Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Solfeggio Harmonics and LIfe

I enjoy listening to some of the videos on You Tube. I have a down loader to put the videos on the computer so I do not get the interruptions. I downloaded some free videos and figured that I would enjoy listening to them while I wrote up some new prayers and methods for my clients.

I did really good because I did not hear any distracting sounds. I have a screen door on the front of the unit I am in and saw the neighbors going by even with only seeing their feet. No one really stopped but they slowed down in front of the door. I saw different feet than I have seen before.

I was able to do the writing I had to do quickly because I was listening to healing sounds and it kept me going. I was inspired and I plan to do it again. I kept seeing the feet circling in the hallway. Kids playing and baby strollers going by which was unusual. I do hear the neighbors and their children but not all the time. The baby that is normally crying went by laughing.

I was proud of myself and knew I had been a considerate quiet neighbor. I took off the headsets with out stopping the recording and the computer loudspeakers were playing the sounds. Everyone could hear these weird vibrations sounding like something electrical was really messed up.

I said " Darn those sounds were supposed to go through the headphones and heard someone laughing. They must have been trying to figure out what was broken or what was making the weird sounds.  The harmonics were healing the hallway. I always say that computers teach us humility. Yet it is one of the best laughs I have had in a while. Most of my neighbors are busy people. This was about dinner time.

I hope that it breaks the ice. I started to go down to the floor with karaoke machines because I was making to much noise singing in my unit. I do a pretty good Bon Jovi on Bed of Roses and It's my Life. I do a good Gun n Roses on November Rain. I have my favorites but I did not realize that I could be heard over the whole floor and the people above and below could hear me with out a microphone.

I bet every neighbor I have would vote right now to get rid of the weird sounds and just have me sing. Life is funny in many ways but I thought of the people upstairs trying to hear where the appliances were broken and just had to laugh. Enjoy your life even if you have to laugh at yourself. Laughter and joy in life bring us closer to everything good that prevents our having a good attitude.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

True Humility- thoughts on thinking only of yourself

True humility is intelligent self respect which keeps us from thinking too highly or too meanly of ourselves. It makes us modest by reminding us how far we have come short of what we can be.Ralph W. Sockman

I tried to write on a screen play I am doing today. I know after trying to use the free software I am going back to the paid software which is easier. I had about despaired but found I had registered the software so even if I lost it on my computer I could get help. I was able to upgrade the program even with my last laptop no longer functioning. I was so relieved. In the new download it had the message when done. Please register your program and protect your money and your investment.

I feel that computers, software and many of the social networks today teach humility and lessons. I see so many people promoting others that are really promoting themselves. I am good at doing the work and not good at promoting myself. I always feel that my work should speak for itself. Yet others judge you and think of the things they would do. I have had people who never contacted me say people should beware of me because I ask for money, do not give a business address, and do not give a phone number.

I work through email because it is easier. I use SKYPE for conference calls because it is cheapest, and is not a phone number people can call where I am woken up through out the day and night. Yes that has happened with people insisting I heal them because I should do this work for free. I do not give an address because the business is on the web. Yet this person felt that they could judge me because others had caused them problems.

So what do we do with our lives. Do we pick apart others for no reason. I notice some people have looked at my photos and said everything in them could be explained by my knowing photo shop. I do not have photo shop at all on my computer and just know how to crop and lighten. Yet they told me complex ways to do things that I had never thought of doing and their photos looked like they did them that way. The person harassed me for months.

How does this connect to humility? All these people were thinking of themselves. They never once looked at the photos with fascination. They never once thought how it would feel to be called up in the middle of the night or early morning and wake up everyone in the household yelling at me over the phone that I had to heal them. They missed out on the whole point of interacting with others.They thought only of themselves.

Humility is all about how you feel about yourself. A humble person can be said to have low self-esteem at times. In our world we do not put ourselves in the other persons place or think I would not want that done to me. In our world we think I took great photos but hers are better so I will say she is a phony. So should this also be that empathy is part of being humble. I think so because most of the humble people of the world loved others and always thought of them differently than what we do today. 

I can see it in my own life and promise myself each day to put myself in the place of others and show compassion to them. I hope all of you think about a daily promise so that you think more of others. It may be the nicest thing you have done for yourself. I may use examples from my life but every person I admire through out history has had similar issues. Maybe humankind will show the divine side of itself when they think more of others in their lives. We may hear we should put ourselves as number one but we are part of a community. Every thing we are as a person good or bad is shaped by the people we are around. Our teachers, family, friends, community and world. We are not only ourselves.

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My blog will be about my work helping others with spiritual problems. I will talk about methods, try to brainstorm on different methods, and many of the problems I encounter and the people encounter with being able to be healed.