Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Blog will now be posted on the Website and new online store

Hello Everyone
I have been trying to learn SEO techniques and so far having the blog on the website and linked to the blog here was the best advice. The link to the new post is

And my store has new products in MP3's and many more to come. The MP3's at the moment are-

Remove Blockages to True Love mp3
How many people are still getting over a past love. They have been hurt and not able to find a new love. How many people have just been hurt by how they have been treated. I used a divine connection and my singing tones and notes to effect the energy on all levels to release to the divine creator. The people testing this one noticed a release and seeming to be more attractive to others.

Remove Dark Programming mp3
How many of us have been programmed by curses, abuse, hatred and cruelty to react in negative ways. It causes people to make the wrong decisions because the decisions are powered by the negative dark programming we have in our subconscious and conscious mind. I did the chant and the singing connected to the divine creator. The people who tested this method were helped and had dreams showing them where the conflicts were and how to correct them.

Children Grounding and Protection mp3
How many people have children who have nightmares and problems sleeping. How many parents have psychic children who see things others do not see. The grounding and protection helps the child to feel safe with short pdf directions to help the child overcome their problems and fears. One child who tested it out has been helped already.

Nullity Shield of Protection mp3
I developed this shield for people who have problems with energy drainage. Energy vampires are present everywhere and seem to be able to drain others of their good. This shield makes it so you can not be seen by demons, magicians, and energy vampires. It makes it so no curses can find you. I also included a short pdf of ways to make the mp3 stronger. The people who tested the shield have been helped already

Shut Them Down 3 Goddess Curse Reversal
I did this from my roots when I first started learning magic. The Goddesses work well together and anyone will be able to see the results. This has already helped the people who tested it out.

The link to the store is

I hope you enjoy the new blog post on the website.

Welcome to my Blog

My blog will be about my work helping others with spiritual problems. I will talk about methods, try to brainstorm on different methods, and many of the problems I encounter and the people encounter with being able to be healed.