Sunday, February 22, 2009

Divine Intervention

I always hope for divine intervention on everything I do. A person who does the work of clearing and healing others can not function with out divine help. I have heard people claim it is their personal power that is used and make ridiculous claims. Demons can not be killed only their energetic envelope in this plain can be destroyed. Yet the demon is gone for awhile until it figures out a new way to try to attach and get to the victim.

The healer should always keep in touch with the clients and work with them on the emotional, and mental issues that the clients have after years of spirit attachment. It is not necessary in some cases but people drag out the cases for years. They have suffered abuse, can not forgive others, and will not give up the control of the healing. They think they can manipulate and control how they are healed and that blocks them from God.

I believe this is part of the problem as how they treat the healer is also a way to judge if they have learned anything from the experience. People who are cruel and mean to me always seem to have the divine turn its back upon them. Not because I have wanted it to happen but because it was a test to see if they had learned anything from their suffering. Yet if I had control of it I would want them healed just to show them what they did, and how poorly they acted.

The next problem I have with one case is why does the divine not intervene when the rest of the family is being harmed. I have had one person who uses the spirit against her family. She bullies them, controls and manipulates them, and puts them through misery on this earth. She has been rude and mean to me and her sister who has tried to help her.

They allow her to stay because they love her, and they know something is wrong with her. She abuses them and does not work. Yet when I did the exorcisms after having her permission they did not work completely. I found out that she uses the demons against her family and others to get even and has been doing this since the age of 12.

I have worked nonstop upon protecting the family but there she is like a speed bump stopping everyone from moving forward. I wondered if it was a lesson for the family on being to kind but that is not my choice. I wondered why the divine would allow the demon to try to harm the people removing it because it said the family member used it.

I cast it out in many different ways and the last way worked best because it has never been able to return inside of her so it is only an obsession. The family members may suffer from her controlling manipulative nature and her projections of what she does upon them. I wondered if it was more Borderline Personality Disorder with a Narcissist touch for a psychic vampire.

I did work upon that and her being able to drain and live off the people she is around and tried to stop her from harming others. Yet the question here is when is enough harm done where God will intervene and help free the family? I felt maybe it was me, and I was having the wrong attitude after her being nasty to me.

I beat up upon myself and did more trying to figure out what is happening and why I am always drained and realized many times I was blocked for trying to help her and remove the spirit. Everything I had been doing was personal power. It gives a way for the spirit to harm you if you use that instead of divine power. It also gives the person a way to dump everything into you that is their problem. Yet why would the divine set me up like that with out a clear message to me and the sister that it was the wrong time.

A new member of the family is being born, and it is male which is great because the demon does not seem to be able to hook up to males easily. It will take the demon possessed persons attention away which is not good. It will mean the person will focus on the baby and be jealous and envious which is her nature. I want to prevent harm like that happening to the family.

So the question is why has the divine not intervened. All of us have free will but the family members are asking for help for themselves and the other members of the family. The free will request for angelic and divine help is open and begged for by everyone. Everyone that has been harmed in this situation has asked for and approved help. The rest of the family has acted good and been good people.

So the only thing left is that the timing is wrong for this person to be cured. It is wrong for the family for some reason. I do not understand the reasons because I am not the divine but it is very frustrating and I have to have faith and believe that help will arrive at the right moment. I keep trying to restrict and trap the harm that can be done and that works for awhile but something is breaking loose where it is not permanent. I have total and complete belief and faith that the family can be healed.

So my question in this blog is when is enough harm done for the divine to help. When can the requests be listened too. Why is one family punished for such a long time while another is set free doing the same things. What conditions have to be removed for the spirit to be removed? Is it their kindness and mercy to a cruel person? Yet mercy and kindness are godly emotions. I can not understand the mind of the divine as I am just human like the rest of us. I just have to have faith and belief that the intervention will happen and the family will be rescued. I will just keep plugging along in my normal way asking for help for them, and the suffering that has happened.

People who do this sort of work have others feel they can heal them with the wave of a magic wand. They feel they do not have to work upon themselves, and that anything that does not work properly is the fault of the healer.

Yet when problems occur that are not able to be explained it is not the healer. It is the divine turning its back upon the problems until the right mental point for healing is achieved. The healer may be imperfect and not what the clients expected. It is just perceptions as anyone with a good cure rate loves the divine God and he loves them back. The results of choices need to be completed where the lessons will be learned. Nothing can be done with out the peoples interaction in this process. It is not the fault of the healer but the very power that helps to heal will not respond until the proper time and proper lessons are learned and internalized.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Symbols, Seals and Talismans

I have been working on advanced methods for my second book. I have developed symbols that use angel sigels and the glyphs from my book "How to heal from Psychic Attack the Problem Solvers alphabet. I am trying to use simple methods to keep it easy.

Yet all of them could be used as talismans and different ways to protect yourself. I have always enjoyed this and found myself surfacing from the computer around 5PM realizing that I would have to be fixing dinner soon. Even the dog is trying to lure me away from the computer with his favorite toys.

I wonder how many people with problems know about talismans. They are an easy way for an inexperienced person to defend themselves. The only thing that needs to be done is consecrating them at the proper time and praying over them. Some talismans come blessed already and made at the proper time.

I have clients that have tested the new methods out, and told me how they worked. The most important thing seems to be focus and concentration on the symbol during the activation prayer. I have been pleased by how they have worked and hope they will be a big bonus for anyone who buys the new book.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Home from Vacation

I am home from my vacation. It is nice to arrive home and not so nice to have to catch up on the housework. I am mostly caught up and now will be working on the book. I am happy I had a chance to relax because it is difficult to feel creative when you are busy working all of the time.

I gave a unexpected speech while I was on vacation and it really made me think about many things. I feel that many people of today are blocked by accepting others emotions and points of view. People who project their emotions to others can insert a projection of what they want the person to have in their lives.

The people who do this are not always trained in magic or even have great mental control. They do have that moment of trying to force their perceptions upon another human being. Many of us accept these projections and end up with the bad energies of the person who projected the emotions to us. I believe this is the classic example of a psychic vampire.

So the psychic vampire does not just access energies. It accesses our basic energy makeup to insert things we are supposed to do. Many people define their whole life by how others perceive them. They are traumatized because no matter how nice a person is not everyone will like them or agree with them.

I have developed a new method to help break these projections, links, agreements to suffer and accept others perceptions for the new book. I feel this will be a great help for everyone.

Welcome to my Blog

My blog will be about my work helping others with spiritual problems. I will talk about methods, try to brainstorm on different methods, and many of the problems I encounter and the people encounter with being able to be healed.