjoying the differences.

It is important for every healer to realize that their job is helping the ill person. It is not criticising them about what they have done in the past. It is making the present better. So if the person has problems that can not be changed easily. The healer should work upon the short term issues. The long term issues will take care of themselves once the person feels better.

People who suffer from trauma and abuse suffer from soul fragments. I have seen many people claim to do soul retrieval but they put seven or eight fragments back at once. Do not go to these people as they do not know what they are doing. You can heal too quickly and living through 7 experiences of abuse can unbalance you so much that you are worse when they are done. A split or fragmented soul will prevent anyone from healing properly. Yet it has to be done correctly with the split or fragments being integrated properly. It takes time. People with soul splits or fragments are always disconnected from their own lives.

People who suffer also put out thought forms which can be used by negative forces to bring those issues alive. Many people call these negative spirits yet the person does it to themselves by their fears, worries, and anxieties. Most of us are trained in childhood to do this and shut ourselves off from others. It can cause the person to be trapped with in themselves until they resolve this. I always use the example of a hamster running in a wheel.

Rationalization also is something that is a spiritual illness as you do not live in truth. So the ego ridden person who instantly starts lecturing someone else on how they are all wrong in how they live sees nothing of how they hurt the other person. They do not see how they put them into a mental box and feel superior. They say I was just giving them the benefit of my knowledge and they should know all of this because it is why they have a problem. Many people do this and judge others and lose all of the valuable information they could learn. Knowing what is best for everyone is a problem spiritually. No one knows what is best for someone else.

Everyone who I have met that rationalizes about their own actions also hurts others. People who live in truth look at what is happening and will not do it. It is a big difference in life. So the main reason most spiritual illnesses occur is always the choices that cut people off from the divine and others.

I noticed that most people who live in ego, rationalize, and have spiritual problems are not capable of going past their own pain and thinking of how others feel. They can not put themselves in the other persons place. I know that someone is healing once they do start showing compassion and getting out of their own problems.

Yet all of these choices and actions will make it so the person will not heal properly. It makes it so bad choices brings them to the notice of negative energies and occurrences in their lives. All of these are parts of how evil notices us and most possessed and obsessed people have a number of these problems. It is also how our choices bring us into bad places mentally, physically and spiritually.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life Choices and How they change the Mental and Emotional

I will have to do this in more than one part for the mental and emotional effects that life choices can do. We all know about karma but very few people realize that their choices in spirituality will change everything in their lives. I will be working through a variety of subjects and the false opinions I have found harmful or hurtful.

The first thing to be mentioned is trying to evolve and become a higher being. I have seen people turn their lives upside down to do this. They read every book on the subject and become vegetarians, meditate, and many other methods. Yet many of them do not change to the very things that cause one to not be evolved. Evolution can not be earned like a school subject. It is not to be used to judge others or their paths. If you have to tell anyone you are evolved then you are not evolved. If you are evolved then everyone will notice sooner or later.

Choices and actions are the basis of evolving to a higher state. The choices and actions are different for everyone. Yet people who push themselves and overdo many of the practices listed in the books to become evolved will remove their grounding. The reason for this is they are trying be removed from this level so they do not work on the things that will make them a whole grounded being. It causes mental problems such as a disconnection to reality. The work the person has done makes it so they can see energies and spirits. It makes them unbalanced because they do not know how to shield or filter the energies around them. They can have negativity just walk into their mental, physical, and emotional bodies and just sort of take over because they are wide open. The beings control the spaces and levels between these bodies so the person has no control over the conscious or subconscious actions and energies.

I have a book on Soul Restoration that I found very good and explanatory. I had always grounded properly and did everything I thought would balance me in this world. Balance is all important. I received a huge blast of divine grace after doing a good deed and I was so unbalanced it was ridiculous. It threw off my health with my diabetes, and removed my balance on every level. The reason for this is I have heart chakra issues that need resolving. I had angels tell me this and my levels between the bodies made it so the divine could walk in and out as they liked. It could have been worse because divine grace at least protected me from evil spirits.

Yet I was ill and not balanced. I had my eyes changing color depending upon which angel was talking to me. I was told that I was evolving and going up another notch or two. I was also shown what issues held me back so I was ascending to different planes and levels. I am not one to brag but the people that were around me were weirded out because of the eye changes. They had been working at evolving according to the Indian Guru method which is a great deal different than what I do with my path. I did everything to ground. I drank a couple of beers as hops are protective and ground you. I always eat meat because my path is acts of kindness and charity so that is what adds energies not disconnecting myself from the earth. I was stumped as I have never tried to ascend to any extra levels. I just did my work and what was important to me was doing a good job and being grounded. The only other thing that is grounding is sex and I was not ready to do that one when my mate was not with me.

So a person who has never tried to ascend and evolve ended up in the same mess as some of my clients ended up in that had worked to ascend and evolve. I was hugged by Amma and that balanced me but opened up new issues because it also made it so I had to work on my heart issues. Heart chakra issues are a big problem as they are how we have been perceived through out our entire lives. Yet she reset me differently than my path would have reset me over time and I had to work through those issues.

So the main lessons I learned about evolving and being pushed into levels you are not ready for or like I did only half-shifted into until I balanced. One is do not tell anyone about it because if they are working on themselves it will be a bigger problem. They have expectations about what is to happen and it pops their bubble. I had no expectations and was just sort of shocked since I have never worked on evolving or ascending. In one way I feel that saved me a great many problems.

Next is ground yourself. If you do not ground yourself then the levels in-between the bodies will not close back down. It will leave you spacey and may cause soul splits and trauma. Evil will walk into those spaces and make it worse. So do what ever is necessary to get yourself back onto this earth in a grounded state. Use all the grounding methods, place filters between the bodies and soul and be sure that you use shields until you do stabilize yourself.

The last thing is too always test angels. Fallen angels also known as demons and many other negative spirits will pick those times to give you wrong information. Things may happen close to that information but it also creates self-doubt when things do not work out. They put a false layer outside of the person where others do not communicate with them properly or perceive them as what they really are as a person. False angels can not resist certain vibrations of bells, salt, being banished by names of the divine, and many other methods. Make sure you learn these methods if you are having problems. Real angels come from above down the divine Ascension channel and will not hook into the back of the neck or appear outside of you if you are having problems.

Next is working on the issues until the weird effects stop. I was having vision problems and seeing three realities at once. I felt like a person with a three ring circus going on in her head. Yet everything stabilized after I effectively grounded on all levels. A person who had been working upon doing this to themselves would have ended up analyzed with a mental illness and been put on medication if they did not know what I knew about different methods. It does not mean it was easy for me nor does it mean that the people around me were nice to me.

I now feel more complete is the only way I can put it. I finally got everything to the same level and had a few more occurrences help me to balance. I still have work to do upon my heart chakra issues and that is an ongoing challenge. I just have to say to others that evolving is a great goal but it can put your life through some real ups and downs. Beware of what you wish for and be ready for any problems by knowing how to balance, ground, center, shield and filter so you have equilibrium on all of the planes and levels. Any parts of your emotional body that are not worked upon will unbalance you so you are stuck and all of us have problems where we are not perfect. We would not be upon this earth otherwise but up at the top levels watching the earth. Many teachers do not understand this and there are many methods out there to use. Find what is best for you and do not push yourselves as you will naturally move up in the levels if you make the right choices in your life.

So that covers the main issues about using methods to work upon yourself with out learning the basic grounding, centering, and balancing of your bodies. It is the first part of this series and I will talk about the other problems. I hope all of you research methods to keep yourself balanced and safe.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Life choices and how negativity affects your physical self

Negativity affects your life in many ways. Anything that causes negative energies to come into your life will impact you by causing a disharmony. It depends upon the person and what their weak areas are that show what the disharmony's change.

I have always been a person with weak health. I had eye problems and almost died when I had eye surgery from an allergic reaction to Sulfa. I had health problems and developed all of the family illnesses. It was easy for negativity to cause the health problems that I have now. Diabetes can be controlled by diet and I did so for years. Yet I can not do that now.

Do I love deserts? Yes I do and I normally do not eat them. Yet when I have things going on where I need to ground I find it hard to resist them. I develop infections and other problems when I have not been able to completely stop the effect of the attacks of defending another. I always figure that if the divine wants me to do this sort of work then I will find solutions.I have always exercised, watched what I ate, did not do drugs, did not smoke, only occasionally had a beer. I am overweight since I have been 14 from thyroid problems so you can see how disharmony's find my health the weakest way to work into my system.

Backlash from healing someone happens when evil forces especially demons or spells have been set up to kill or destroy the person that undoes the evil. The divine does protect the person but the demon or opposing magician tries to switch things at the last moment to make it so personal power seems to be used where they can try to cut off part of the help of the divine.

If they do not cause the disharmony at the moment of undoing the evil then they will cause it through the actions of others after the problem is resolved. The challenge is outwitting some thing that is ancient, evil, and intelligent when it is a fallen angel where you can use it against itself and have the divine there as a wall of protection.

You have to develop ways to make it too costly, to harmful and non-productive so the fallen angel just walks away. Magicians who set up spells and rituals to harm others are normally paid and told by the client to do certain things. You have to be sure they are hit and neutralized and the people paying them are hit and neutralized. The people who pay others never want to be inconvenienced by the evil that they wish upon others. So again it makes it too costly for them to want to keep doing the evil work.

You can do things that work with the truth and prevent bad things from happening. It may cause results and ripples that make it so disharmony's occur for others. The reason for this is they are not living in truth or being ethical. If the person who is protecting others always tries to stay in truth and be ethical it does work well for the people they are helping. The others who have any work cause problems will have it be because they are fooling themselves.

Every decision is a challenge and the challenges build up until it is like forcing someone through the eye of a needle. Yet those challenges are what life is all about and what makes it so we learn to be real human beings who live in truth.

So it is realizing that no matter how much people say if you do different cures, or act in a certain way. Be vegetarian, or many other things it still will depend upon what the disharmony's find as the weakest area that they can flow into in your life.

So judging others is not good. I always judge by results and by truth. All of the physical and other things including judging others by money or labels is just a way to feel superior. Any one of us can have problems. It is enjoying every one for themselves and not try to make the other person feel badly about themselves.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Astralhealer Church

I am starting a online church to train people who have the proper soul component for what I do as a specialty. I also plan to have candle rituals and ceremonies able to be done for people with problems. The money raised would be used in two ways. One way would be to build up a fund for emergencies and the expenses of the Church. The other would be to fund trips to people who are unable to afford them.

I deleted some posts and am combining them in this message. A specialist in the practice I have needs a soul component to get proper lasting results. People do not realize this and believe anyone can do this sort of work. It is not true as the person has to have the soul component or will not be able to do this work for longer than a few years before the back lash takes them out.

By back lash I mean the process of the healing. The soul component hooks properly to the divine and makes it so the divine is doing the work. Evil tries to make it so the person doing this work is disconnected on a certain level where they take the victims karma and agreement. The spirits which are fallen angels or demons doing this have many tricks. The soul component allows a flexibility and communication with the divine that can correct everything that evil does in a students or specialists life.

Demons really start preventing and harming the person who has this soul component at the start of their life. The person who is meant to specialize in spirit removal, exorcisms, banishing, psychic warfare has to be a generalist. They have to be strong enough to take the challenges and move forward in their lives. They are not sweetness and light. They are not trying to evolve, and state how great they are in any way.

They have to be capable of doing the hard work with out thinking of the rewards. Every time they do things correctly they have a layer of this world removed and a layer of divine grace added. Correct causes and decisions help the specialist out of the problems. The specialist learns from each case.

I have been upset over the last case. I had every reason to do so but do not plan to live with it for the rest of my life. I stated my opinions and realized with reading them over that it showed how hurt and ill I have been over the last few weeks. I would not have posted a great many comments in some ways.

In other ways I am proud I said what had to be said and plan to repeat some of it. People working in the Western Tradition do not have the same conditions as an Indian Guru. Most people read about Guru's and figure it is the same thing a specialist like I would do. It is a mistake as someone who does my work also has to be able to put themselves on the line for the divine and do what is necessary. It is more a body guard warrior position along with a spiritual component to it.

Anyone who has a specialist like I am who works through the divine and to have them visit has a sacred responsibility to treat them well. Otherwise it is a challenge and test for the people being helped because they are on the borderline of what the divine decides. The divine does not need human help but the divine does need human emotions, and experiences to give a human solution to a problem. It means the specialist does the best they can do. They do not need promises of undying friendship, manipulations or the people using them to get their goals. They may do methods to help but only because they are meant to be a test for the clients as much as the clients teach them how to learn new ways to help others.

Anyone that mistreats, abuses, or uses a specialist on any path will find that the very thing they used them for will not manifest properly until it is straightened out. Other things done is evil trying to use agreements from others to trap the specialist, and many tricks of fallen angels. The worse problems are with people who integrate the demon energy into their soul and use it to harm others. They can not be helped if they use the demon for their own goals. Especially since the first thing done seems to be the death of a person, animal, or multiple people and animals they are around in their life.

So I will be training people on what too look for to keep themselves safe, when angels are testing others and the person doing the healing, standards of treatments, ways and levels of tricks, ways of energy manifestations and many other lessons once I am sure that the person has the soul component.

Anyone doing this has to be able to do multiple tasks and do them well. I have done up to 14 at time but it did wear me out. You have to be able to have the clients allow you to take rest time and to be able to relax. You have to be able to accept that no one will treat you like a hero and you will be lucky to get appreciation. Your appreciation will be from the divine.

Write me at

I will need your photograph and will try to see if I can train you to help others or if it will be the basics to help yourself.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Demons- a picture of one

This photograph is on my website in the photograph section yet it always raises more questions for me than answers. The picture was taken during daytime. Why was the glass black?
I have a very simple camera so where did all of the color distortion come from when the leaves of the plants are in focus.
You can see a figure. No one was outside and there was no red light which could have reflected in the window. We all checked and no one could have been reflected in the window. No one's face could have reflected that way as we all have chubby cheeks.
So the question is what is it? I exorcised that day two demons from the Lesser Key of Solomon that the daughter had conjured. It worked and if you look in the red energies you can see more than one face. The red energies form what I would call a vortex or gateway that can work through windows and mirrors. It means that I had to seal and remove all negative energies from any reflective surfaces.
To me this is proof of things on the other side as it is called and corresponds to many traditions about covering mirrors and windows when someone dies. It also makes me ask the questions are demons the aliens of today. They would have to be inter dimensional to exist in a window and be able to enter into this space using energy distortions.
They would have to be able to exist in this plane only in the form of energies which could pull together the matter and manifestations that we read about in legends. Skeptics will look at this photograph and try to make it so it is just a bad photograph or some other moment. They would try to say I knew how to do this to photographs which I do not do. My talents in photo editing lie with enlarging, cropping, and making the photograph smaller.
I have had many skeptics try to tell me these sorts of things do not exist. I have had many people try to say that the world is dual natured so evil has to exist for good to exist. Yet I do not see this as demons alone as evil exists in the actions we do yet this might be why some people are more susceptible to these forces. Fear, despair and doubt also make it so people try to say they are rational and do not believe in things like demons or aliens. Yet doubters see the photograph and are still scared.
I feel the victims of the little evils we do every day are connected to the energies of negativity. People who do little evils always try to push it off as the other persons fault and when someone accepts this then it makes the energies around them change. We can change the energies around us by working on the actions and reactions of our minds. Seeing how every one has actions and reactions that cause others and ourselves problems.
So why are some people plagued by problems with these forces while other people are not bothered by them at all. I believe that some people have talents that are more open where they can see evil. Others have this as a challenge in their life. Most people want to act like these things do not exist and I can not say I blame them.
Yet our mythologies from every culture has these creatures, aliens, demons, and evil in all of their legends. None of these forces look like human beings, none act like human beings, and all of them can vanish and move around in ways that the human beings of those times could not do.
So aliens are our challenge during this time. Demons have been known to take people and abduct them, move in such a way as to vanish, have chariots they traveled in or gateways. So what is the difference besides language and words in use now that were not in use at that time in the past.
I have always been a seeker after explanations for many things that have happened to me and this added more questions than it answered. Yet to all of the skeptics out there how can they deny I took a photograph of something that was not nice.

Welcome to my Blog

My blog will be about my work helping others with spiritual problems. I will talk about methods, try to brainstorm on different methods, and many of the problems I encounter and the people encounter with being able to be healed.