Sunday, March 22, 2015

Discrediting people-How others do it

I do not have a quote for this week but just a few thoughts. I made the silent revolution post because of the experiences I have had with a religious group. Yet it is true that when people have companies that do news shows that do not show respect then they treat the person differently. I am just a foreigner and not a Filipino yet I listened to the shows and just thought wow!

It is the same way I have been treated so it happens in a sort of insidious way. Someone decides that since they did something wrong or could get in trouble through their actions they make statements to others. It is always stuff that discredits the credibility and actions of the person.

They are out of trouble and everyone is blamed except them. It is a human way to do things because no one wants to look like they are the problem. The person they were supposed to advise wonders what happens here and they look good. They can say things like I did not understand it that way with what you said to me. He is mental because I do not remember it that way. They do this all so they look good when they really were the people who messed up.

You have people treat you differently and the station I listened to the information on the TV where they did this is a broadcasting company owned by Iglesias Ni Cristos so no accusations or slander intended yet it seems they were not showing any respect.

So being a psychic who has had the same tactics used on her it just seemed the logical conclusion. Leadership is a hard job and many times in the US the people who accuse the president of things do it behind their back in such a way that no one can find fault with them.

They say that was not the instructions they received or they were told to do it. It is all about political influence and game playing and that religion has a history of being called king makers.

So excuse me if I as a American saw a trend just like in the US. The US also has had a pork barrel scandal and a Tea Pot dome scandal. One was corrupt politicians and the other was about oil. The Philippines is a young democracy and has to grow by its decisions. The only way to do this is by designing their country by the examples of others to avoid the others mistakes.

Most of the mistakes in the US that I can see are from the President not having a line item veto where he can take out the pork so to speak. The other is the influence that gossip and nastiness can have on the reputations of others. It does not have to be true but just be good gossip. It is always some sort of clique and always a group with special interests that does this to the politicians.

They always have an agenda and it is always like being in a pillow fight. It does not hurt but the results can be as bad as anything else if the pillow hurts someone or breaks something.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

President Aquino-In the Midst of a Silent revolution

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Edmund Burke

I have lived my life by this quote with out realizing it. I know when my script is being written for me and recently I have discovered a cult that claims to be Christians but I call them Christ killers. My reason for this is they are really a hate group that started out with slander and rape when they formed their church. They have called themselves Kingmakers and supported the presidents they could manipulate and control. If they can not manipulate and control the person then they discredit them, try to destroy them, and everything they do is for the church to benefit.
They are called Iglesias Ni Cristos and I will be placing links that are public knowledge on the web. I call them Christ Killers because their doctrine shows they do not worship Jesus Christ but yet they claim to why they do multiple crimes. They threaten to kill members if they leave and demand 20 percent of their money. If they do crimes for the church then they count that as money being paid off their tithe.
I used to enjoy seeing the strategy behind how others act and what they do. It fits in with my last post about how is your script written. So here is the next segment and I plan to do more on this subject. The Christ Killers are in 178 countries and will be a world wide problem as workers, nannies, nurses and doctors because they are controlled by their church and do anything for their church. Including murder, lie, steal, human trafficking and much more. They kill Jesus Christ every day of their life with their breaking all the rules of Christianity.

There was a scandal about the election being crooked when President Aquino was elected and a big fuss. The machines were worked upon by the technical people of the Philippines and Iglesias Ni Cristos always tries to recruit and have as members people in the government, technical people, film crew and others for their own agendas. I know of a person who has been harassed by them and her modem and phone lines are the very tools that they use. I thought how would I do this to discredit and impeach a president if I was this group and wanted to get in on the money from the oil. It would also get the many members out of prison and jail plus get the members in the middle of the pork barrel scandal back in power.

Number One-I would discredit the President by setting him up with trusted advisers from my church. It would not be hard since Kris Aquino his sister is a member of this church. I would then make it so they would tell him one thing and have him sign documents that said another thing or electronically add them to an already signed document.
Number Two- The press would keep making little slurs which would not be serious. Just like something I watched yesterday. The PNP had a commander in chief removed because of corruption. The people told him information anyway and the Magansapano Massacre happented- police SAF commanders died because of it. Everyone knew he was removed so why did they do this? All of them should be fired and criminal charges filed against them. 

Instead I hear about Aquino having to apologize, who is the real chief of the PNP which is the person that appoints the Commander in Chief which is obviously President Aquino. I have also heard comments from INC members that they rule the Philippines and control it. So why is he to blame? They should be executing every person who gave out information as a traitor to the country that caused these deaths. Yet if he gave information to advisers to delegate authority to get things done by experts and they did not do their job who is to blame? Advisers who are trying to discredit him are really looking like they are winning at the moment.

Number two- I would be sure my organization would not get in trouble by having computer experts, clerks, officers, judges, lawyers in places where they could remove records or change records. The Iglesias Ni Cristos harrass people to remove them when they pick a victim. Yet they do not seem to actually get put in jail. They never seem to leave the person they chose as a victim for one of their films where they murder them, rape them or otherwise call it a blessing film with child pornography and many other acts all over the world.

So be sure to have this support system in place. It would cripple the government, utilities, and destabilize the whole infrastructure of the country. They could kill with impunity and do what they want so if a reform politician or President did not follow their instructions they could make everything go wrong. It would be subtle and they could always have their workers fired and claim stupidity. They would have the technology to be sure they could get another job.

Number Three- Have someone to blame so they did not get in trouble. The Iglesias Ni Cristos pick what they call scapegoats which is one part of the Bible they know really well. It is like the Wag the Dog movie I mentioned and they are doing this to individuals to manipulate the situation to cause these problems. You can all laugh at me but see how many Iglesias Ni Cristos are right in the middle of the problems blaming everyone else.

So poor President Aquino. I would get rid of every adviser and replace them. I would investigate the Church and put a ban on hiring them if the investigation proved they were destabilizing the government. I might put them in just one facility and have them count mosquito bites with no computers to keep everyone out of trouble until it was proven what they were doing.
I would demand Loyalty Oaths and the Television stations would be monitored for truthfulness by the UN or some other watch dog organization so they could not longer be owned by one individual with out some sort of structure. I say this because my sister lived in a Latin America country and she said most revolutions were decided what was said in the TV and radio stations. So all special interest groups would not be allowed to slant the news.
Cyber Crime and electronic surveillance and doctoring of the TV can be done. I would also put any NBI and PNP, Armed Forces and others to a special loyalty oath where they could be shot on sight for certain infractions that were considered mutiny.

Here are the links-

Sunday, March 8, 2015

How Do You Write Your Script in Life

Two Scripts
Adar 17, 5775 · March 8, 2015

Based on letters and talks of the Rebbe, Rabbi M. M. Schneerson
Two ways you could write your life:

“I am so small, and I make such stupid messes that even if the Creator of this magnificent universe had some plan for me, by now He must have given up. So I do, too.“


“I am so small, and I make such stupid messes, yet nevertheless the Creator of this magnificent universe will not let go of His belief in me. So neither will I.”

Torat Menachem 5742, vol. 3, pg. 1522. Ibid 5747 vol. 4 pg. 261

I found that this hit home for me. How do we think of our life? How do we think of ourselves and how we feel about our life? I always feel small and insignificant and yet stupid messes can happen no matter how small you are in your opinion.

I normally do not give up and I always try to figure out how I make the stupid messes or if it is someone else helping me to make the messes. One person can only influence so much. You can make a stupid mess and if it does not go out on TV or the Radio who knows what has happened except the select circle of people that were there when the mess happened. So how can we think the creator feels our messes our important to anyone but us.

I enjoyed the movie Wag the Dog with Dustin Hoffman. It came out years ago but the one thing I remembered was what they called spin doctoring. They called it Wag the Dog because the tail actually controlled the whole dog. They were trying to make it so the President did not commit a crime. So they blamed it on everything else and actually made up the photographs and filmed things happening that were movie scenes and skits. By the time they were through the President looked innocent of any wrong doing.

People who create messes try to find others to blame for the messes. If they have the capabilities to do something like Wag the Dog then an innocent statement, a moment of frustration is used against a person to blame, disgrace and destroy them in every way. It is a mess in every way but it is blamed on a person that did not do anything. How can anyone believe this of the person? How can it be believable. People always want to believe someone acts worse, is inferior, or some other fact about them to make themselves feel superior. It stops being believable when it gets complex because none of the scenarios fit to disgrace the person if they lose control and if the person is not the way they show them to be. So being yourself and acting the way you always act is the best defence.

So the question here is do you give up the messes feeling that God has given up? You can use any deity you want in this question but do you quit? Do you feel the truth is unimportant and that every thing but honesty is more important in your life. Then you are the type of person who creates and blames others for your messes.

So it shows you should ask the question did I create the mess? Did it occur because I trusted someone? Realize that trusting someone is not bad but what they do with your trust can destroy you at times. So we may be in a stupid mess through no fault of our own and have to fix it.

That moment is when I think God never gives up on me. He knows I always try and do not give up. There must be a way to fix the mess. I am sure he will notice and teach me so the same mess does not happen to me again. Yet realize it can also be a Wag the Dog moment where you have to stand up for yourself and be honest. Trusting that others will be so appalled and shamed by what the others do will not work. Knowing that God has not given up on you and will help you for the truth to be shown and the stupid mess cleared up is priceless.

You can write your script by your faith and belief in a divine force that helps you and loves you. Only evil forces create messes to harm others on purpose and most people think God is angry. It is not God at all but evil filling in the spaces to create messes that may move you closer to God.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Difficulties brings Inspiration

“The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the
more significant and the higher in inspiration his life will be.”

“I have brought myself by long meditation to the conviction that a
human being with a settled purpose must accomplish it, and that
nothing can resist a will which will stake even existence upon its
fulfillment.”—Lord Beaconsfield

I saw this quote and had to post it. Everyone has difficulties in life but it is what we do when we encounter them, I know for me the difficulties with in can be just as upsetting or more so than the ones without of me.

Everyone can find someone else to talk about when it is things that are difficult that are not with in your emotions. Everyone has methods and experiences that will help you to heal or resolve your problems. You can always find good advice or hire an expert to help you.

The difficulties with in can be from abuse, trauma, and unusual happenings and these are harder to deal with because there are many people who just do not listen. If it is not something they want to believe in then they can also be abusive or nasty by trying to say if it is not something to believe in then it can not be happening to the person.

Look at what happened to the people who had divine missions in their lives and created great change. Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and many others are just an example of simple human beings who through their own actions changed the world.

They were not perfect, and made mistakes. They had convictions which created great change and caused them doubt yet they did what they thought was right and the world was a better place because of them.

Realize in our own way that we make the world a better place by creating inspiration and helping others with difficulties. A good listener is worth a persons life at times because you may be the only person to give them hope. I decide each day to treat everyone like how I want to be treated. I may never get the treatment back but if I change someone life for the better I am doing the love of God or Loving Kindness in my life for everyone.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Shielding and filtering for Healer classes and much more

Healers need to filter and shield themselves for each session. Many healers do this by prayer and depending upon divine energies. Yet this does not always work especially in the type of work that I do because many of the people having problems are psychic and link to the healer.

Psychic vampires who do not realize that they drain others can also be a real problem with healers and many other factors. How can a healer work upon these problems and still be able to help the person while shielding themselves from these issues.

Filters are the main way to do this and having a protection system set up using layers and a variety of methods. Empathic people can be a real problem because they link differently at an emotional level and start of feel the healers illnesses and problems because many empaths are healers themselves. They can also drain a healer quickly because of their being able to hit the emotional energies and using it themselves to try to save themselves. Most clients that do this are afraid and worried over their problems and on most levels do not know that they do this except on an etheric level.

Clairvoyants and mediums also can draw in spirits and have problems where the healer picks up on the spirits and they try to attach to the healer. So almost every psychic ability and talent seems to have challenges for the healer.

The next problem is having sympathy or identifying with the problems being healed. A certain detachment is needed with compassion being necessary to do the connection for healing. Compassion or loving kindness is necessary for a good healer no matter how difficult the client.

I plan to do classes on helping healers to protect their energies and filter the influences in healing. I will do a months of lessons plus unlimited emails for the month for $250.00 and will also do SKYPE sessions to help the student with specific problems.

I plan to do this on various subjects and will list them on my website besides in my blog please contact me at either of my contact emails for a subject you would be interested in learning.

Other subjects include:
Simple Curse Breaking-learn how to help yourself be free from negative situations
Abundance prayer-Using prayers and chants to bring abundance.
Connecting to Angels-Ways to have prayers heard by God and the Angels.
Learn your Psychic talents and how to Control them
Anger control through meditation and prayer
Uses of Crystals and Crystal balls

Welcome to my Blog

My blog will be about my work helping others with spiritual problems. I will talk about methods, try to brainstorm on different methods, and many of the problems I encounter and the people encounter with being able to be healed.