Saturday, October 29, 2011

Keeping a Good Attitude

It is very important to generate a good attitude, a good heart, as much as possible. From this, happiness in both the short term and the long term for both yourself and others will come.
Dalai Lama

I have found that keeping a good attitude in my type of work is the hardest thing to do. The difficult clients color the whole day even when I have very nice clients. The reason for this is I am always shocked and upset why people would be cruel to me when they are asking for my help.

I realized I was doing this recently when I had a client who had always been nice make some comments that did not specify what he was talking about and I assumed it meant me. I listened to a webinar on the problems that healers have with being respected for their work. It was about being paid the money you are worth. I am worth a great deal more than what I ask as a donation from others. I actually stay and work with the person through their problems. I show compassion and kindness to others.

 I share part of my experience with them to let them know they can over come the challenges that they have in their lives. I deal with people who are scared, traumatized, and need guidance. I do my best to be kind to them and to do no harm if I can not help them. 

Yet my attitude has not been the best because the website consistently gets rude people who treat me improperly. I have to realize that the 2 or 3 people a month who do this to me are not worth the reactions I have trying to prevent others like them from contacting me. I instead plan to focus on the good people and remember these others are not a majority.

Friday, October 21, 2011

We are all Children of the Divine

"There is one God looking down on us all. We are children of the one God. God is listening to me. The sun, the darkness, the winds are all listening to what we now say." -- Geronimo, APACHE 

If you look at this quote it is from Geronimo who was a warrior and Native American. I have used quite a few quotes from Native Americans because they fit my beliefs. I feel that God is every where myself and is present in every thing no matter what names he might be called.  People with multiple Gods and Goddesses or Loas are all nature worshipers. All of us look at the world and see beauty. We just categorize our beliefs in different ways. All religions are valid because the one God forms and shapes every thing on this earth. He must want us to have many different belief's and see the beauty every where.

Religious leaders that say every one has to worship the same way are going against the will of the divine. Why because if God wanted to wipe out a religion or belief system he would be perfectly capable of doing it in an instant. He would not need help to do it.

I feel this is because we are all God's dreams and that is why things can change and be shaped and formed. I am sure that God must have nightmares also. God  is unknowable, no name fits him, no belief system describes him, and every religion and belief is our own human understanding to the things which we mentally connect to the divine. We are all different in how we connect to God no matter if we are of the same religion or do not believe the same religion. It is why it is called a path in magic.

So the Native American Shaman, the Christian Minister, the Islamic Oman, the Buddhist monk, the Jewish Rabbi are all talking about different aspects of the same divine being which we do not understand. Trying to make everyone the same and hating the people who are different causes problems. Trying to convert people because you know you are right is a problem. All of this type of reasoning and belief systems cause conflict in the world. Religions are about God and not about who is right or wrong. It is all about our individual actions which are good or bad.

Even belief systems that rebel against the divine still worship the same God just a side of him that no one else would want around them. So the next time you or someone you know gets into a discussion about religion it should be about tolerance and kindness. It is the same for all mankind no one understands God so we follow the will of God as interpreted by others. We know what is right for us and should listen to our inner self and soul instead of people who want to make everyone the same instead of enjoying the beauty of life.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Respect-taking responsibility for our actions to others

"Many religions have been brought to this land. And the way my religion is, they teach me, and they taught me, and told me to respect all religions. And I still do that." -- Horace Axtell, NEZ PERCE 

All religions are a different pathway to God and all should be accepted in that way. You do not have to worship the ways others worship but you must respect the belief's of others.  I accept everyone's religion and try to find a healing method that suits their belief system. I feel that if a person chooses a religion it is twice as powerful for them. Yet many people are suited to the belief system they are born into and have been taught the prayers all their lives.

It means that when you love a belief system or religion that love goes to the divine of that religion. The religion also shapes the persons in the proper way to act towards others. I have a spiritual path which means I am doing this because I love God in all his forms. Yet religions developed to teach customs,habits and promote safety for their members.

The rules of cleanliness in some religions prevented illness. The laws upon what should or should not be eaten also promoted good health and prevented illness. All of these things are done for certain reasons. Many religious books have the added wisdom of generations in comments and advice. All of these things are from centuries of human beings trying to understand and communicate with an unknowable all encompassing divine force beyond their total understanding. 

Our eternal self or our soul understand this fact. Yet the conscious mind does not understand this and tries to lump people into groups. Once you lump someone into a group instead of as a people of individuals the bad actions begin. It can happen with nationalities, gender,color, and religion. 

Respecting others and taking responsibility for our actions is the key to being a real person. No one should allow someone else to bully, or treat someone badly for any reason. Yet respect for others and our myriad religions is the way to start in this process. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011


“Your primal brain is programmed for three responses to fear: freeze, flight or fight. You can choose to freeze and be consumed as your fears eat you alive. Or you can run away from your fears by engaging in various distractions which bring only a false and temporary feeling of safety until you once again have to run and hide from the same internal predator. It is only when you decide to stand and fight your fears, in the battle for the life that you want and deserve, that you can defeat the beast and emerge victorious!”

I have found this to be very true. I deal with clients who are in all stages of fear. They are traumatized and do not know what to do. Some of them freeze and do not want to believe what is happening to them. They have always believed in science. Seeing ghosts or worse can cause them to have mental problems because all of their belief's and expectations about life have been proven wrong.

The people who take flight will panic and bring worse things into their lives. If it happened once where they saw a demon or had a demon infestation then it may happen again. They have to watch all of the time and be ready to escape. They will hook onto a person and believe they are safe. The only safety is starting a form of divine worship to be able to stop the problems. Anything of an infernal or other worldly nature is something which has to be dealt with by the opposite forces. The main thing I do is find the solutions for people to let divine energies into their lives. Divine love will dissolve and nullify evil yet the people who have strange experiences will always lose their faith in the divine because it is not supposed to happen to them. No one knows what life has in store for them.

Our choices make it so we experience certain things including spiritual problems until we return to where we are meant to be in life. So no one can say that their life is set and that certain things are supposed to happen. We hope to find someone to love and care about us. We hope to be able to live a good life and support ourselves. Yet life is like a sine wave. It goes in cycles of up and down and we have to be ready for the good and the bad in life. No one's life is perfect for their entire life. The ones who have a perfect life until something happens are the ones who do not know what to do when bad things happen to them. So struggle and adversity will teach us how to survive and endure.

No matter what happens to us we are strengthened and good will help sooner or later. The main question should be how to bring good and the divine into our lives quickly when we are having a rough time. The answer is to fight and to endure. I have gone through horrendous suffering at times in my life. The work I do makes it so that I have energies and entities fighting back because they do not want to be removed. Many people trying to improve their lives have the same resistance to good things happening. You do not give up hope but you keep fighting.

Fighting has to be done in the proper way. You have to plan out what you think will make your life better and keep trying until you see improvements. You have to be consistent, and not let others drag you back down into the mental, physical, emotional or financial spot you found in your life that caused the suffering. You have to take responsibility and release all your expectations. You have to do what works to bring the results that you want to have in your life. You have to endure the problems and people discouraging you. People can help you and show you what to do. Yet you have to develop the mindset of the evil will not come into your life again. You have to stop it in its tracks and show you do not want it in your life.

I always think of the moment in Lord of the Rings where Gandalf is on the bridge facing the Balrog. He hits his staff on the bridge and says "You will not pass." it is what each of us has to do in our lives to stop the bad things happening to us. Releasing, forgiving, and learning is the solution to this. You then fight, plan, endure and be consistent until you get the results that you want in your life. Some times it does not seem to go right but when you are done it is always in the place that will work for you.

No one who has ever been a success has had an easy time of it. They all learn how to fight properly to get the best results. The wrong way to fight is by abusing others and putting yourself first. You need a certain amount of aggressiveness but you have to be the real you. Fighting the negativity in your life will bring great rewards and make you a better person. You will have compassion for others and learn to be kind if you do not hold onto your suffering like a badge of honor. Abusing others and acting badly will bring more of those energies into your life where you find that you destroyed the good things by putting out negativity.

All the struggles of life do one thing. They change you as a person and make you a better person if you overcome the fear and worries you have about life.  No one is here to give you sympathy and tell you how horrible it is that happened to you. It is all about your figuring out what is wrong, and finding someone to help you. It is then learning to empower yourself so the bad things do not happen again. You know how to deal with any problems and endure.

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My blog will be about my work helping others with spiritual problems. I will talk about methods, try to brainstorm on different methods, and many of the problems I encounter and the people encounter with being able to be healed.