Sunday, July 27, 2008

Toxic Groups and Traveling

I will be traveling to a case from the 29th to August 8th so my posts may be farther apart. I wanted to talk about the signs of a toxic group. Many people get on the internet to make friends and just talk with people. There are many special interest groups that help foster these discussions.

Yet there are also many toxic groups in the area of magic, and spirituality. They have the marks of being a cult, and are into control over others. I plan to mention the different things I have found in toxic groups. A group may have one or two of these signs and it is a good experience being a member. Four of these signs or over four will be something where you should not join them and avoid them at all costs.

1. Control-does the leader demand obedience and treat people poorly. Does he do what he tells others to do. I know one of the worse groups I was in the leader always said to do what he said not what he did.

2. How are members treated? Does a higher rank or status in the organization mean that people are allowed to be abusive? Is the rank considered a sign of work upon themselves or just a way to bully people.

3. Does the group believe in an apocalyptic shift of energies, an end time date, or have a us against them attitude? Are compounds isolated, members watched, and other aspects of a cult where the members are controlled in every way. Run, do not walk away from any group that does this to others.

4.Do they come down on others for mistakes but never admit to their own mistakes? If they do admit to them how do they act about them. Are they too serious about themselves and others.

5. Are they angry, stressed, upset or just negative in their attitudes about life. Are they working to overcome these problems or is it just accepted as part of the group.

6.Do they make fun of other traditions and methods. A certain amount of this in learning a method is normal-like it makes use of shamanism what is the rest of this all about. Yet trying to understand a method that seems valid is different than saying that it is impossible.

7. Do they force everyone on the same path with out any allowance for differences and variations in peoples energy systems and talents.

8. Do they talk at their students or to them. Do they brag all the time and never keep their mouth shut. Do you have to hear them put down everyone but themselves.

9. Do they help their fellow members and trust their members enough to ask for help from them. Do the members feel they are part of a big family that accepts them. Or a dysfunctional family that abuses them.

10. The last is one thing that should send any woman running for cover. How are women treated or accepted. I had one group leader who felt he had a right to try to have sex with every woman that joined that fitted his standards of beauty. He actually put love spells on the students while saying it was a demonstration. Some traditions have sex and nudity mentioned right at the beginning where people can decide what they want to do. If it is not required then do not expect to be treated properly if you turn the leader down and want to learn.

Any woman has to be a judge of whether this is normal attraction or not. Yet the leader I am mentioning was married and doing this to everyone. A group that does things this way will show favoritism, and demean others. No woman should join this group.

I know that this will hold true for males who are joining groups. It can also be a lower rank male trying to get to the top the way he feels is easiest. Watch out for any of these actions as the entire group can break apart even if it has potential and promise.

11. If the group leader has hurt students and threatened people in public and it is a spiritual organization leave it. The reason for this is he has not done any work on himself if he acts that badly.

I hope these tips help anyone joining a group. I have seen this happen with yoga groups, magic groups, and many others. Any one joining a magic group should look at the people and ask if you would trust them with your life. If you could depend on them no matter what happened. The reason for this is you will be doing ceremonies and any mistakes they make could endanger your life, and sanity.

Life, magic and friends are to be enjoyed even if they are work. If you are in a group that does not accept or support you then that group is not right for you. Staying will only make it worse. Look for the good groups with people you can trust and accept as people. It will make your experience so much better not putting up with groups hoping that they get better.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Shamanism Continued

I did read up on the shamanism techniques with the New Age beliefs and methods added to them. Even with the extras it ought to be of benefit to many people. I do not like the dogma about 2012 being added in yet people can become luminous bodies even with out 2012.

It is what is called an Ascended Master in magic and other beliefs. The Norse Gods and many others could be considered Ascended Masters from another point of view. They always had a divine that they worshiped. People have been perfecting themselves for many years and they do not need a deadline to do it.

I am a bloodline lineage Shaman and Witch with receiving a Lineage Grimoire in my youth. I can do things similar but many times the research into different cultures bring out new techniques that are useful.

I just wish they would have left out the 2012 myth like if you do not ascend then you get left behind. I always feel cults and toxic leaders have a them against us manifesto. They try to control people by apocalyptic occurrences and deadlines.

It is why I have such a knee jerk reaction to many of the new shifts, and beliefs going on because no one knows for sure what is going to occur.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shamanism Techniques and how they are marketed

I just watched an interesting series of videos. They are talking about techniques from ancient peoples and quote the nationalities. Yet they tie it into 2012 when in the cases of a couple of them I have heard of no years mentioned. Just incidents that would happen before mankind became able to have years of peace.

They then mentioned DNA, and the directions. The directions and the medicine wheel are sacred yet where did the DNA get added? I saw the rites in the video and even with out describing them completely I could see what they were doing and they had great potential.

Yet they added in the rest of this to attract people to what they were doing instead of staying real. That is such a shame as their methods had merit and could help many people. Why not stay in truth with out adding in all of the catch phrases?

The ancient shamanic techniques are priceless and I guess they felt that by adding these additions they could reach more people which would be a good thing. Yet why isn't reality enough to show that the work is enough to let people judge on its merits?

I guess that is where I go wrong. I do not fancy my methods up and look evolved. I am just happy when I help others.

Monday, July 21, 2008


All of my posts have mentioned negative conditions. All of them lead up to the one thing that can bring positive influences into someones life. That thing is change. Change is powerful as it can make bad turn to good. Resolve abuse, overcome blockages. It is a gift from the God the creator that we can use in our lives.

Our choices bring about change. It means that doing something different. Taking that class in school, doing something YOU want to do, and just relaxing can all bring about change in a persons life. People are always stuck in a routine, and wonder why nothing works. They just do the same thing trying to do everything right and get stuck in cycles and patterns. Change breaks us out of these moments in life.

My suggestion for people is to go out and do something nice for someone. Charity is great for this but volunteer for a food bank, help out in a mission, do something that is not for you but is a gift to someone else. Work for pet adoption organizations. The list of places that can use people just to help is amazing. You can do almost anything.

The energy from the charity and good choices will help you in your life to overcome blockages. The reason for this is it gives a sense of perspective to your life. We judge our lives by what we see others doing. A person who just goes home from work and watches TV will be very discouraged. Everything points at flaws, we are too fat, have to many problems and most of the messages are not positive. The commercials can make anyone depressed.

Someone who gets out and gets around different people helps the people and themselves. They feel good about what they are doing, and happy to be there. They see how others live and have a chance to get a different view about life.

They quit looking at their life in the same way. You never know who you will run into when you do this. A new friend, a soul mate, a person who inspires you. Break out of your life and do an act of loving kindness for someone else. You may be amazed at the results.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Communications, Explanations and Balance

Yesterday I was reading through some yahoo group emails from people. One person stated that I hated someone. I never hated this person yet I did hate the sarcasm and ways he had belittled me in the past. I had to work through these issues, and find one of the things in my life that I was clinging to which was a wrong thought. All of the issues in your lives can cause lack of harmony with ourselves and others. We are never on the same page as everyone else.

So I gave an explanation of what caused it saying I never hated this person. He had really helped me work through some emotions I thought I had dealt with but that came back in this instance. It goes back to abuse and cruelty which no one really wants to hear about but I did not want to go down as hating anyone.

Communications with ourselves and others can be the bane of this world. We try to do and say the right things and never have it go right. We can fall into others comments and just cause more troubles. Explaining ourselves instead of being seen as something purged and cured because of the challenges and interactions with others can be taken wrong. We are at the mercy of the emails.

Balance in our life comes when we deal with ourselves and the issues brought up. It means that I could not let that comment go by as I did not hate this person. Just how they acted at times. Hate is not right as it is something engendered by emotions which cause us to go out of balance.

Many victims of abuse dig themselves into a spiritual pit that has to be dug out of to balance their lives. Issues, emotions, communications are all part of this and stating what we are about can help or make things worse. I guess it depends upon the people involved and the willingness to realize what the person means.

Fluffy bunny was mentioned as a name for others who just sort of go along on the happy side of life. It is a nice image. Yet are people more bold, and touchy on the Internet because we know we will not meet the people we talk too? Do they take advantage of that distance to act poorly? Yes they do. The only thing we can do is to keep ourselves in balance. Realize that a difficult person is someone we need to watch our reactions on in every way. They may be a gift from the divine to show us where our weakness is that is holding us back in our studies and our life.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Abuse, Post Traumatic Stress, and Cruelty

Almost every client I have is a victim of abuse, cruelty and Post Traumatic Stress. It makes the energies in a person change in many ways. People who suffer abuse have negativity drawn to them. The reason for this is that the energies of abuse have never been worked through in their lives. The clients I have also go to psychiatrists, and tried medications where it has not helped them as it did not address the problems. 90% of the people I have has clients have tried modern medicine and not had it work.

People who abuse others start energies that attract the negative to them. A pattern of abuse brings about a pattern of thought that attracts negativity. The person is always watching so if something happens they can survive it. They equate their childhood with their present. Situations bring out reactions that they do not recognize. It cripples them and brings problems to them their whole life.

We learn by example and others behavior so we have to overcome the examples and results of abuse and cruelty in our lives. I have had people mention many methods to me. One is NLP and it is Neuro Linguistic Programming. It can be used to set a message into our brain so we can take ownership of our life. People who are abusive seem to have a knack for using this method even with out knowing it exists. A counter program will help at times.

I also know a person who used EFT which is Emotional Freedom Technique. I have talked to many people and they have had mixed reviews of the method. Yet it has helped people so is worth talking about as a way to overcome our reactions from the past.

Introspective meditation which watches the mind and how the thoughts flow is very helpful in helping yourself not to be a person of reactions. The Buddhists call this the monkey mind that never stops chattering. Stilling the monkey mind can liberate the mental processes of a persons life.

The American Indians used journeying to travel to where their fears existed. It is also called the archaeous method. You find the fear and overcome it by wrestling it into defeat in the Indian journeying. It then vanishes and you have won over that fear.

Every spiritual healing also has the patient making a journey into themselves. They have to overcome the abuse, trauma, cruelty and post traumatic stress from the spiritual forces that have harassed them.

It is the journey to empower and change yourself. No one else can do it for you.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Compassion and Kindness

Someone on a group I post upon mentioned how groups on hermetic magic are touchy and have arguments with people. I wish I could say that was not true but it is true. I have been touchy myself but most of it has been reactions to the way people talked to me.

Yet why should I let them pull me into past pain and sorrows. We all react to something said in a way that has been abusive, sarcastic or said to make the person feel important. Yet what if we thought first and saw the emotions behind the statements. Yet most of it is lack of consideration for others feelings.

Metta meditation or loving kindness meditation when done properly can change the way people react for a block around the person doing it. Broadcasting it to everyone in the neighborhood affects how people treat others.

Yet all of us get caught in the trap of verbal assault at times. Magic is supposed to be a pressure cooker that helps the magician to overcome these problems. Yet no matter how advanced and how much is studied sooner or later something will happen to show that one reaction missed or situation missed that can cause a negative reaction.

The reason for this is perfecting ourselves on this earth. God shows us our flaws. The way to redeem ourselves is to let our divine spark show through and do kindness, charity and compassion for others.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Love spells and Why No One Should Use Them

Love spells are big sellers. Bring your husband back, make that lover obey, and make them love you. Try seeing how you feel about this list, Force you to obey, force you to go back somewhere you do not want to go, make you fall in love with the local person you hate.

They do not sound so calm and nice do they. Love spells are a violation of free choice. Any spell that forces anyone to do something that is against their free will is wrong. Most of the time they just plain do not work. Yet it is like placing a low grade curse on someone not the harmless spell that people want them to be.

I have seen 37 years of love spells results. The first exorcism I did was a woman who did love spells on someone and if they did not come to see her they would die. The person killed themselves. Another one was bring my husband back. He is with another woman and has left me. Again why would you want him back but the people who do bring them back normally have them abuse, and hurt them. On a certain level a person knows when a love spell happens to them.

Yet they are a popular reason to learn magic. The love spells I will do are called attraction spells. They attract a person to you that will be good for both of you. They bring your soul mate. They let others see how beautiful you are in your looks and mind. They do not force anyone to do anything. They just make opportunities for love to happen.

They bring the person who has been looking for you the whole time. I do not understand the power trip in bringing down the past boyfriends and girlfriends and having them under control. I also do not understand why someone would force someone else to date them or love them.

I am not inhuman. I have cared for others who have not cared for me. I have had love spells tossed upon me. The silly people -like I would not notice. I have experienced bad relationships, overcoming obstacles in a relationship. Yet I would never force the person to stay with me.

It is just wrong.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wounded Healers

Wounded healers happen because they are so busy working on others that they ignore their own problems. Any person who does magic and energy work should take a day off a week at least and do nothing magical. Reading is acceptable but you have to allow yourself to recharge so you are effective.

Anyone that does exorcisms, and helps people who are being harmed with psychic attack and warfare should have someone else do a cleansing on them when ever it is possible. Spirits and evil are tricky and no matter how much you think you are OK cleansing is important.

The aura cleansing ceremony I have is great for doing this. You can use incenses to clear yourself and your space. Voodoo has floor washes and baths which I always enjoy doing. Washing away the dirt and the evil at the same time always feels good.

Yet every healer should be sure to do something to relax and not be at work all of the time. You will not be as effective in your work if you do not take breaks occasionally. Today is one of those days for me.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fear and negative emotions

Fear brings energies to the side of the tree of life that is called the Qlippoth. So do most negative emotions such as hate, depression, pain, sorrow, and grief. The qlippoth is all glamor and illusion. It is the smoke and mirrors of life that hides what we are doing to ourselves.

We are doing this as a country at this moment. It then goes down the levels into the cities, town, and our lives. The country of the US at the moment has a mindset of fear. Banks are failing, no one is able to afford food and gasoline easily. People are losing jobs and one of the politicians had the nerve to say the American public was spoiled.

I had someone from outside of this country mention food riots in Milwaukee and I thought ridiculous yet here is a link to the news article that the national news services did not bring up at all.

I also received this in the mail from one of the International newspapers I read

An outpost has been taken over in Afghanistan and soldiers killed. The oils prices and everything else going up shows that the US is in the position where we are going to see more major changes. I believe the US Government itself needs my services as the fear and upset of this country leads us towards more negative changes. If they do not need spiritual healing nothing needs it.

How are we as a country in spiritual health? The people themselves are not perfect but our decisions and things happening according to the government being out for itself is going to put our country in the position of needing healing on every level.

The people themselves are having news hidden from them. Their suffering is lessened by others acting like they have nothing to complain about anyway. The people talking have more money and have never suffered a day over these problems. So the US will see changes that are negative until we get out of the national mindset of shock, dismay and depression.

Any government official who says Americans are spoiled, and not scared is ignorant of life. the suffering going on from people losing homes, banks collapsing, war happening, and transportation problems the politicians need to ask if during the depression people were spoiled? It was the last time this many problems with food, gasoline, homes, and banks happened to everyone.

Spiritual healing is needed. The way the consumers are being treated is usury and should be illegal. Our whole country needs some cleaning up of its infrastructure so it works for the people again not the politicians who hide and do PR on the problems, or the companies who are out for every dollar no matter what happens to anything else. The actual people and the spirit of the US is suffering under the present regime of the government.

I have concerns over whether the people running for office will do any better because they have to clean up the present mess.


Everyone has blockages in their lives. Many people just react in such ways that it happens. Others have it happen because of the ill wishes, curses, and hexes of others. Ancestral curses are planned blockages for each person of a bloodline.

Planned blockages come under the category of different subjects. Family illnesses can be one. Problems with Abundance, and money another. Other times it is just the way people react to the victims.

Blockages have key words and actions that make a blockage permanent. One example is Nobody loves me. Everyone has had one person that loved them in their lives. Yet that sentence is a key sentence stuck in a mind from childhood that starts a series of reactions.

I have a new article on Transformation and Transmutation that should help people working on these sorts of problems. I also have methods mentioned in the article. It is part of the project I have been working upon trying to help others.

I hope all of you enjoy the article.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Article and my book is now formatted for the Kindle Reader

I have been busy dealing with the mundane things of life over the last week. It seems that at times God wants you to focus on something else than the spiritual. I know last week was one of those weeks.

I did accomplish a great deal. I had a friend volunteer to help me format my present book into the Kindle book format. The moment he volunteered to do something his life got extremely busy. Yet he was persistent so thank you Stephen. It is now on sale along with the PDF and print book on

I also added a new article. Transformation and transmutation. My clients have problems with denial and accepting illusion and delusion as a part of their lives. I have three remedies for people who do have problems and need clearing in the article. It works upon closure and the traumas involved in any sort of relationship that a person has with family, friends, loved ones, and work.

People who can not seem to let go most of the time are also beating themselves up for being stupid or making the wrong choices. I have been working on denial also where people refuse to believe the truth and reality of situations. I always write the article and then get back to it to see how it reads when I have thought about it a bit.

I hope it will be a big help for people with these problems. Curing our blockages normally brings abundance into our lives. This is not only financial abundance but other forms of abundance. It shows the truth of the friends, and people who love us which is also a form of abundance. Blockages can also bring about health problems and other issues. Everyone who is alive on this plane has these problems.

It is working through them and forgiving ourselves for bad choices, accepting reality, and having closure to situations where people hurt us. Learning mechanisms for coping and dealing with these issues will make it so the person heals quickly, and does not have the energy connections where negativity can attach to them and make their life miserable.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Bindings are used to limit peoples actions. They are very handy but many people do not use them in a way that shows ethics. Magic is not about controlling others yet sometimes you have to limit people to prevent them from harming others or themselves.

Neutralizing a person so they can do no harm is not something that hurts most people. People do not normally do evil but fall into evil habits through their choices. A choice would be that you are very hurt and do a binding on someone so they have to love you and be nice to you. This is unethical as it is limiting that person to an emotion they do not feel. It is not nice to be forced to act in the way another person wants you to act.

An example of an ethical way to do bindings is to bind the force and the person who sent it that is harming a persons life. An example of this a mad co-worker decides he is taking the other persons job. He binds them to have a horrible life, make mistakes and to be fired. That is unethical. He could get rid of the person by other means that would not hurt anyone. Such as binding the person to have good luck, and to have a job he enjoys. If he is not enjoying work then he will leave and the other person can get that job.

Binding a boss or company to hire you is not ethical. So you can see a pattern here. You can bind them to see you as the employee that you will be when you work for them. If you do not get the job then you know that it was not for you. You can do something to make them see you as a great person to hire in other ways also. Binding can be forcing the person to act the way you want them to whether they want to or not. It is like mentally making them into a robot forced to make decisions. This is unethical and harmful to your energies.

Bindings are a gray area in magic. Interfering with someones free will is not good. Neither is their harming others so you have to make balance of the situation. It means that something that is harming someone is a no no. Limiting their work by making it so it is neutralized and they can not do magic that harms, hurts, or causes problems for people leaves them their free choice. They can do magic all day.

Binding them so they have to become a good person who acts just the way the person wants them too is bad. So the decision is to bind or not to bind. The best way is to bind the forces and neutralize the ones that harms others. Bind others to see you as the person you really are makes you ethical and truthful.

Bindings are something that needs to be done properly and there are many methods to do this. Yet anything you do to control, manipulate, or harm others with out any consideration of their free choice is something to avoid.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What is Psi

Psi Unabridged (v 1.1) - –noun any purportedly psychic phenomenon, as psychokinesis,
telepathy, clairvoyance, or the like. (editor's note: psi is also the probabilistic wavefunction in
Quantum Mechanics usually denoted by the greek letter psi, y (Y)

This description if from a friends website magazine-

Marty Rosenblatt is a physicist that does research into time by using ARV. He specializes in stock market predictions and I hope you check out the magazine if you are interested. Yet he brings up a good point what will make psi functioning ho-hum.

I always enjoy the belief that everyone has psi abilities. Yet the only ho-hum I have seen about it in recent years is the way people talk about psychics. All psi functioning is not about who can fortune tell or most of the things psychics do. Many people use psi functioning for serious and beneficial purposes. The Connections through Time Magazine lists some of these people.

I always feel there is a spiritual plus physical reason for any mental illnesses. Physical illnesses are more complex at it involves family karma, the karma of where you live, and many more factors. Family karma could also be called family sin and involve all of the hereditary illnesses being cleared from a family by individuals carrying the gene removing it by their energies. DNA and other things done in today' science actually show the physical manifestation of a spiritual disharmony.

The energies work with each other and by this I mean the physical is also part of the makeup of everyone along with the mental, and spiritual. I enjoy seeing scientists testing and trying to measure these energies. I know in future years psi abilities will become ho-hum and people will be able to be permanently healed of many incurable illnesses clearing the karma and sin of all of us.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Spiritual Malware in A Person's Life

I just had an attack on my computer that I had to fix. The firewall would not let anything out and would not uninstall. I figured it out and found a way to fix the problems. I thought about it and realize it is what I do magically and spiritually for others. Build up a firewall and fix the problems of why it does not work at times.

Everyones spiritual system is different so the things that need to be blocked are not the same. Neither are the types of attacks, or problems. Shields are so important just like firewalls. The rituals and spells are the program that runs the spiritual firewall. The ability to do this properly is the only thing that limits someone from being protected.

Yet sometimes there is something large and nasty that prevents the firewall. It attacks it and the person is stuck in place by the sheer energy and evil of it. Yet it is finding out what happened and fixing the shield so nothing can do that again.

Victims of psychic attack never realize that sometimes the methods have to be added to or beefed up just like on a computer. The success in the defense may depend upon how many rules you can add that limit the attack just like the expert rules on the computer. These rules are called parameters (limits) and conditions.

I know many spells and rituals for this very reason. I learn more all of the time as the spells and rituals used to harm people always change. It means that is the only way to really help the most people. You have to be an eternal student who always is willing to learn. You have to be able to find a challenge fun and treat it like a detective novel.

Once a spell takes over it is just like a virus on a computer it multiplies and effects everything. It is why a curse can take 20 minutes to do and 6 months to remove.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Faith in Yourself

I had someone mention this today and I had to think about it also. I have trusted others many times and had them let me down. This has happened with magical groups, friends, and clients. I always am upset over this but I have to realize that being a person who trusts and is kind to others is not bad. It is what other people do that is the problem.

Everyone has choices in their lives. One is to have faith that your friends and colleagues are telling the truth to you. One is to have faith that someone who says they are an expert really is an expert. I have been betrayed with these choices and I am sure everyone has problems with this also.

I work hard at my job. I try to do it right yet people who have certain types of problems always feel let down. The reasons for these problems are numerous but they all come under the same basic choices. They trust others who betray them, have been abused, have been lied to or manipulated, and they do not want to let go of these events. They prefer to stew over them and hope the person has something bad happen to them that they get to hear about and feel good that the divine finally got them.

The other type of people are the ones in denial. They expect someone to wave a magic wand and fix 12 years of bad choices in ten minutes. After all the curses upon them only took that long. They also deny what choices and things they did themselves. They either can not handle it or just feel that what they do is right and everyone else is wrong. No one does everything right and it will never happen that way. God is the only one who is perfect.

The reaction of all of these people is not to look at the problems left. It is to be mad because they have to change how they act. They do not want to do this so blame it on the person helping them. So it shows that I am not perfect either. The patterns of behavior block changes and leaves them trapped and attached to the very things they are so angry over. It is why forgiveness and removing negativity is so important.

Yet the one thing I have is faith in the divine. He always comes through even when you feel he forgets you. Magic not working always has a divine lesson behind it. You can help the person to a certain point but the rest is left up to the divine. So people should be asking instead why did the divine not help?

Most of the people I work with have no faith in themselves. They do not trust their choices because they have had things go so wrong. Most of them would make better choices if they had faith in themselves and looked at themselves as others see them. The person should then say do I really act this way and if they do not like themselves then work upon it.

The rest is about the experts. Ask for explanations if you do not understand it. Question a method if it is not you and ask for one that fits your nature. Be a part of the cure not just running through the same old reactions and actions. I know the only people I can really help are ones who start helping themselves. I encourage them and try to show them how to empower themselves. I feel so good when someone who has been a victim becomes a confident person able to help themselves. Yet do not trust me as being perfect- only God is that and I am not close to being God. Put your faith in God and that will make it so you know something perfect. Every one else ask questions and try to understand. You will then know what you will and will not do.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Demon in the Window

I posted this photograph on my website to show what images a digital camera can take when aimed at a ghost or other entity. I took this photograph in Colorado where I was working on a case. A family needed their house cleared and help because the daughter had done magic. She heard voices and became schizophrenic. The voices had been happening since she was a child.

The Mother asked for my help. I was in the basement where it felt the most disturbing energetically. I saw something standing in the window. It was daylight and there was nothing dark in the room. I snapped this photograph, and one that was taken after the exorcism.

It was amazing to see how clear it was compared to this photograph. I have a photo gallery on my astral healer website. Demons or negative entities are malevolent and have been recorded through out history. Legends of malevolent spirits are present in all cultures along with the legends about angels or good spirits.

I believe that demons can look out of mirrors and glass to manifest into a home. It forms energetic gateways to get into the energies of a house. The demons seem to exist in other dimensions so can manifest in many different ways.

They have to use the energy of this earth to exist here along with the matter of this earth. It is why there is always a certain amount of distortion and clouds in energies in many of my photographs.

I use a Nikon automatic focus camera. I hope you enjoy the photograph.

Welcome to my Blog

My blog will be about my work helping others with spiritual problems. I will talk about methods, try to brainstorm on different methods, and many of the problems I encounter and the people encounter with being able to be healed.