Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wish Boards, and Wish Boxes

I mentioned how the laws of attraction have worked for me. They worked best when I wanted to redo my entire life. I was just fed up with how it was going. Once I got part of the wishes I stopped doing the spell. I now know I should have kept it up each day.

I plan to set a project for my ning groups where everyone makes a wish board and then we work on making the wishes come true. Wish boards and boxes have an advantage. They use photographs and they help people visualize who have problems with manifesting things in their life.

Some people are not visually oriented so they have their dreams but never can get clear images of what they would like to occur. The picture should be looked at every day and dreamed about afterwards in a happy meditation. Everyone should then get together and work on how to bring this into the persons life. Give ideas and help.

Many people may have to draw or print out what they want as somethings do not always depend upon finances but are personal challenges. I feel it ought to be a fun project for everyone. I hope some of you who read this would like to join us.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hidden Anger

I am wondering if part of the problems I have experienced with clients come from hidden anger. I believe most people that this happens to are angry with God or the Divine. They feel that this spiritual problem should not have happened to them. Why did God allow this to occur?

God is unknowable and to complex for us to understand. We know he is there but do we see the whole picture in what he does? I know I do not know his plan. No one is on this earth who is capable of understanding God. The reason for this is God is not something outside of us. He permeates every molecule of everything in this world.

So what can cut people off from God. Anger over the things that happen to them. I know everyone my self included feels that some things just should not happen to me or anyone. The person says they can not understand why a kind and loving God would do this to them.

The best advice I have at these moments is to say I trust in God that he is doing what is best for me and try to get through the moment. Certain types of emotions block us in our lives and that keeps our lives from moving forward. Grief, depression,trauma and the list goes onward brings about results where we lose our faith in life. Our faith that good will prevail in our lives if we are positive in what we do.

Every time I have had problems with breaking myself or others loose from the negative things in their lives a negative emotion is what is causing it. Hidden anger is normally the last one recognized because we believe we are being faithful even with feeling if God loved me he would not have allowed this happen. We are not being truthful with ourselves or God. God always lives in truth and everything else just blocks or obscures our good in our lives.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How to Heal bad karma from past lives

Today I had someone ask about their past life and how to heal the karma. They knew they had been a magician in a past life that harmed others. The people they had harmed were dead so how could they heal the problems.

I always suggest karma yoga. It is a type of yoga that makes a spiritual practice out of doing charity and not expecting anything for it. No money or payment of any kind may be accepted. I feel that this could help quite a few people with bad karma in this life time also.

An act of charity and kindness will aid the community, aid the person and make it so this earth is a better place. A good example of this is the person doing dishes for a mission. Another person who contributes and helps passes out food for a food bank.

The list could go on and on. Yet the important thing is that the person does this and accept no rewards. It uplifts the persons spirit and show they are making an effort to be a different sort of person. It is the best way to turn bad luck and karma around.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Today was full of blessings and not so blessing events. It was a day of life but I had to think about myself and my views. I had a member of a yahoo group do two miles of messages each time but what they really boiled down to was all about them even when the subject was something else.

They wanted to do what was right, and not make any bad mistakes. It all ended up that the person was on a magic group yet wanted to be like everyone else. Those of us who are called to a magical path are never allowed to be like anyone else.

We are different because we are trying to live in truth, and to move along in our life directed by the Divine. Most people now a days are directed by their wants and needs. The things we want are not always good for us. The things we need have so much energy in the needing that it may be hard to manifest the energies.

Yet in everything we do picking a path in Magic means that you live in truth. You learn not to force others to your beliefs but to give information and let the person choose. Yet among all the hatred and strife between religions about which one is the only one it is not so simple to believe in the divine.

It is no wonder that magic also is the destruction of beliefs and things that cause disharmony and block us from the divine. So any skeptics, and others who try to force others into what their shape and actions are supposed to be realize this is not the truth. It will not stick and the only thing we can control is ourselves and our actions.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Learning and Social Networking

Hello Everyone
I have been learning social networking and trying to make it worthwhile at the same time. I now have 5 networks. They are listed to the side in this blog. I am happy to be home but it is intense learning how to set up networks and join groups.

I was told this is the new way to become known for what you do. I hope any of you reading this blog will join me on my networks.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Magic using boxes

I have a method on my website called protection box plans. It is handy and useful if the person does not want to be doing lengthy protection spells. A client of mine asked me to help her by developing a method that took less time.

I had a wish box method I developed and felt that this would work. It has been a big help to her. I now want to do one to draw your soul mate to people or the persons true love. I then plan a transmutation box and abundance box rolled into one. Most people who have problems attracting money and using the laws of attraction could then be helped.

People who have problems with their money space can never seem to get money or keep it in their pocket. I feel that the transmutation of this effect plus attracting money should be a big help to many people. I plan to do a webinar on it once I get signed up for the service so this month will be a busy month for me.

I hope to see results soon. I also have the first reference up from a person using the protection box so I hope everyone reads it. I am trying to get a bunch done this month and hope to see many helpful results in others lives.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Catch up and Webinars

I am catching up after traveling. I know that jet lag is worse on the way back as a day is lost so I have been resting more than working. I plan to do the endless job of laundry tomorrow. Travel generates lots of dirty laundry.

Other than that my next concern is I have 45 days of learning to do webinars to see if I like them. I have wondered about doing this for classes and showing some of my methods. I wonder if it can be a teaching method so plan to make announcements on my website and here when I do have one scheduled.

I will be happy when August is over and September happens. The temperatures are normally cooler where I live. I really enjoyed Northern Norway and will post a photograph of one of the places I visited.

I also added some ghost photographs on my website from my visit in Norway.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I was unable to access the internet while traveling so have not posted in awhile. The land clearing was a success. I enjoy traveling but the time on the airplane can be rough to do with a bunch of connections. I am now catching up on everything and will do post more often.

Welcome to my Blog

My blog will be about my work helping others with spiritual problems. I will talk about methods, try to brainstorm on different methods, and many of the problems I encounter and the people encounter with being able to be healed.