Sunday, September 27, 2009

Retrograde Mercury

People do not give astrology credit for the things it gets right. Retrograde mercury always affects my life with communications problems. It can be irritating and maybe frustrating at times yet every time I see arguments going on I wonder if Mercury is Retrograde.

I know the effects for me always seems to be miscommunication. I send emails and things are not understood. I waste 90 percent of the time explaining them when it was simple in the first place. I realized recently some people do this to get attention but it still always happens during retrograde mercury.

I believe that we just ought to learn to laugh and try to go with the flow so to speak. Anything that gets started during retrograde mercury can be problems. So when things do not work out realize life is just testing us again.

Finishing up projects that have been started before retrograde mercury is the best thing to do. Yet realize that if you start it during Mercury retrograde you just have to go with the ups and downs.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Chaos and Conflict

I was watching a special on Satan on the history channel. It really made me think about how people act. Satan is the most popular thing to blame when things are going wrong. The Dark Ages had him as a great villain. Peaceful years had it where he was believed to be a rebel and the societies that gave him a break had major flaws.

The main one was that they discarded all of the belief systems and felt that what was important was taking care of yourself. The people were all out for number one and even philosophers made Satan look tragic. The special made me realize that we are doing that in this era in time. Evil is made to look tragic and beautiful in our movies and television. Are we in a period of world revelation which will occur through some tragedy like the black death in the Dark Ages?

Anyone who pays their bills know how desperate the companies have become. They act like they will go bankrupt if they do not get that extra two dollars that they made up a service for to get your cash. Every company I know of is trying to suck that last dollar out of everyone's pocket.

Yet I have seen customer service go down to a level that is unheard of in inefficiency. A friend of mine bought a laptop computer and it acted funny from the start. He took it in twice to the shop and it is still being repaired and was shipped back to the factory. It does not take 4 weeks to fix a computer and no one will help him get a new one to use. There is a warranty, and no one listens to him when he calls up to ask about the computer. Regular customer service would just give him a new laptop and redo the old one at their own leisure. It is not only cruel but the store and manufacturer will lose business over it. Yet they got the initial bucks from the sale.

The United States has been having a rough time economically. People with huge amounts of money are so greedy they steal from charities. If that does not mean this is a time of Satan or that if there is a devil he is not influencing our society I do not know what we need to do so show that to everyone.

So chaos and conflict were shown to be what occurred when the devil reigned in our societal values. Wars, and deaths. The Dark ages had wars and the black plague. We have wars, ethnic cleansing, abuse of women, and many problems all over the world. The Dark Ages had the same thing with out television and computers.

Could it be something that tries to make us find that part of the divine that helps people to work together. That shows money is not important enough to hurt others over or drive the world into an economic slump. Maybe that people should be treated as fellow human beings whether it is to a company, other people, or world ethics?

It is something to think about but the main times societies and civilizations fall is when people quit working together and start hurting others to benefit themselves. I know there are many good things happening also yet we are focused only on the chaos and conflict because that is what we hear about every day.

The thing to think about since we can not control anything anyone else does in their life is are we out for ourselves? I like to believe that if people showed more kindness and help one another the world would be a better place. We can at least keep our part of the world in good shape and maybe it will spread to others.

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