Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thoughts on Angels

I have been busy after arriving home from my travels. I thought of writing something in my blog but could not formulate anything I felt was interesting. I had a thought of inspiration because of talking to friends, and also my leaving my laptop behind for my 27th wedding anniversary.

I get wrapped up in my work trying to get results. Results means showing people how to defend themselves, and breaking others loose from what is oppressing them and causing them to be disconnected from the divine. Everything I do is being inventive and to find ways to banish and remove energies that are causing problems in peoples lives.

I teach defenses but in psychic warfare cases it just means people try to figure out what to do to break through the defenses. I talk to people about what they are doing and sometimes it just feels hopeless as they go back to the same habits and try to waffle around like they can do what they want to do.

Everything I do is through the divine. It means that my successes are really the successes of divine love. My problem cases are because the person is still trapped in learning their lessons, or they refuse the help they are offered through their actions. I plan to write an article on this for my main website yet most of the blockages from the divine happens because of our own actions.

Angels and the divine enjoy prayer. They enjoy people coming alive with divine energies when they do the right thing. They enjoy many things that humanity does but they are like parents. They want to help but see the results if they save someone before they learn what they are meant to learn. Everyone who has problems and said I prayed to the angels but they did not come so the evil cut me off from the divine has to realize the divine is more powerful than any forces of evil.

The reason you are cut off from the divine all comes under different experiences. Each persons problems hinge on their choices in their lives, what they have belief and faith in and whether or not they trust the divine. So what are the main causes I have seen and observed people doing when they are cut off.

People who want to feel special and that they are better than everyone is number one. No one no matter how much they study or work with energies is special. Everyone has talents and they might be talented in one way or another. Yet they will lose that talent especially in spirituality if they show actions and choices that block them from the goal of growing as a person. A person with a huge ego, and some other problems will lose the spirituality that they crave so much by acting this way.

People who believe the angels have to appear and rescue them in a certain way and act in a certain way. We can not define the divine so how can we control and make the divine do what we want them to do. I always try to help people but I believe many times I come close to these actions in trying to help others that the angels feel need to be broken out of their patterns. I have developed methods for people to help to clear the energies and break the patterns. Yet it is not just the victims. No one can call the divine in like the cavalry and make them do exactly what the victims want them to do and act like. It would not be an angel if that happened.

People who are passive to the point where they will not say no to spiritual forces. I see this with people who do channeling and have not been trained properly. They will invite in any spirit with out checking to see what it is, and believe anything. Angels act in specific ways. They show a nice end result and say good things. They do not say you can get a George to buy your condo by blackmailing him. They do not pinch, or hurt. The people who channel normally try to say that the angels approved this but angels do not channel through the back of the neck chakra. They come in through the crown chakra. I mentioned all of this in another blog post.

Yet I have people saying they want me to tell the angels what is happening. The angels know what is happening to everyone. I have even had people say the angels must be stupid not to see I am doing everything that you said to do. You can go through my methods all year but with no sincerity, love, belief and faith it will do nothing. You have to visualize the positive end results to let everything know what you want the result to be. Your faith, belief, effort, and love for life helps to bring about that result or something similar. I can open the chances but the victims have to do the right actions and choices to get results.

Yet thinking bad or insulting things about the divine help you can receive and acting badly will have the angels waiting until you learn a new lesson. Everything happens at their own pace and all of the people I visit have problems that are not normal. It means they have to work extra hard after I am gone to keep the divine energies and choices moving along. It does not mean I wave a magic wand and everything is perfect. Only the victims trust, belief, faith, and williness to work upon their own problems will do this. I had people tell me how much they have suffered with an Incubus or Succubus after reading this blog and never once realize how they were agreeing with me. The first sentence was I disagree with you, my life has been miserable for 60 years, no healer ever cured the problem or fixed it. I know I would look at myself and see what I was doing to cause the incubus to be present. Yet I was saying how miserable it was to have those things happen and that the spirits were hard to get rid of for various reasons. People are so wrapped up in their own misery that they never think of the obvious.

The patterns of action, the reactions of thought, and the trust in the divine even when he is not showing up to prove to you that he exists is essential. People who want proof of the angels and open themselves up to everything will find every force but an angel. The reason for this is that angels show up to people who need them not people who expect them to appear in the way they want them to appear and do exactly what they want them to do.

Doreen Virtue has a book out called Angels 101. I also have the Beliefnet Big Book of Angels. Anyone serious about angels should read both of them and realize that many of their opinions and attitudes about angels are not valid when someone who has done serious research talks about angels. Both books provoke serious thought about what you do believe in and how you have been wrong in many aspects of belief.

I can say right now that angels do not talk to you everywhere, they are not there to control your decisions by giving perfect advice on each one, they are here to do the best they can to bring alive the divine sparks of the creator of love.

So the next time you want to ask for angelic guidance instead think I am supposed to have the free will to make my choices so no angel is going to show up to tell me the perfect choice. I can see the creators hand in everything but it does not mean the angels will talk to me. Realize that humility is there for a purpose as you are an empty vessel that can be filled with divine love and miracles.

Ego can be a problem for everyone. I want to fix everyone so they get a second chance, and work very hard to do this. I want people to say how much their life has changed, and that I have helped them. It is my own ego problem as I can not fix things that need to be allowed to run their course until the person breaks out of patterns. I can be there for them and help them with the knowledge that I do have. I can not make someones life perfect only the person doing right actions and choices can do that. I always say everything is through the work of the divine.

Yet people get mad at me like I am supposed to fix them with out any effort on their part. They do not need to write me to keep me updated so I can try to help. I would do it if I could most of the time yet the people would not be better people who learned about themselves. Getting rid of the spirits is easy yet the patterns of the people and all of the baggage of the victims make victories into failures.

So the main thing is to remember is it is all the divine and what choices and actions have you done lately. The people attacking others in psychic warfare have to learn the difference and sometimes it takes longer than anyone wants it to take. The spirits leaving is not the only thing that needs to be worked upon but also the people have to learn about right actions and choices. We pick our experiences by how we act and the choices we make. It is not some divine scheme. We all have decided what we learn and struggle to learn.

Life is for experiencing and the wrong choices and actions turn into lessons but we pick those for ourselves in one way or another.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado

I am away from home at the moment and I always try to enjoy some of the areas attractions. I am in Estes Park at the moment, and took the tour of the Stanley Hotel. The tour guide was great and I was able to add a few more photographs to my photo gallery.
I also thought that everyone would enjoy this photograph. I believe that the black color on the white wall is the elbow of a ghost who followed me through out the entire tour. The tour guide also has a few ghosts of children who follow her through the tour.
Unlike what was seen in the movie The Shining the hotel ghosts seem to be friendly. I also caught dark figures walking down the hallway so check out my photo gallery on the astralhealer website.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Be Safe While Being Yourself

I have times where I am so busy I do not find inspiration on what to write in a blog. Today a message made me think about how people treat others. The common denominator in all mass murders of racial groups has also been religion, sexual orientation and race. The Holocaust and the Jews, Gypsies, Gays, and Christians that were slaughtered by Hitler. The conflict in Bosnia and other places where it was Christians and Muslims. The conflicts between the Muslims and the Kurds. The Witch Burnings.The list could go on forever as the Muslims in India were actually conquered people forced to be Muslims. The Japanese also killed Christians that would not leave their country centuries ago.

So what religions cause this conflict while professing to be doing everything for God. You see a pattern over the years where you can say "Wow this religion is everywhere in all of those battles". You then see the ones that are active religions trying to weed out everyone that is not of that religion and forcing them to convert. It is that or be killed or abused.

The main ways this is done is by picking scapegoats to blame everything upon and put the force of religion behind doing this so it is acceptable. It is acceptable to preach at everyone and speak badly of them if you are of a certain religion and decide everyone has to follow that religions rules. In many places killing the person is acceptable when the person is found out. Yet the scapegoats are only being used to hide issues that the people are not supposed to know. If anyone reads or watches the History channel you can see the scapegoats screaming over the centuries.

I have heard in recent years of many abuses. Gays being beheaded, women who marry someone of a different religion being stoned to death are the most dramatic. Yet how many people think of supposedly civilized countries and how they treat people differently. The message of picking a scapegoat or person to blame is widespread to the point of being ridiculous.

It means that everyone who is different and who is honest and truthful about themselves has a chance of being a scapegoat and being abused. It is acceptable to do this and it crosses racial barriers of every kind. I have met blacks who hated whites more than any whites I know of hated them. I see people who do not do their work properly finding it acceptable to make someone else to blame for it and think they did the right thing. I have seen gay males who never had sex with a woman hate women.

On the other side I see Christians who hate others while professing how they are right. God and Christ are supposed to be deities of love. Muslims who feel blowing up innocents is right to do. Shoving religions down someones throat as if they had not heard about the religion. CNN had a recent report about people being disillusioned about their religions and leaving them. It goes across all levels of society.

It all boils down to the people who are religious being focused on themselves and what they want to have happen. It is about me, I, and I am more important than these other people. Religion adds in the God loves me and would not want the world to have XYZ or by what ever name deity is called by the person. It is being sure that you are right and everyone else is wrong. It is being judgemental and manipulative. It is normally sugar coated with the it is the will of God, God spoke against this or some other factor when religion is added into it so even God wants you to do this scapegoating to others.

I find this an abomination of how to treat others. Yet I know I am not more important nor am I going to judge and manipulate things to harm others. Yet anyone who is different in this world has to consider a few things. Am I shoving this down others throats or just being myself? Do I accept others judgements of me?

Being to far on the other side inflames the people who can not stand to see someone or something different. It can make you as bad as them if you scapegoat them back over the issue. It is finding a balance in how you can be yourself and not making everyone else suffer over being different. I wonder what this world would be like if everyone liked, loved and accepted the differences with out having to be right.

It can also make it so the person who is different is abused, killed, stripped of their children and many other things done by society to those who do not conform to their rules. I watch myself and try to do better each time I make a mistake. I am not politically correct which is just another way to make people different. I do like people and I do not scapegoat anyone.

If someone is different and you do not care for them as a person that is one thing. You gave them a chance as a person. They were given the chance to be someone you liked or disliked with out sex, race, sexual orientation, religion or anything else added into it. It is not about you, what you think, whether you are right or what you feel they should be. It is about whether you like them as a person.

It is what everyone should strive for seeing each other as individual people and enjoying the difference.

Welcome to my Blog

My blog will be about my work helping others with spiritual problems. I will talk about methods, try to brainstorm on different methods, and many of the problems I encounter and the people encounter with being able to be healed.