Friday, January 30, 2009

Energy Signature or Soul Song?

I have been busy doing new techniques for the upcoming book. I knew before I started that project that I needed a rest. I am relaxing and visiting a dear friend of mine at the moment. I brought along a book I wanted to read for the airplane and have found some interesting thoughts in it.

It is about the soul. The soul song is the souls melody and I always hear that in what I call the energy signature. It is interesting to me because others have heard this melody also and it is verified through another source.

The author has suggestions on how to use the divine in distant healing techniques that are similar to my techniques. A combination of both of them means that it will be difficult for evil to attack any healer that is trying to help someone at a distance. I work through photographs for that reason as any negative energies will try to manifest at the healers home by following the energies. Using a direct soul connection makes it easier and also makes it that the negative energies would be contacting the divine as the source to attack with what I have been working upon using in combination.

I love being able to relax as it always helps me to clear up problems and be creative. I may start taking each Saturday off as I work 7 days a week now answering emails. I also may just do it during a certain time during the day answering emails for clients. I have tried to always be there during a crisis for others but I feel it is limiting my time to actually work.

I need to be able to relax, create and invent. The vacation has shown this fact to me and I am always working anyway it is just the clients needing reassurance. The psychological aspects of healing are hard at times because you can not change others. Yet by making myself more effective it benefits everyone.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Book and Advanced Methods

Many people know that I have a book out in print. It is symbols used in a magical alphabet for breaking loose the effects of psychic attack and helps people to heal. It was so expensive to print it through a Self publisher or Print on Demand publisher that I left many methods out and made it small so people could download the book and be able to print it off on their printers.

I now have a regular publisher who wants me to do a book on the alphabet but with advanced methods. I am excited over this and thought what are the worse problems people are dealing with and doing sacred geometry, sigils which are signs of the spirits according to their names, and other symbols including a touch of chaos symbiology to attune the symbols to the people who use them.

I have different energies I am trying to use to bring the strength of the feminine or Shakti and Shekinah energies into balance with the male energies of the divine. I believe our religions and society has ignored the strengths of many feminine energies.

You hear feminine energies mentioned at times in the Bible, and Torah. Miriam is an example from the Torah. She danced and sang at the seashore to thank God for the miracles he had wrought in saving them from destruction and death at the hands of the Egyptians. Mary Magdalene and how she has been ignored is another thing that could have been turned to the positive and balance in religion.

Archeas are going to be one of my new methods. I have found little information on them but they are the Shekinah aspect of Angels and Archangels. They represent the divine female energies that together form the bride and the bridegroom that make both balanced sides of the divine.

The correspondences I have found so far have been on a Ning network site and I would like to thank El. It is called Messengers of spirit and anyone who is a healer and wants a good site to relax at I highly recommend it.

Archea Faith -fire-South the male energy isArchangel Michael
Archea Aurora-Earth-The male energy is North Archangel Uriel
Archea Mary-Air-East The male energy is Archangel Raphael
Archea Hope-Water-West The male energy is Archangel Gabriel
Archae Charity The male energy is Archangel Chamuel

It makes for some interesting thoughts about how many of these names are virtues of the human race and how the Archeas relate to these virtues through the feminine. I hope to find more information and do more work on these subjects.

Yet it holds true that in other religions the females have the creative, and compassionate sides of the energies while the male energies are the force that brings them into existence and reality. I hope to make my new methods the things that are needed in life.

Good communications, love, kindness, cleansing and clearing, forgiving others, employment, abundance, healing and other subjects that apply to the problems of this world. I believe that the only way for this world to heal is to bring alive the divine in all ways to bring to life the good in our existence. The focus right now is on discord and upset so finding ways to bring the good alive and people having hope is very important to me. It is like finding divine sparks in this earth and glorifying them for everyones good.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Neglecting the Divine Feminine-A Big Mistake

I was recently despairing over how to help someone with problems. I decided to do some reading and found holographic healing with a person who claims programs created a reality that the person keeps running through nonstop. The person can have the problems removed but since her perceptions and reality see it as still there nothing changes. They actually reinsert the standard possession and problems they have through belief.

Belief is a big deal in magic. It powers everything for if you do not believe in yourself and your capabilities then nothing you do will work. If you do not believe in the divine then you can not reach the divine with your prayers. The divine can find you but with out your asking for help the divine energies will not violate your free will.

Evil can find people with out belief and turn their lives inside out. Many times they find ways to block people with connections to the divine to prevent them from doing something or helping themselves. They are capable of doing this as so many people believe that this world is Hell and not the realm of the divine. They ignore all of the divine sparks and energies that can be brought alive by positive acts of kindness, self-sacrifice, compassion and heroism.

So the male part of the divine seems to be blocked to the people with problems in many ways. I then thought how could I bring alive the divine feminine. The Goddesses are the ones symbolizing compassion, Archeas are angels who work with the divine feminine, and all of them are of creation. Creation can rewrite and remove the holographic realities as long as the person keeps persisting and using the healing methods.

Goddesses are also sin eaters full of compassion for those who punish themselves for their own sins and the sins of others they accept the blame for happening to them in their lives. They also are the patrons of rebirth, creation, love, and all of the things the victims need in their lives to replace the flip side of negativity.

Many times I see the tree of life switched from the positive side to the negative side in people with their chakras representing the spheres of the negative and drawing the negative into their lives. I have fixed these in many people but the negative keeps showing up and reasserting itself through the beliefs of the people.

I hope the work with the Divine Feminine will work and help all of the people with problems with loving themselves and creating a good life for themselves. I am testing it out right now.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Initiations can be dangerous

I thought I would talk about initiations and how they can be dangerous. I did a case history recently on being sure you want to dedicate yourself to the path you are initiated into as this is very important in magic.

The main reason for this is that any group that is a ceremonial group called a mystery school has what is called an eggregore. Eggregores are an artifical being that is compiled of a physical link to the group which can be the same for generations of magicians. It depends on how long the lineage of the group is, what forces the eggregore is aligned too, and how it was done.

The person may be willing to dedicate themselves to a certain path of high magic. Yet if the leaders are lazy and do not get the right message they accept people that are wrong for the group. The eggregore rebels and then the person who is initiated is not right. It causes problems with balance for the person as most of these groups now use the lesser ranks as batteries. It can cause health problems and other multiple problems.

The person being used as a battery means that the energies of the person are balanced for the group usage and some people are not suited to the balance. It unbalances their basic nature and is not for them and any person that cares about their initiates should be careful about this one.

Another thing is to check the person for certain problems which would prevent them from being balanced. Chemical and hormonal problems will also cause a lack of balance. It can make it so the initiation does the person permanent harm.

Earth magic and Wicca are less intrusive but also have initiation levels that the person has to be ready to accept. The group eggregores there are constructed of the individuals guardian spirits and they normally are aligned in the same way. It is not a battery situation where the person is forced into the proper balance for the group.

Yet again there are problems with this also. A person with a mental illness, or chemical imbalances will also be affected by the energies. They will be in misery if they are not capable of matching with their guardian spirits and will find themselves lost all of the time.

All of these conditions have to be thought of by a caring teacher. Grounding and centering should be emphasized so this does not happen to anyone in any type of group. Many teachers never believe this is important yet if you can not function below on this earth and can only be a star in the higher levels it makes for a person who will drive themselves out of reality.

Shielding and knowing how to filter energies where you identify who sent them, what their vibration is, and if it is harmonius is also important. All of these are basics that get neglected. Be sure you are not the victim of lack of understanding of the basics of energy work.

Welcome to my Blog

My blog will be about my work helping others with spiritual problems. I will talk about methods, try to brainstorm on different methods, and many of the problems I encounter and the people encounter with being able to be healed.