Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year 2011 plus thoughts about 2010

I have not done this before but decided to think about the challenges and things I learned in 2010. I started out in the end of 2009 recovering from MRSA pneumonia. I had a 35% chance of living because I had regular pneumonia plus MRSA which basically destroys your organs. The doctors said my fever had to break as I went four days with a 104 to 105 fever. I was not responding and they tried with my approval something from the Penicillin family. I am allergic to every thing in the penicillin family as this experience proved to me. The MRSA made every genetic disease that I have worse including my diabetes.

I developed a rash and had problems breathing. The nurse could not seem to understand that I needed something to stop the problem. The doctor later told me that most people do not get such extreme symptoms so fast. I felt better after the allergic reaction had stopped and just submitted myself to God and the divine. My fever broke and I feel that my submission saved my life.

The year of 2009 ended up with my being on the George Noory show.I did not know about being on the show and was out of the nursing home for 3 days. I had one days warning and that was another sign that I had done the right thing as far as I was concerned.

The year 2010 started with my third trip to the Philippines. I enjoyed helping my clients but was asked to do many new things. I found I am best at protection and transmutation of energies and life problems. I found out about how expectations of others affects my work and that most people do not really know what experts go through to learn in my field.

I found that a part of me will not read minds or invade someone’s privacy. I always used permission and still feel that magic upon others with out some type of permission is wrong to do to anyone. The people I was working for wanted to find the thieves taking their money. I could tell them what was wrong and did so from the first visit on. I also found out that when people do not listen to you or say that something is not important want to control what you are and what you see. It was important and if they had listened to me the second goal of the people plus the third goal would have gone better and happened. I still see the client achieving the goal. You also have clients blame you for problems when they do not listen to you nor try to remember that they started every thing in motion you are only trying to make it come out right for them.

I had the beautiful experience of praying for rain and it rained out of a clear sky. I could have cried as it means that God loved me enough to show me his grace. I found I was limited by the abuse I had suffered through out my life. I have done huge amounts of work upon myself and always test out my own methods upon myself. Yet I now have a new method that deals with the abuse, brutality, and actions of others so it should help many people.

I discovered that much of abuse when dealing with clients is always about their expectations. They believe they are in control and can dictate how they are to be healed and itemize everything about the healer. This is so foolish as talents are different in different people. No one can tell God how things work and what is supposed to be done. No one can live up to others expectations and remain a person who lives in truth. A healer who is putting on how evolved, or other ego issues would be dead in the sort of work that I do. I always felt this was the problem as so many people try to live in their own worlds and this year proved it.

I was still ill with my diabetes during 2010 and had some very bad moments. I prayed to get the money to get an exercise machine as I live 45 miles from any sort of gym. I had just gone to my endocrinologist and I won enough money to get a used bowflex plus attend my high school reunion. Again I felt like God really had heard me.

I had moments of depression from illness and realizing that I need help when I travel a long distance with a drastic time change. I am fine in the country but I now need an assistant or someone to travel with me. Yet I met a person who was psychic and had the soul component needed. I had two other friends that are now no longer friends. Again expectations and their wanting me to not live in truth and be what they wanted me to be. The one person is probably still wondering why I am bothering with him. Again God gave a solution to me with someone who I traveled with before and enjoy the company. He also knows when to keep his mouth shut if a woman looks grumpy. That is priceless.

I dipped in sacred springs, and had a great deal of adventure. I met Amma the hugging guru, and also many fine people. I realized that I was just energetically exhausted and that most healthy people could not go for 6 months with out a single day of rest defending and expending huge amounts of energy with out the help of God. I felt angels around me and had many experiences. Yet the body is not as willing at 58 to do what I did at 28. I need more rest but have not done that as often as I should because of helping others. I will take the rest now no matter what happens as I do better work.

I received answers to a 40 year old experience and an ongoing trend in my life. So if I look back at 2010 it was a year of challenge, and looking at myself. Realizing that I had it pointed out to me that I need someone around to help is a scary thought to me. Most people who help me do not last as they do not have the soul component nor the resistance to the tricks of demons. All of them are attacked at a certain level where the longest they have lasted is 8 years. I have been doing this sort of work for 40 years.

It challenges everything in your life being attacked by people with agendas, curses, hexes, sent spirits, ghosts, and many more problems. You have to deal with people who will not help themselves or empower themselves. They expect the wave of the magic wand and they are the most abusive and upsetting clients as they take everything wrong with their life out upon the healers. The negativity of the energies will bring out every family genetic illness you have and run with it.

Yet the clients who empower themselves and realize that your stopping the harm meant for them is dangerous and something that needs experience and training are priceless. They are my beautiful people and I am proud and happy to know every one of them. 2010 was a year of counting my blessings.

You have to have faith in God and realize that everything you experience and learn is part of his plan and to trust him. I have had so many gifts of God and divine goodness shown to me. People have seen angels saving me, and protecting me. So I can not believe that the problems I have with my health are not part of the plan of God. 2010 was a year of realizing how much God loved me plus how many nice people I have who are kind to me that I have helped with their life problems.

I guess my wishes for 2011 is to work on clearing land in problem areas as that will solve many problems for people who get attachments, ghosts and entities. I would love to travel to Cambodia, and Vietnam just to release some of the hungry ghosts and make things better for everyone. All of the areas in the world where war and genocide were done need the energies cleared for people to live with good mental and physical health. The land being cleared resolves the issues for a great many people who do have problems with obsession and possession.

I also plan to exercise when I am at home like I am doing now. I want to write a book of my cases and could probably make one book out of my first exorcism. I hope that I attract the clients I can help. The clients who will not do the work or are abusive I pray will find a healer that they will do neither too. I wish everyone who reads my blog a happy joyful New Year. May you love your life as I do.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Cambodia-haunted country

I have read about the Cambodian stampede and here is the news link.

The people of Cambodia were having a festival. They were enjoying themselves after the years of suffering caused by Pol Pot and the way they murdered so many people in Cambodia. It made me want to cry. Yet it fits with hungry ghosts and haunted land.

The ghosts exist off of energies that are of life. Things irritate them and make it so they can not drain these energies. A festival is always noisy, and ghosts do not like noise. Running water affects the ghosts and notice that the stampede occurred on a bridge where the spirits attached to the Cambodian people on the bridge could not connect properly.

The energies of all of the unsettled hungry ghosts could be as big of a cause of this as anything else as they listed no reasons for this occurring. It is what happens when there is so much blood spilt on the land that the ghosts number almost the same as the people.

I hope to be able to solve problems like this for people in the future with the work I am doing on methods.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More information on haunted land

I have had many new ideas with new methods for the haunted land. The big moment in making haunted land live able is to transmute the energies. I have new symbols and methods for doing this and plan to do the methods the next time I get to clear a large amount of land.

The symbols have worked well with houses and clearing energies in smaller plots of lands so that has cheered me up. I have gotten results with some of the work I have done in the area I live in where I have noticed the difference.

I live in a place where wagon trails existed, pioneers traveled, cavalry roamed and so did Native Americans. The mining towns are close by and so is the west end of the Grand Canyon. I have been working on the energies for awhile just to test out methods and feel very encouraged. I also have used the new symbols on some of my cases that I have traveled too.

The main thing is transmuting bad energies to good energies and increasing the vibrations. It is not easy to do as the people who live in the area can try to drag the energies down if they are having a rough time. It is still a valuable method and plan to let everyone know the results when I do get examples of how it works.

Facebook and Social Networking

I studied social networking and found I was to busy to do it properly. I also felt that I wanted people to find me by what I do easily. I joined Facebook and some of the other social networks but never did much with the webpages and settings.

I did get some friends requests but never any notifications of messages so I just thought that I was not getting messages. Imagine my surprise when I found a bunch of messages and information placed upon my wall. I added everyone that asked and have to apologize to everyone who expected me to be talking to them.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Clearing battlefields and places of Death

I have been working upon my latest project of clearing battlefields and places of death. I know that it will take transforming and changing the energies of the area. Sometimes it is a huge area of land to be covered or key points in the choice of battlefields has to be done before the other battlefields.

An example would be from a movie I have with Mel Gibson called We Were Soldiers. The battlefield was the place where the French lost and the Americans started attacking a mountain of Vietnamese. It shows a turning point where both countries suffered plus the French suffering added into this spot in Vietnam.

It would be the perfect spot to try out the new methods I am developing plus the fact that it was a turning point for three countries in causing future and past death and disaster. The same is true in the US at battlefields during the civil war where key points gave the change to despair and defeat. Releasing the energies from these spots would make it so the energies at the rest of the battlefields would be weakened where the energies and ghosts would be able to be removed permanently. It would remove the dense energies and make it so the people would have better luck in the area.

Another example is the natural disaster's in Indonesia and the suffering it has caused in death and misery. All of these things can aid in changing the national energies of a country so it can heal and become a healthy prosperous country in the future. It would also mean that mental stability would improve as it is hard to live in a place if you have the slightest ability to be clairvoyant and the ghosts know you can see them.

So my project is moving forward and is a combination of many things. I hope to hear ideas and comments from everyone.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Find out the name of your Guardian Angel

I have discovered a method to find out the name of a persons guardian angel. It is more reliable and able to connect to an actual angel. Many people today who do spiritual work do not use the divine appellations. I am a great believer in using the religious names such as Jesus Christ Son of God instead of Jesus. Divine Archangel Michael instead of Michael.

My reasons for this is that infernal forces always try to corrupt divine sparks of goodness. Society has used many of these names as children's names so you want to specify exactly which force you want to connect too.

I will give methods for connecting to your guardian angel and the way to call upon the guardian angel for help and by their proper name. I believe this is invaluable for most of the people who visit my website because it will build a divine connection between them and their protecting angel.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

More on Project

Lately I have been thinking about healing war torn areas, and places where genocide occurred. I believe that most countries in the world have problem areas. I know where I live in the US has problems. The area was cursed during the time of the Spanish trail when the priests were using captured Native Americans to transport gold and silver.

People do not realize that some Native American tribes had slaves. In most instances they were integrated into the tribes. Yet slavery leaves it own marks in a culture. The treatment and energies that happened can harm an area forever. The Spanish used captured Native Americans and sold them to other Native Americans.

I was contacted by an archaeologist that had problems with seeing spirits and nightmares with a medicine man chanting at him trying to curse him. He had excavated an old church in my area that was a way station for shipping silver into Mexico. He found blood on an altar that was in the church. He transported the altar to a museum and was haunted from that moment onward.

The land in the area attracts certain types of people and energies which need to be transformed and changed. I have been working on the area for 24 years and have seen what brought results. I moved there because I was taking care of my Mother. Yet I have never been able to feel welcome there.

I also saw in the Philippines how churches were built over places of battles. One church in Manila was built in the Chinese section. I walked into the Church and said the energies felt wrong because of blood, trauma and what looked like fighting and rioting. My friends and I went out the other entrance and there was a plaque on the wall stating everything I had felt. The priests must have tried to place churches on bad energy vortexes and areas. I am sure they did this because the power of prayer would bring alive the divine sparks and remove the negativity.

I did not see it working completely because the prayer stuck in one place and did not seem to influence the whole area. I believe this was partly because of the corner stones but I also feel that the energies needed a energy configuration to move the energies to balance and bring equilibrium to the divine sparks where they influenced the good in the area to come alive.

I also saw how the murder of others has caused haunted areas. I have felt most states with problems have these areas. I know some of the places I have seen in other states had different energies. It also includes deaths from flu epidemics, floods and other traumas that killed many people. So I feel that this can help many people.

I want to write down some of the geometric configurations and ways I changed the energies in the different areas. I also plan to write some warnings and thoughts. The warnings are to people that are doing this work. It is the major mistakes in personal attitudes that cause failure and the land not clearing. It can also cause the person trying to clear the land to be hurt by the energies.

I am rather excited over this and will keep you updated with my thoughts.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

clearing haunted land

I am going to start a new project. I plan to write a manual on clearing haunted land. I was watching the History channel and saw a show on Cambodia. I felt horrible and wonder how the people are able to live with all of the hungry ghosts and unsettled energies. It led me to think of many countries that have suffered genocide and the effects of war.

I did have someone from Serbia write me saying how the people and children that were psychic had real problems and were grateful for my articles. I told them they could publish them in their own language so it could help others.

People do not realize that spirits of the deceased that do not go to the light drain energy. They can cause mental illness, and physical illness for the people who live in highly unsettled areas. My heart goes out for the people of Cambodia, Vietnam, Serbia, Croatia and many other countries.

I have read articles on how people have had problems in many of the countries where the energies are not settled. I know the people pray and the priests, monks, and ministers all try to help clear these energies and bring alive the divine sparks of good. Yet what about such overwhelming death and evil being done? How much hatred, blood and death can an area absorb with out being able to absorb any more of those energies.

I know that battlefields in the US have many sightings of spirits from the Civil War and other moments of national trauma. I would love to be able to help the people who are suffering from these energies.

It takes years for energies to dispel if they ever do dispel. If there was any way I could help by teaching or giving methods to others I would feel blessed.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Lessons of LIfe

I have been working on myself with working out, and trying to have my diabetes get under control. It has not been easy but since I was able to buy a used bowflex I have been feeling better. Exercise is grounding so even when you are busy it enables you to clear you mind. If nothing else it gets you think about how out of shape you are. I will post a new photograph if I ever develop a bowflex body but now I am just happy to be doing better.

I had a client write this to me today-
Hi Nita The negativity can also cause you to believe something that is not true. I have had it happen in my life a couple of times. Someone gifted would tell me something that was right about a situation or part of my life that they had no way of knowing yet it was twisted with a lie. I believe a lying spirit entered them at that time to confuse me. I would instantly know it was not true. I would always look at it as God's way of testing me. It would always happen just before something manifested in my life that could move me towards a good change.

I wonder how many people have had this happen in their life. The gifted person helped them and then something twisted it so that it was a problem. Not only the gifted person being wrong but after work was done something seemed to reverse it and undo all of the good?

I have had this happen and I always wonder why and how it could happen. Yet if I look at it as something that is there set in place to prevent the person then I know that it could be identified as something like this occurring at that time. I have always felt that God did test our faith yet these changes seem to be beyond tests at times.

It seems almost like being put in a court room as a hostile witness while you are being probed by aliens. So I wonder if it is God's tests or one of the little ways that evil tries to erode the faith of our lives into something else. Truth is a double edged sword in many ways.

Demons are always considered purveyors of lies and so are many other spirits that are considered to be malicious. It makes us paranoid to be considering these facts all of the time. Yet how many people are brave enough not to doubt and still tell others the truth of how they feel?

I believe this knowing is a way to protect and defend yourself and a gift from God not a test. It would be so nice to have a way to know if something was wrong. This time someone did but other times what we accept twists the energies to the point of reversal.

Chaos is part of this and so are the people who create havoc and chaos for no reason in others lives. It brings energies into play in our lives that can be problem energies. Yet our acceptance of the bad things and fears are a big part of giving them power. I ask everyone who has a moment like this to think of something good to replace the chaos and bad. Pray for a moment and then move on with faith knowing things would be OK.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lessons of Life

I have been ignoring my blog and will try to post more often. The reason for this is I have been studying. I am an eternal student and a friend of mine has brought up a subject that I had not read about for years. I was helping her heal her heart chakra.

I have been reading about soul mates, heart chakra healing, love, resonances and vibrations. I have also been studying some mystical writings. I am doing this to help define some of the issues people have who do not heal properly. Most of them have heart chakras that do not open or are so closed down dynamite would not blow them open.

I have had results with using divine love as protection yet the method brings the judgement of the divine upon the other persons actions. Divine love sometimes mean putting down the person trying to harm others like a rabid dog. It works but is drastic.

I read many times in the past that you should send love to those who harm you. I have magicians who do evil all of the time as the ones who attack me. I tried some of the methods and it accomplished absolutely nothing with these people. In particular I had one person not only attack me but challenge me to a duel years ago. I had to use many methods and was recently told by someone I had cursed him. I had to laugh as I never have tried to harm anyone with magic. I then thought what did I do differently during that time.

I realized that I asked that they be bound in divine love and that nothing they did could be released if it was not of divine love. My problems stopped quickly so it was not sending love but surrounding them with love that would not let evil out to harm anyone. I recently starting labeling people and the energies they used as forces. I ask that they be neutralized by divine love wrapping around the energies and not letting anything out that was not of the divine. I have had good results with this as naming the person always creates a focal point for the victim. It gives them someone to fear and the forces an emotional reaction to link too.

So I started doing more research into love and the way it affects everything in our lives. I am still researching it but may have found a way to do transformation of the forces so any harm they try to do will instead benefit the victim by being transformed into energies used to power the good in the victims life.

I am still working on this but it has been an interesting few months of research.

Monday, August 30, 2010

My Divine Father

I had a client sent this prayer that she wrote for helping others and herself. It is interesting for everyone to think about how this helps someone who has problems. Spiritual problems block out the ability to see the good things in life. The good choices and good emotions are always blocked by worry, depression and seeing the dark side of life.

It is scary to have things happening where you feel closed off from the divine and unable to cope with life. People are doing this to themselves right now with the economy, and other fears. Worry and fear show a lack of faith. People always used to say use a shield of white divine light and love. Most people short out their own shield because when they have problems they worry which adds static to the divine channel.

The heart chakra is also a big part of this as the heart chakra has to be functioning correctly for the divine channel to work properly. If you can not be open and love it is difficult to connect to others. It isolates you where you can be in a room full of people and not have a single moment of feeling connected to them.

I love the Prayer and hope that many of you try saying it to make your day go better and to connect to the heart chakra and energies of beauty.

My Divine Father

My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Affection
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Beauty
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Contentment
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Delight
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Enthusiasm
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Freedom
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Gentleness
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Happiness, Harmony, Honesty,
Hope and a Devoted Husband

My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Integrity
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Joy
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Kindness
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Love
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with an abundance of Money
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Niceness
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Optimism
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Peace, Protection and Financial Prosperity
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Quiet
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Restfulness
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Safety, Security and Serenity
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Tranquility
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Understanding
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Virtue and Violets
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Wonderment
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Xcitement
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with Youthfulness
My Divine Father gives me a life filled with a Zest for Life

I am all right. Everything in my world is all right.

By Kay Thompson 8/20/2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

High School Reunions can be fun

I just returned from my high school reunion. I was always shy and just quietly miserable during my teen age years. I had one friend who was a great person that I have lost touch with over the years. Yet I had many other people I talked too. It was nice just seeing others who had some of the same experiences.

They are also the same age I am so we had similar experiences to share about the health of our parents, our lives, our talents and abilities. I did a method to let go of the bad memories of the past and it was also very purging and cleansing. I do not know of a single person that did not have experiences during their teenage years that did not effect them through out their lives.

It was uplifting and special. I had a nice time and it made me think about how spiritual problems and just experiences keep us from connecting to others. Spiritual problems always isolate the victim from others because they do not know how they feel. Just the way that something happened to you in High School that was so embarrassing it took you years to talk to the people who witnessed it.

The thing that makes a difference is working at overcoming reactions that no longer work in life. You can not hide from or avoid the things that have happened to you. The person has to learn to accept themselves enough to laugh at what happened and move onwards. Life is dealing with challenges and experiences in a way that is positive and brings you closer to the divine.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Magical Pathworking by Nick Farrell and thoughts

I have read an excellent book called "Magical Pathworking by Nick Farrell." It is sold on Amazon and I bought it because it was a subject I did not know much about in my training. I realized after reading the book that it has a number of things that are very helpful.

The book has a method for healing the subconscious. I have used similar methods but never tied the methods into an inner kingdom so to speak that uses myths and legends for healing. I will try this more often when I have people who try to set what happens in their world. We can control what we do and most of the people with spiritual problems try to control every one else.

I also enjoyed some of the methods given and how it goes into psychological path working. It states the dangers and the advantages of using this method. It is also something I have been doing naturally for years. I did not have the Golden Dawn basics taught me on path working in the first mystery school I was in but did it with out realizing what it was in many of my healing methods. Especially with the raising up through the levels to pull down the healing and create healing.

It is interesting that I found this method worked. It also shows me every thing that I thought was true about the methods that work being used through out the centuries. Methods that do not work do not last the test of time. I always believe that each generation adapts a past method that works to their efforts.

He also mentioned about when there are extreme changes that the person gets many of the symptoms I had during the last few months. It all adds up in other words and I suggest to anyone that wants a different approach to read this book.

Path working is not exactly what I do but it is a valuable aid to me. I can add a new method that might work better upon some people who have problems.

Friday, July 30, 2010


I have had many challenges these last few months. It is good for me in some ways as I have had to look at myself and my reactions. I try not to get mad yet I have been in a bad mood over different things that have been occurring in my life.

It has made it so I looked at myself and thought do I want to keep doing this sort of work. I have been doing it for 40 years. It is longer than any other exorcist, or spiritual healer that deals with negative spirits. I put myself on the line for my clients and most of them are so wrapped up in themselves and their problems they do not understand it when I get exhausted.

I have been trying to go in a different direction and train others. It is a relief in some ways and I do feel good doing it. I have not had the money to get started with the Astralhealer Church but I want it to be a place of help and aid for people with spiritual problems. I want it also to be a place where people can train to help themselves and others. Some people may be able to do all of the difficult methods while others can just do the simple things. Yet their being trained and able to help others is a blessing for this earth.

I always get exhausted when I have cases where the challenge is the people actions as much as any demons. Each case is a learning experience. The last few months has been a learning experience and I have come through it. I have faith that things will move forward for me now in a positive way.

People have expectations of healers. Yet we are all human beings with human problems and reactions to life. I have a new article out about this subject besides what I have in this blog. It is called doubt and lack of faith-how it affects our lives. What I do is very difficult and is respected in many places.

Yet the people who do not understand what the healing is all about are the problems. I plan to do a series of articles like I did on this blog indicating the main reasons people do not heal. I have also learned valuable methods these last few months that should help many people. The only way this works is by the divine. No one else is responsible but the divine.

It is always a trade off and negativity always tries to find a way to upset the person getting good results on bringing alive the divine sparks. It is also a challenge to teach people when they are so full of what they know and trying to act superior that they do not listen. I hope that the series on healing helps the people who are unsure what happens to heal themselves and that there are no quick fixes.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chaos and Doubt

My website was down and it was my fault. I went into the cpanel and looked at the security settings and on one of them I hit submit with out changing anything. The website crashed and this was a huge moment for me. The hosting company figured out what was wrong and fixed it. They told me that the interface was not right so I did not feel like a total idiot.

Yet I looked at the last time I posted to my blog and realized that some times the stuff of life keeps us from doing what we are supposed to do. It is like that with everyone. How many of you have noticed that when you try to move forward and create a positive change things happen to your life. You have to finish one thing or the other.

Things get turned upside down and you doubt yourself and your decisions. The same thing happens in healing and doing magic or energy work to help others. You move forward and have the positive change set up so the person has the healing happen with his life moving forward. You know that you did a good job and that every thing should go well.

The positive meets the negative and the changes sort of freeze in place. What ever energies that need to be added by the person is not accepted or the person does not add them. Things just do not move or move in the wrong direction. The healers always have one of two reactions. One is I did every thing right so if it did not go right it was because it could not exist with what you are doing in your life.

The next is to try to problem solve. I am more of the problem solver type and treat each case like a mystery. Yet anything I do is allowed by the divine so if it does not work it is always the divine blocking it for some reason. It can make you doubt yourself, the divine, or anything you are doing to help someone. Doubt is deadly in healing, prayer, and in life.

People like to worry about things as if they are in control. We are in control of some things such as the bills, what we do and act like, our reactions and emotions and much more. Yet control of anyone else is impossible. Just try doing it in a marriage or with children. It will never work and will ruin every one's life in one way or another. People feel that they can plan their lives yet the only thing that can be planned is one end result moment. The rest of it and how it happens is always left up to the divine.

It is the same in healing and magic. You can pull down energies from above and set an end result in place. You can see the end result happen but then things do not work out in the normal way that you expect them to work out. It is always the change in the middle that makes anyone doubt themselves and that is where chaos and negativity can enter your life.

Once you get through the doubt and upset the end result shows up. It is not as you expected it because you put energy into all of your fears and did not energize the positive end results that you wanted to exist. You then go into the negative cycle again.

Doubt is deadly in every way and worry is not much better. I had a person who always doubted her magic and wanted it checked so she would be told she did good. Yet the time for checking is before you do magic. Doubting yourself afterwards is just like tossing all of your work out an open window. You may recover some of it but the rest is damaged.

It is not about drawing what you want as much as having the belief that it can happen. Doubt destroys belief in many ways and allows chaos into your life. Doubt of the divine wanting the best for you, saying God hates you, and other statements will block every thing good.

It is for this reason every one should think about this and see how they block their own lives. All divine forces love everyone no matter what religion. We have to appease our own fears more than an angry divinity. We can do a great deal of harm to ourselves by worry and doubt.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have always felt kindness was an under rated emotion. People try to be a nice person. Trying to be nice means you are taken advantage of most of the time by people who use others who are trying to be nice. You either are nice or are not nice trying to be one or the other is two sides of the same coin.

Kindness is different. I do a lot of work trying to be kind to others. I feel many things happen because people are not kind anymore. What is the difference between nice and kind? A nice person is the one who helps your aunt buy groceries when she only has the money for medicine. They do an active courageous act of salvation for another human being. Trying to be nice means most of the time you are being led to others to test your stamina. The moment you judge them as not being deserving of what you do then you cut off the divine and put yourself in the place of the divine. It is not up to you to judge them but just thank the divine that you were led to them.

Kind means to be the sort of person who tries to actively cheer others up. If they have something mean to say they do not say it. If they have something to complain about they listen to others talk about their problems. They then just give thanks to the divine for not being the one that has to deal with those challenges.

Kindness is also the person who sees a co-worker struggling with depression and says something kind to them. It is seeing a person who is always mistreated and saying how much you appreciate them. It is many things but does not make it so the person has to show they are nice by giving money where they show they are nice.

It is a true gift of the heart to others. Loving kindness is a phrase used in Buddhist literature and it means just that fact. Kindness is a gift of the heart and most people have kindness in them but have had others hurt them too much to show it. Our world makes it so we are closed off from our heart chakra in many ways.

Many of the things we do is all about a gift of the heart. We can be nice but no one has to know about it but ourselves. We can make things better and give charity but no one needs to know about that either. It then becomes a gift of the heart to the divine. Because he always knows when we are nice, kind and charitable.

The divine judges the people we give our kindness too. If they are acting badly or taking advantage of that kindness it is on them. Yet by our very act we do show we are a nice person, have kindness in our heart and soul. Intentions can mean a great deal even when we do not do things right.

I like to show kindness and see someone smile. A beautiful smile is the best gift that I know of for a moment of kindness.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I realized that I always avoid this subject because I do not feel an expert on it in many ways. I then realized who is an expert on love. We can try to structure it and control it. We can try to pick people according to what we want instead of how we feel in our heart. Love is essential to everyone and all of us have many ways of ignoring it or having blockages because of lack of love.

Love is essential because every blockage we have in our life relates to some kind of love. If I did not love the divine with all of my heart and soul I would never be able to do the work that I do. If a Mother did not love her child the child leads a miserable life. You can tell the difference between people who have been loved and who are not loved.

All of our lives we have suffered from reactions and actions due to rejection and lack of love. So why do we do this to ourselves. Love is every where and in every thing. We have a chance to reject it or appreciate it. We have love for ourselves and will still consistently reject or appreciate something we have done in our lives.

We can fall in love at a moments notice just by looking at a person and knowing that we can love them. We can make the wrong choices through sympathy or wanting to be needed and trap ourselves into cycles where both people have to learn to love. All of my cases have personal relationships, friendship and love impacted in their lives. The first thing evil does is isolate someone so they can not experience love from others.

Love is the key. Everything I do depends upon divine love and the divine love helping me and the clients. Is a test of my self-love and trying to replace suffering with love. The clients have to learn to love themselves and obstacles always involve the flip side of love in all of its forms and aspect that influence our lives. Cruel treatment, abuse, and disdain will break up healing energies quickly. Manipulation and ego will do this plus all of the other obstacles I have listed. Why because it breaks up and negates the vibrations which changes the energies to something else. Love can not manifest fully.

Love between two people always involves the resonances and vibrations of energies allowing them to match or merge with the other person. To do healing you have to be able to match the resonances and vibrations of the energies from the divine and push them into the symbols, methods and healing that you are doing. The methods vibrations fitting into resolving problems is all important and that is why I have to know a great many methods.

Someone else can use these methods for months and not have them work because they are not able to match the energies and resonances of the divine. I have trained a great many people in methods but have accepted very few assistants because I know they are not able to connect to the divine and it would not be doing them a favor to have them help me.

You can have someone fall in love with you by matching your resonances to theirs and to their vibrations. Yet it will not stick so to speak unless you are similar in energies. Love spells make it so the people match resonances and affects the one casting the spell more than the one they manipulated with the spell. The reason is once they match the vibrations of the person it causes them to change.

So what about twin flames and soul mates. Soul mates can be a clearing of past life time karma. It gives us the opportunity to do what needs to be done to learn what the soul mate is teaching us. We have many soul mates. I have read in books that there are flame families and you would be attracted to the different flames at different periods in your life. The ones that match you during that period of time you would be drawn to no matter where they are in the world.

I feel that twin flames are the other half of our soul. We may have many people that are similar to us but I can not see where flame families are born unless the soul is switched around which does not seem possible. It is a reward from the divine and they do not have to be doing the same thing we do. It can be similar.

It would not surprise me to have my twin flame be a body guard, police office, or protector of some sort that wants to make things go right. That is an example but a great deal of what I do solving spiritual issues is like solving crime. It is the who, what, why, when and where. So if a person is a business person that other person would be a creative force in a similar field.

We can go on and on here but the main thing is that it completes the circuit where both people are a total circuit to the love of the divine. It makes it so love is glorified and they can love themselves and others. Love is the key to all healing and it is not only in relationships. It is in everything we do in life.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Honorable Actions

The best way to stay connected to the divine is by honorable actions. I mean by this phrasing that a person does what they feel is right and correct. They honor their divine father, soul, and self by keeping their word and being a real person.

Many people today feel the path to success is by mirroring what others want to see. They project the images that others will react to in a positive way. It is all a false front and is used to manipulate others. The other people may through friendship, sympathy, and kindness be made fools of by the person or helped until the real person comes out.

Yet it is all falsehood and does not honor the divine nor their divine soul. People who are victims of these sorts of people always lose faith in themselves and their actions. It is an attack upon their inner core of trusting others. A person who does this is as harmful as a violent person who shoots people.

Demons and evil always love the sort of person who mirrors everyone and everything else. They can use those people and many times the best manipulators always have an evil component in their energies. Today people who do this are very common. It will not work with other people like them as it is then just a competition. They look for people who are trusting, kind, and who give others the benefit of the doubt.

The cruelty and abuse makes it so the person who tries to do honorable actions loses trust in the divine. The predators feed off the misery, pain, and sorrow enjoying the evil they have caused. Yet these people will learn that the divine does notice. I have seen it happen and wonder if part of the economic crash is not due to the prevalent nature of our institutions being incapable of doing honorable actions.

It is always about money in one way or another. The auto warranty you buy and find out they will not pay any money to fix the air conditioner because the oil in the car was not changed exactly at 5000 miles. Yes I do know a person that this happened too. The person who gets a phone call from a debt collector. She knows she does not have a loan with the company. They demand her information such as a social security number to prove it is not her debt. She gives it trusting the company to take honorable actions and remove her phone number. Instead they fill in her information and try to get the debt out of her since she owns a home.

Scenarios are being played out like this every day. People are being victimized every day for not thinking like manipulative crooks. I feel our economy would not have collapsed except for this utter lack of honorable actions towards others.

Every time I have had problems it was with manipulative people who tried to get my trust. They made sure they showed how innocent and what great people they were. I work through compassion and trust. They have no reason to lie to me as I am working on helping them through their problems. The first thime they have a lack of honorable actions and nothing will work correctly they have bad intentions towards me. They play the game and may fool others but they do not fool the divine.

Everyone has a choice to do honorable actions and be an ethical person. The cruelty, abuse and pain that is left behind in not dealing with honorable people is huge. The wreckage left of people who tried to take their anger out on the manipulative people is shameful but a chain reaction. The divine sees and knows everything so it ends up being a cycle that we as humankind have to break out of to be able to be in a better world.

I know a person who hires honest people and by the time they put up with her and her husband everyone is a thief. They manipulate, abuse, and try to traumatize others by humiliating them in public. They lie and they cheat others. They wonder why their employees steal from them after all the bad treatment. I mentioned to them that their treatment of others was the problem. I was told how nice they were and how kind they were. The people were just stupid.

They hired people that acted the same way to others that they did and were angry over it all of the time. They felt that they got to act the way they despised in others. Funny isn't it how most people can be blind to the fact that what they do and what they hate is always found in the others they are angry at for the same thing.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I plan to do articles on the obstacles where I have them permanently on my website. I did an article with methods for grounding, centering and shielding. I know that this is needed for many people who are trying to evolve.

One of the things that helps you to advance spiritually is trust in the divine. You are able to do this because you know he wants the best for you. Yet once the trust is abused or there is doubt it is when things turn badly for people. I have many clients who have had their trust abused by others.

They start to worry and say things are not going right. They wonder if God hates them because if they are praying to a true, kind, loving compassionate divine God why would he allow this to happen to them? How can they trust him when he is punishing them for things others did to them. They become afraid of God and repent, ask to be redeemed and saved from their problems. They pray for help and nothing seems to listen and they just go deeper into their morass of depression, gloom, and doubt.

Depression, gloom, doubt, and wondering why things happen to you defeat divine energies. I know people who are so used to things going bad that all they do is ask what did I do wrong this time? They beat themselves down into nothing as if they were the worse people in the world.

I believe in trying to set things right that have been done wrong. If you owe money or made promises you try to keep your word. Things will happen where you can not do this and many times this is the challenges of life. Bad things may happen to us but it may not happen because of us. Understanding the divine plan is impossible and if we trust and have faith things do turn around for us.

It is a hard lesson to learn and I can say I have not been perfect at doing this in my life. The type of work I do makes it so many times the divine uses me as I use divine energies to help others. It is the energy exchange of help being received and help being given. God does not need my help nor does he need to help me. Yet some people are borderline and by having my help they show what they are made of and they will be treated by how they act. Borderline means people who are married and one half is the problem while the other half is good. It means people who have a major choice and can be helped out of their bad decision. Borderline means people who repent and if their repentence is sincere my help can bring them out of their problems. Borderline means people who are tested by how they treat me and others to see if they are need to go through certain challenges because of their actions. All of these are examples.

It takes a great deal of trust and faith to have everything blow up around you when things are ended. You see that while the divine helped me to do good it was also shown that the person did not really deserve the help. Yet I am not the judge of whether they deserved help if I was told to help them. I know that if I leave and they are not cured it is the divines decision. I use divine energies and the divine can do anything. The divine made that decision. If every thing blew up it means that the divine judged their actions and how they respect others and made them miserable. It can also mean that the divine did not want me to help them anymore or felt I needed to leave the situation.

Many times things go right for the person afterwards even when they have acted badly to others. Yet life goes in sine waves which means you can be up and then you can be down but you will never be permanently in one place. Change always occurs and every thing vibrates and resonates where change can take effect.

The best way to develop trust is to list the problem areas of your life. I would say a big one at this moment is money and getting paid spaces. You thank what ever God or Goddess you pray to for your money space being full and your employment space being empowered. You do this each day and just trust things will happen because the divine is good. It will come about if you do not complain, worry, and doubt that it will happen.

It is the same thing with people who will not pay you properly. You can threaten them, and be upset. Yet you do not even have to write them to tell them they are doing wrong unless you want to make sure they realize the damage they will do to themselves. You just have to trust that things will occur where they will be taught not to do this to others.

I know many people have wondered at times while people who are real pieces of filth prosper. Even the divine could not love them and their actions. You may try not to judge them but it is so hard not to be human and do so. You look at their actions, how they do not keep their word or promises. Yet everyone knows people who act badly that prosper and have the very things they would love to have.

The reason people have problems and get shown these people all of the time is they judge them. It means they do not trust the divine to judge them and do it themselves. It is then set into motion all of the bad things the people do such as covet, envy, talk badly about another, wish them to learn their lessons, and many other things. I did this to myself for years. It did not make things easier and it only worked when I released the energies and quit talking about the bad things.

The divine wants you to make your own luck and pick your own challenges. Not for you to try to be like someone else and their life. Money and possessions are things that are always credited to the devil, and that you can not take them with you. That is very true but money is also divine love and what the divine wants you to do to have an easier life.

Money is an exchange of energies, and a way that you are shown people appreciate you and your efforts. It is not of the devil nor is it to be used as a status symbol, weapon, or a way to harm others. Money is to make it so you can live, find challenges and enjoy life. Yet it is the subject people have the least trust in the divine producing money and a good life for them.

The divine does not have to live up to your expectations, and may with hold things that are part of the challenge you are having in your life. Yet realizing that you can trust the divine, and that thanking the divine, praising him, being kind to others will bring the change which will bring you the things you want in your life.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

blockages and obstacles-ego, control, and expectations

I am at the end of this list even though I could do a few more. Yet the above three obstacles in our lives cause most of the problems. Ego is a real dream killer. The reason for this is the person with the big ego will walk blindly along leaving emotional wreckage in very step they take. People who have problems with their egos always have problem with control and expectations.

If you look at what makes up a person full of themselves it is always judging others as inferior so they can say I am special or better than the other person. Whole societies do this that have caste systems. It does not mean a poor person or a person from a lesser social status might be smarter or more inventive. What matters is they can put them down as less than what they are.

Yet that person who is always judging and putting others down really feels inferior to everyone. I have seen people who are so special and they are the nicest people who make everyone feel comfortable. Look at yourself and see if you have the danger signs. If you have to say you are special or better than others you should work upon yourself. The reason for this is that if you are better and special others know it and you do not have to say a word.

People who have to micromanage everyone and be in control in all areas of their life are really afraid and fearful. The person with ego is always having to convince himself that he or she is better than everyone else. The person with expectations brings all of this together in a cruel way that is not as obvious. They are always the people making fun of others but they can not take what they do to others.

To set your expectations on anything means that you know you can do what your goal. It is the sign of good business people and successful people. Yet most of those people do not experience success every time. It takes trial and error to manifest the good. If you experience the first set back and blame everyone else most of the time it is all about you. The triple combination of having to be right and superior, control every thing and have everything including the flowers on the table to fulfill your expectations is a deadly combination.

You are not living in reality or truth. You do not dedicate yourself to the hard work just the good feeling of being in charge. Everyone likes to be in control at certain moments. I have had people I told that they needed to let the magic manifest and concentrate on bringing it into existence by doing their work on the physical plane. They were not in control and it scared them.

The expectations that they had were for everything to manifest and be easy for them. People do not realize how magic works and how psychics work. Magic works through the way of the least resistance. It is like a water leak as it is difficult to find and works it way into everything. So it does not manifest in big ways. If it does manifest in a big way then the resistance against what you are doing has to be over come. Magic manifests by persistence and some times a great deal of time and effort.

No one knows how long it takes to heal because it happens in layers and there is no control over where it leads the person to remove the layers. Ego can happen to the healer as much as to the client. No healer can heal everything. Psychics may be good at some things but no one is perfect at every thing. I always state when I try something new that it is new to me and I do not know how things will work. I am a magician plus being a psychic so again I get results but dare not to develop a big ego over it. Anyone who does the work I do has to consider the divine doing it and have compassion or the work does not get done.

So the person with control problems and expectations with a problem about needing to feel superior creates the most blockages of all. Think about it if you develop a big ego and think you are special there is always someone out there to rub your nose in how special they are. If you try to be in control there will always be a certain level of chaos because no one can be in total control. If you have expectations the world never works that way.

The reasons for this is the divine has a sense of humor and also a real talent for challenges. We are meant to overcome the obstacles and problems we have set for ourselves in our life. I may sound rough on people at times but it is the time of every one thinking positive and good things happen. We were thinking positive when the world economy crashed. Thinking positive does not work when a part of us refuses to believe it and does all of the actions that create causes and effects.

The only way to cure these problems is to practice knowing ourselves and living in truth in our lives instead of how we want our lives to be. Yet it also has to be realize that people say things like what we want removed means we draw more of it. It is not true as you can problem solve and then fill where the negative energies were with love and kindness.

Duality is a condition of living on this earth.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

obstacles and blockages-accepting abuse and blame

The next blockage is one that is near and dear to my heart. It is one of the bad habits I have to overcome in this life. I work for others healing them of their spiritual problems. I see them at the worse times in their lives. I understand this fact even if they do not realize it. I do my best to ignore things that might cause the healing not to work properly. I feel I should not have to argue with clients as it ruins my attitude for healing. Healing works best in an atmosphere of kindness, love and caring. I never encounter people that are able to do this while having problems.

The problem with this is some people are just abusive to others. It may not matter to me what they say because I know it is not true or right. Yet by allowing them to talk to me in an improper fashion I block the healing and they do not learn about their actions. I do this work out of compassion and feel for them. I am willing to ignore it and let it go.

Yet because I show kindness the next thing they try to do is blame me. Most people that have to abuse others do not have the courage to accept blame or responsibility. So by being kind to them I am really crippling them in their behavior. Most adults that act this way will not learn but they will find new victims. They will ignore you correcting them when it is a major problem. Any person that is abusive is their own worse enemy. Everyone will treat them badly and finally the resentment will build up until they do something to hurt the person.

I had one client for years that would abuse me then say she did not mean it that way. I finally got sick and tired of it. I was the healer and she was the person trying to micromange everything, blame everything but her, and then abuse the person helping because things were not happening the way she thought they would happen. I was not helping her by trying to work with her. I was causing her to have more problems because of her actions.

The healing would not work because by abusing me she felt she was in control and would not do the methods. The client felt since she was managing things the healing would go the way she expected it to go no matter what I told her. It did not go her way so it did not work. All people do who have to do this to others is work themselves into the situation where they have all of the problems happen to them because they refuse to look at themselves. They always feel they are superior and life keeps trying to show them they are imperfect and human. So I was wasting my time when I tried to give her a chance to do better.

So what happens when you have a lifetime of others teaching you to accept blame that is not yours because they do not want to accept responsibility. That use you as a scapegoat for their cruelty even when you have to ask what you were supposed to have done? You get a certain energetic reaction that causes you to just accept the abuse and blame and just work for a successful conclusion. Surely when every one sees that you were successful they will show appreciation and kindness.

It does not work that way and since I have traveled I have found places where millions of people accept the abuse of a few just to try to make things work in their lives. They have to feed their families so they accept the abuse. They have to work to make their life work so they accept the blame even when they know they did not do anything wrong. They try not to get into arguments and every explanation they make is called an excuse.

The secret to this is to not care and most people who accept abuse and blame do care. They want to be seen as someone who does a good job. They want to show they are worthy of praise and appreciation. The problem is that abusive people always accuse others of cruelty. They lie about anyone that makes them feel inferior, or just have problems with everyone.

They always complain to others about everyone else being abusive. They blame others in a mirror of their own actions. Standing up to them works for a while but the main thing is to work for someone who is not like this. If you are stuck in a job with abusive people or a family of abusive people it is a nightmare.

The main thing is to realize that you did not do the thing that you are being blamed for or abused over. State you did not do it and when explanations are asked for state I did not do it so do not know why anything is done. If they continue every one has their own choice of dealing with this problem. The main thing is to realize it is all about them and their feelings not you.

Yet trying to break the bad feelings is not easy. Find a way to release and cleanse your energies each day after being around such people. People like this suck the energy and good out of you so quickly it is like being around a negativity generator. Be kind to others and say the things that you would like to hear. You can tell a co-worker that you appreciate them and their work. You can be kind to another person suffering like you do. It may help another person and build a support team of others who have to put up with the same thing.

Realize that there are kind caring people who do not act badly. You do not have to put up with these actions and you can find a new job. You can not find a new family but you can make one of your own with people you actually like.

The main remedy to people who are suffering from abuse and cruelty is loving kindness meditation and insight of the mind. I have books on these subjects that can be downloaded from the PDF files in my library. Loving yourself and others can be the key to most of the obstacles and blockages that we suffer through in life.

Yet instead of listening to others who blame you for things you did not do. Who do not listen to you and try to say or try to harm your inner spirit. It is all about them and their cruelty not you. Accepting responsibility and living in the truth of your own actions will give you a good life. Yet you do not need to be responsible for anything but your own actions.

New Services Added at my Website

I wanted to mention to everyone that I am adding new services at my website. They are Soul Realignment with your Life Purpose, Candle Rituals which I designed the symbols and methods myself. I have used these methods for years in combination with many other techniques. I am also doing Soul Retrieval and Defragmentation.

I have done all of these services for years in combination with other techniques. I felt people who did not have serious problems but did want work done would find it beneficial to have them separate where they could just get the one service done.

Recently I was hired as a magical bodyguard. I did a good job at protecting the person during a time of competition where the opponents were trying to harm the client. I stopped attacks and removed energies that were able to get through talismans and many other things that would have harmed them.

The person also had physical body guards and I noticed that many of them displayed psychic abilities that they used. They had an intuition when things felt wrong. I can train those body guards to protect their clients on a higher level so they can keep harm away from their clients.

Anyone interested in these services should contact me.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Obstacles and Blockages-Love and Romance

I do not do love spells as I feel they can be curses to both the person who has the love spell done and the one it is cast upon. Yet many people fall in love with others who do not care back. They work very hard to be romantic to a person who does not respond back. They wear themselves out being in love with people that ignore them.

The reason I have found for this is they do not know what love is all about and have their blockages due to experiences in their childhood or young adulthood. Many families in the US do not give affection to each other. The only time any attention is given to the child is when the child misbehaves. Anything good is ignored or just sort of passed over.

People learn just to shut themselves off. They feel it is about them and not about the parents or other people having problems. People who have a childhood where their parents are affectionate and then reject them for no reason have the same troubles. So the person becomes a adult and then deals with others.

A rejected person always picks people who acts like the ones he feels should love him. A family full of people who can not express their love will create a person who seeks desperately for love. Yet that person picks people like his family members for a relationship. The reason for this is the subconscious program that people who love you act like your family.

I know how I was treated consciously and will not consciously pick someone like my family. Yet I saw a pattern in my relationships through out my life. I always pick people who react in certain ways to me which was like my family. I picked the same sort of emotional reactions. I was shocked and decided to consciously work upon the people I always reacted to in my life.

Many people keep this pattern of picking others who are cold and reject them because they feel they have to earn love. Love is not earned or conditional. The person has to feel that for you in the first place or they will never feel it later. Love spells work only if the person is already in love and they intensify the feelings of both people. Yet a person can do magic nonstop and the person will not react or live up to their dreams. The reason for this is the person is not capable of being what the other person wants them to be.

So many of our obstacles and blockages in life come from our expectations of what we want and how we want the other person is to react. It is also our expectations about the way others always treat us no matter what we do. Love is not about expectations nor is it about any of the things we judge people for whether it is money, looks, race, or lust. I saw romance in one of the commercials as sex with a man when that is the end result of romance after they have wooed the person.

It may sound old fashioned but the romance and affection showed the two people whether they were suited for each other or not. Sex and lust only last a year or two at the most. Learning to like and love someone that supplies your emotional needs is for a lifetime. No one is perfect and if you decide to be a partner to a person with emotional or abuse problems it is your choice. The only person that can change them is themselves. Yet many people suffer for years trying to make the person what they want them to be. This is a definite blockage and is not the other persons fault.

So you jump into bed with a hot guy and find out later that he is not capable of loving you the way you need to be loved. It creates actions and reactions which teach both people a lesson. Yet it is an obstacle if you keep picking the exact type of person that has always made you unhappy. Most people do this and you hear them complain about women or men. They always act the same way and other such statements like the other sex is an alien race. Books have been written on this also. Yet the main thing done wrong is not communicating and liking the other sex.

You can love men and sex with men. Yet on a basic level you do not like them or their habits. You make it so the man or woman is not a person to you that you like but a necessity to get sex, money, romance or love. Yet if you can love them as a person and partner then you get everything that you expect and want in your life. People expect to get divorced instead of working on their marriage and be giving and kind. So how do you correct these problems?

The way to make it so you do not keep repeating this mistake is to do loving kindness or Metta meditation. Take time to send a mental hug or kindness to a person you care for each day. They will blossom with out knowing the reason. You should also give yourself a hug a day and pray for a good day in which ever way you believe in the divine. Learn to be fair and instead of making others live up to your expectations try to learn to put yourself in the other persons shoes. You will learn how to treat people better by doing this and real love is also caring about the other persons needs and making things better for them.

Sending love to ourselves will heal many problems and makes it possible for us to love others. The next thing is to realize that our own subconscious may betray us and to work upon our expectations and what we want. I always feel finding a man you love is better than a bunch of qualifications which do not mean a thing for future happiness. Romance and time helps you to find a person who responds to you and thinks of your needs also.

It gives you a chance to not make the mistakes in judgment that you could make otherwise. If someone does not give you love and kindness back think about being around them even if you love them. It may be your subconscious reactions getting you in trouble with the world.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Obstacles and Blockages-Money and Abundance

Everyone has heard how things can be influenced in their life. I know I go on about this but do not give opinions on what can help very often. I do this in hopes people will read on my website but this is also a great way to get through to everyone.

I help many people to transform their lives. I have to work through layers of problems to do this and always say it is like peeling an onion. You never know how many layers there are and the problems become more intense in the middle.

I have read many books on drawing money and abundance. Most of these make it sound so simple. Yet many people can not make these methods work or manifest the good energies for themselves. I have some ideas on this and what has helped problem people in the past and plan to cover the different subjects.

People who are married join their spaces and Master Programs of their conscious and subconscious minds with their spouse. If you marry a rich person and you have a poverty program and make it so your space is dominant. Your spouse will start to make mistakes in judgement and lose their money. A rich woman marrying a man with a bad money space in particular will allow this to happen. The male energies are more active than the female and the male takes over. So the rich woman will wonder why she is making mistakes in judgement and know that it happened after she married. Yet the male will do things right occasionally and moments of agreement allow him to anchor his energies into her space until they are broke or bankrupt. Kick that man out of your space and the same is true for rich men with manipulative ladies that drive them broke. I believe the best way to be married is to join yourself but state right in the vows that all spaces and energies for success, abundance, and karma are separate where they will not hit both people at once.

Joining the spaces where the master programs are not upgraded to the positive is a mistake and every one should work upon these methods. Many times I need to do a space and soul method to realign all the spaces and programs. Every marriage should join the people at the heart chakra in love and joy. It should not involve a cold blooded take over of all spaces where one person is in control. I also want to state this can happen in a business partnership where the business fails and the blame is pushed onto the person who was not in control of the decisions. They get upset for the lack of success and the reason why is because they gave up control of their spaces to the partner.

So how do we avoid this and it comes under mental patterns and agreements. No one should feel that any person needs to be in control over their mental spaces but themselves. You join together in marriage or business but you do not give up yourself. You can say "Oh honey you are better at this than I am but always say what you are good at so you keep things separate. Never give up your inner talents and self to be controlled by your agreements, belief's and statements to others. You are the one who has to live with the decisions, mistakes, and take responsibility for what is done. Why would you let someone else decide this for you?

People will say I am not doing this yet look at your life. We are trained to give up control to our family and parents during childhood. We do it when we are employed because we are expected to be loyal to the company and help our co-workers. We do this when we are married because the man is supposed to be in charge. Yet we always have different talents than the other person and this should be remembered. A marriage is a partnership that works to the talents of each partner. Not being under the control of someone and hiding our true abilities. The work place is different than when I was a child now everyone is out for themselves. The middle road as the Buddhists put it is the road to take.

Anyone who wants abundance and money has to be able to have self-esteem, responsibility for their actions, acceptance that they need to correct wrongs, and determination where they can overcome failure. Different themes are played out in this way through out everything that we do. If your theme is to screw over everyone until you reach the top then sooner or later you will find someone who does this better than you do. You will be right back at the bottom when it is done because you never developed the talents and skills to be at the top.

Many times we are blocked from our solutions and that is where magical obstacle removal comes into play. I have a very good method for this in my book "Solving Psychic Attack at

It is my new book and has the advanced methods I left out of the old book. Contact the publisher and you can buy it to have it shipped to you when it is ready. Yet there are also other methods for every belief system. Introspection meditation especially of the mind shows what we do to ourselves.

Yet the most important thing to realize is that it is our own beliefs that can block us and the way we make our choices. I have the introspection book in my library at my website. Just click on books at the top and go to the library section. I also have loving kindness meditation and how to introspectively control your own reactions.

I have mentioned many times about actions and reactions from our childhood. Life choices and many other subjects. All of these tie into how we obtain what we want in our lives. Babies cry in the way most irritating to the Mother and practice to do this. We can be the squeaky wheel but be so obnoxious and self-centered about it that we do not get what we want in our lives. No one wants to listen to us because everything is always wrong and useless.

The reason for this is expectations that we have in our life. Some people have set beliefs that if one thing is not perfect then nothing has been done and nothing is perfect. If I accomplish 8 out of 10 things and two are partially done I look and say Thank you for all I have accomplished, and thank the divine for all of my blessings. I do not accomplish anything with out the divine. The people with abundance problems always say that they are upset because the two things are left. Be thankful, and always thank the divine even if you do not like what is happening. The reason for this is if you thank the divine for something even when you do not yet accomplish it then you have the divine energies there for you.

Problem solving is different than worrying about every thing that can go wrong. So being thankful puts you in the right mood for things to go right. I always feel that praying every day is also a release of goodness and protection into your life. Affirmations work well for this also. You can turn your life around by being more positive and thankful. Worry can bring alive thought forms that turn into monsters and plague your thoughts for the rest of your life.

A serious problem is if you are married to a person with a demon influence in them or around them. You have to decide through chaos what you can do and many people allow the demons into their spaces because that is what they do when they marry someone. My advice is to get help and if the spouse uses the demon to harm others get rid of them or remove them from your spaces.

You will never get anything you want in life as long as your spaces are joined. It is the real struggle when there are outside forces reinforcing our bad choices and belief's. Yet the same methods will help you to take back your life and yourself that I have listed above in this post. I hope this has made many people think about their lives. We are responsible for everything that goes on even if we have people to blame for mistakes. We did it someone Else's way and should have done it our way.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life Choices and how They Change the Mental and Emotional Part 2

The next part of mental and emotional choices comes through different ways our ego, and rationalization causes problems. A spiritual practice in which ego rules over everything done is the way of personal power. Personal power will cut you off from the divine energies. Everyone says I do this or do that when they do magic or they get results. It is all the divine that does it.

I have said this to people for years and if I do not use the word I many people feel that it is not my help. Yet having the divine connections open and clear is what makes it possible for me to do my work. I always thank the divine for everything and every way I am helped. I do daily prayers praising the divine in every way. Yet for the clients I have to say I all of the time.

Feeling you are capable of accomplishing things with out divine aid through personal power is a trap. Every thing we do is guided by our choices which the divine notices and we get moved into different experiences. I know that every time I help someone and they are nice to me it means to the divine that they appreciate the help that is being sent by using me as a vessel of light or for waking up divine sparks. Thanking me and being nice to me even if I am not a perfect person that fits all of the expectations of others means that the divine is being thanked for allowing me to try to do my best to resolve issues.

The reason for this is the divine wants a human solution because we are his children and one good act or deed redeems everyone. We are meant to do acts of kindness and charity. We are meant to praise the divine. The moment we feel we are in control and can control how the healing or energies flow we cut ourselves off from the divine. Methods can be used but they will work differently for different people and cases.

So I do a healing and follow the messages I receive and what I can do. I try different things and invent ways I feel a healing will work better for everyone. I do not change what the people worship and work on everyone having the divine brought alive in them. I only do this with permission and I am not always successful because I am imperfect even if the divine is perfect. I wear out, get ill, and make the wrong choices because of many factors.

Some of them are the physical effects upon my body from the energies flowing into my body. Evil can be broken but also set with a trap to kill the person who breaks the evil. The divine saves the person but they have to trust and believe that the divine will help them in the first place. Yet evil is inventive and evil spirits have intelligence and really can cause manipulation on many different levels. They try to harm the people who do the healing and are being healed. Obsessed or possessed people can be dangerous and have evil use them like a glove. You can like the person but you have to realize what they are no matter how painful it is for you and others.

So the tricks and traps that come from dealing with obsessed or possessed people are the same. They try to make you feel inferior and that they are superior. They are willing to lie, manipulate others, rationalize, judge, be controlling to the point of harming someone, and many other actions. The people around them always make excuses for them but if there is more than one problem having them around where they can try to control the outcome makes it so every thing is chaos. So if multiple problems are happening getting rid of the people who are trying to control, manipulate, and insert themselves and their energies into every thing is crucial.

The person who is obsessed or possessed should be told that they need to get the energies out of every ones space. The reason for this is that they are allowing others to be infected with evil and all of the problems. Realize that regular people can have these symptoms but it shows that something is working on making the choices go from good to bad. It makes the persons life where they are choosing the least bad choice instead of having the choices be both good and bad. All of the choices have repercussions that end up manipulating others and moving them towards the wrong choices. The worse people are the ones who can not be helped because they used the evil spirits and demons to kill others and destroy others. They become integrated and more demon than human.

The person with problems feels that the divine does not love them and will not listen to them. Many of them ask why the divine hates them. They become angry and upset. Things get worse and they are more isolated from their loved ones and friends. None of this is the divine but the fact that through ego, bad choices, anger, and chaos that hooked all of their life to the wrong energies which were not of the divine. Anyone can be a victim of these energies yet once evil notices someone it works upon every issue in the persons life.

Every thing goes wrong so the person will try to micromanage everyone and every thing in their life and try to predict everything they will do. It means the mental illness of Narcissist behavior. It is rampant in this world and shows in all of the people who try to run every ones life. If you do not do exactly what they expect you to do then you are wrong. It is trying to make everyone fit what you believe they should be instead of enjoying the differences.

It is important for every healer to realize that their job is helping the ill person. It is not criticising them about what they have done in the past. It is making the present better. So if the person has problems that can not be changed easily. The healer should work upon the short term issues. The long term issues will take care of themselves once the person feels better.

People who suffer from trauma and abuse suffer from soul fragments. I have seen many people claim to do soul retrieval but they put seven or eight fragments back at once. Do not go to these people as they do not know what they are doing. You can heal too quickly and living through 7 experiences of abuse can unbalance you so much that you are worse when they are done. A split or fragmented soul will prevent anyone from healing properly. Yet it has to be done correctly with the split or fragments being integrated properly. It takes time. People with soul splits or fragments are always disconnected from their own lives.

People who suffer also put out thought forms which can be used by negative forces to bring those issues alive. Many people call these negative spirits yet the person does it to themselves by their fears, worries, and anxieties. Most of us are trained in childhood to do this and shut ourselves off from others. It can cause the person to be trapped with in themselves until they resolve this. I always use the example of a hamster running in a wheel.

Rationalization also is something that is a spiritual illness as you do not live in truth. So the ego ridden person who instantly starts lecturing someone else on how they are all wrong in how they live sees nothing of how they hurt the other person. They do not see how they put them into a mental box and feel superior. They say I was just giving them the benefit of my knowledge and they should know all of this because it is why they have a problem. Many people do this and judge others and lose all of the valuable information they could learn. Knowing what is best for everyone is a problem spiritually. No one knows what is best for someone else.

Everyone who I have met that rationalizes about their own actions also hurts others. People who live in truth look at what is happening and will not do it. It is a big difference in life. So the main reason most spiritual illnesses occur is always the choices that cut people off from the divine and others.

I noticed that most people who live in ego, rationalize, and have spiritual problems are not capable of going past their own pain and thinking of how others feel. They can not put themselves in the other persons place. I know that someone is healing once they do start showing compassion and getting out of their own problems.

Yet all of these choices and actions will make it so the person will not heal properly. It makes it so bad choices brings them to the notice of negative energies and occurrences in their lives. All of these are parts of how evil notices us and most possessed and obsessed people have a number of these problems. It is also how our choices bring us into bad places mentally, physically and spiritually.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life Choices and How they change the Mental and Emotional

I will have to do this in more than one part for the mental and emotional effects that life choices can do. We all know about karma but very few people realize that their choices in spirituality will change everything in their lives. I will be working through a variety of subjects and the false opinions I have found harmful or hurtful.

The first thing to be mentioned is trying to evolve and become a higher being. I have seen people turn their lives upside down to do this. They read every book on the subject and become vegetarians, meditate, and many other methods. Yet many of them do not change to the very things that cause one to not be evolved. Evolution can not be earned like a school subject. It is not to be used to judge others or their paths. If you have to tell anyone you are evolved then you are not evolved. If you are evolved then everyone will notice sooner or later.

Choices and actions are the basis of evolving to a higher state. The choices and actions are different for everyone. Yet people who push themselves and overdo many of the practices listed in the books to become evolved will remove their grounding. The reason for this is they are trying be removed from this level so they do not work on the things that will make them a whole grounded being. It causes mental problems such as a disconnection to reality. The work the person has done makes it so they can see energies and spirits. It makes them unbalanced because they do not know how to shield or filter the energies around them. They can have negativity just walk into their mental, physical, and emotional bodies and just sort of take over because they are wide open. The beings control the spaces and levels between these bodies so the person has no control over the conscious or subconscious actions and energies.

I have a book on Soul Restoration that I found very good and explanatory. I had always grounded properly and did everything I thought would balance me in this world. Balance is all important. I received a huge blast of divine grace after doing a good deed and I was so unbalanced it was ridiculous. It threw off my health with my diabetes, and removed my balance on every level. The reason for this is I have heart chakra issues that need resolving. I had angels tell me this and my levels between the bodies made it so the divine could walk in and out as they liked. It could have been worse because divine grace at least protected me from evil spirits.

Yet I was ill and not balanced. I had my eyes changing color depending upon which angel was talking to me. I was told that I was evolving and going up another notch or two. I was also shown what issues held me back so I was ascending to different planes and levels. I am not one to brag but the people that were around me were weirded out because of the eye changes. They had been working at evolving according to the Indian Guru method which is a great deal different than what I do with my path. I did everything to ground. I drank a couple of beers as hops are protective and ground you. I always eat meat because my path is acts of kindness and charity so that is what adds energies not disconnecting myself from the earth. I was stumped as I have never tried to ascend to any extra levels. I just did my work and what was important to me was doing a good job and being grounded. The only other thing that is grounding is sex and I was not ready to do that one when my mate was not with me.

So a person who has never tried to ascend and evolve ended up in the same mess as some of my clients ended up in that had worked to ascend and evolve. I was hugged by Amma and that balanced me but opened up new issues because it also made it so I had to work on my heart issues. Heart chakra issues are a big problem as they are how we have been perceived through out our entire lives. Yet she reset me differently than my path would have reset me over time and I had to work through those issues.

So the main lessons I learned about evolving and being pushed into levels you are not ready for or like I did only half-shifted into until I balanced. One is do not tell anyone about it because if they are working on themselves it will be a bigger problem. They have expectations about what is to happen and it pops their bubble. I had no expectations and was just sort of shocked since I have never worked on evolving or ascending. In one way I feel that saved me a great many problems.

Next is ground yourself. If you do not ground yourself then the levels in-between the bodies will not close back down. It will leave you spacey and may cause soul splits and trauma. Evil will walk into those spaces and make it worse. So do what ever is necessary to get yourself back onto this earth in a grounded state. Use all the grounding methods, place filters between the bodies and soul and be sure that you use shields until you do stabilize yourself.

The last thing is too always test angels. Fallen angels also known as demons and many other negative spirits will pick those times to give you wrong information. Things may happen close to that information but it also creates self-doubt when things do not work out. They put a false layer outside of the person where others do not communicate with them properly or perceive them as what they really are as a person. False angels can not resist certain vibrations of bells, salt, being banished by names of the divine, and many other methods. Make sure you learn these methods if you are having problems. Real angels come from above down the divine Ascension channel and will not hook into the back of the neck or appear outside of you if you are having problems.

Next is working on the issues until the weird effects stop. I was having vision problems and seeing three realities at once. I felt like a person with a three ring circus going on in her head. Yet everything stabilized after I effectively grounded on all levels. A person who had been working upon doing this to themselves would have ended up analyzed with a mental illness and been put on medication if they did not know what I knew about different methods. It does not mean it was easy for me nor does it mean that the people around me were nice to me.

I now feel more complete is the only way I can put it. I finally got everything to the same level and had a few more occurrences help me to balance. I still have work to do upon my heart chakra issues and that is an ongoing challenge. I just have to say to others that evolving is a great goal but it can put your life through some real ups and downs. Beware of what you wish for and be ready for any problems by knowing how to balance, ground, center, shield and filter so you have equilibrium on all of the planes and levels. Any parts of your emotional body that are not worked upon will unbalance you so you are stuck and all of us have problems where we are not perfect. We would not be upon this earth otherwise but up at the top levels watching the earth. Many teachers do not understand this and there are many methods out there to use. Find what is best for you and do not push yourselves as you will naturally move up in the levels if you make the right choices in your life.

So that covers the main issues about using methods to work upon yourself with out learning the basic grounding, centering, and balancing of your bodies. It is the first part of this series and I will talk about the other problems. I hope all of you research methods to keep yourself balanced and safe.

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My blog will be about my work helping others with spiritual problems. I will talk about methods, try to brainstorm on different methods, and many of the problems I encounter and the people encounter with being able to be healed.