Monday, September 29, 2008

Exorcists, Facts instead of Opinions

I have been dealing with people having opinions for years about what I do to help others. Most of them are not very flattering. It is happening again to others. Psychics are this and that when a few years ago it used to be mediums. People saying true healers do not charge while expecting to be paid on their regular jobs. Clients that have paid or even not paid fees that your life is their life. You do not get to live your life unless you pay nonstop attention to them. Clients who you try to empower so they do not need to pay anyone but can live life the same as everyone else. I have had people claim that because they did something that they cured themselves and I did nothing.

I thought that maybe most people just do not understand where most people in my specialty are coming from and why things are the way they are. So I felt I would do a few blog posts and work the posts into an article on my website.

The first complaint is that real healers do not charge money. Healers first started as working upon people in a village or community of villages. The community supported the healers. It was like tithing to a church. It was good energy to make it so the healer had a home, food on the table, a horse to get to cases. Today everyone has stuck with the opinion that does not want to pay someone to help them with their life. Psychiatrists get paid. Doctors get paid. They are paid whether the patient heals or dies. They are healers.

I am a professional. I am an expert on these problems. Money is an energy and I know that I am a fair person who does her best work. I have the same problems with my clients that the other healers do. Doctors fail because the patient does not follow instructions, tries to control the situation and really just plain laziness on the patients part. Psychiatrists have the same issues I do that the patient needs to work on themselves. Yet the patient wants a magic wand waved over them so they do nothing except emote about their lives. It does not work. Yet listen to a patient that was ordered by the court to attend sessions with a psychiatrist scream when the psychiatrist reports them when they do not attend sessions. Patient confidentiality even when the client acts badly and complains to everyone that the doctor is not supposed to report what happened it is their privacy. If a doctor has to have you there a certain number of times why should he break the law or get in trouble because of the patient?

I have had clients do illegal things, and also do dishonest things that could get me in trouble. In one instance I had to show proof of what happened as the person stopped a check after writing me that I was a psychic and they did not pay psychics even when the treatment worked. I was supposed to not say a word of why they saw me while they accused me of forging checks to get money from their account. This was after bouncing a check to me. They had complained so much about everyone else that no one cared what they said anyway including the bank.

Psychics and other slams are next. I have studied spiritual methods for 37 years along with helping others. Yet I can not count the times I am called a psychic like that is nothing and the person says how do I know you are real. I can not see if you do anything or not. No respect for training, experience, or calling me by my proper name. Psychiatrists make a great deal more money than I do and no one can see anything they do either.

Yet the Psychiatrist is a trained professional also who does their best to break the person out of the negative life choices and patterns of behavior. Psychiatrists replaced shamans and healers in villages because of being scientific. Yet it is the same job. Yet they can not do the energy work or connect the spiritual to the mind and body to heal what one method alone will not cure.

Many people do not believe in demons or have to call them by other names. Yet the victims who many times have never studied magic or been religious have to deal with something they did not believe in or want. Yet in one instance recently I saw a person insult the person with problems who was suicidal and then call a person trying to help them a predator because they charged money.

I know most of my clients have seen psychiatrists and doctors yet others feel duty bound to judge and make their life more miserable than what it already is about. The reason for this is fear. People do not want to believe in these energies. Very few people will do the sort of work I do because it is dangerous.

Most exorcists, Spirit releasement specialists, energy clearing or by what ever names they call themselves do not have easy lives. Others want to judge that as not being right with God. Yet they ignore the fact that all of us have been noticed by demons for helping others. It is like a psychiatrist that takes only violent patients and has problems with them trying to hurt him. They work upon others that have problems they can manipulate and control. They stalk the psychiatrist and work upon everything in their peripheral life until they are put where they can not do that to others.

Demons do this and have to be put where they can not hurt anyone also. It is dangerous work and most people that have talents will not do this sort of work. The reason for this is demons work to ruin lives and cut people off from the divine. I know with that sort of danger that you would think that people would pay money, be nice, and be grateful for all of the expertise and hard work. Many are that way and I thank them by doing a good job.

Instead some of these people are predators of the healer. They are psychic vampires who drain the healer dry. People who take their past out on others and manipulate and lie to get services for free. Controlling narcissists who love only themselves. They have the script written and the healer better follow it or they do something so nasty to be in control that it is horrifying.

I try to be kind and nice but to these sorts of people I have sucker, and low self-esteem written all over me. It is the same with everyone else I have talked to who does this sort of work. The nice people I do have make up for it yet the obnoxious people make it so many healers will not do this because of them more than the demons.

I have talked about demons and angels on this blog and feel you should read the articles. Yet the main thing is demons can not exist in this world with out using the ambient energy and molecules of this dimension. They have to inhabit a living being of this dimension to exist. The legends and myths say how many of them are defeated. Mankind has a divine channel where it can reach to the divine or to evil and chaos.

I know some people are problems to deal with because of their connection and nature being changed towards evil. The changes are dramatic when they come out from under the cloud of negativity that is harming them. I will talk more about this in the next post. Yet if you look at the world today how can we say there are no demons?

Reiki Attunements and EFT as aids

I have been trying a few aids to help others so that they did not have the problems with negativity. Two useful tools have been reiki attunements and EFT. The EFT tapping system works really well with my energy work on clearing out the energies from past traumas, and memories. I have used a method which involves removing the access points by undoing the knots in the energy weave. The access points are always bad memories.

The EFT is also good for the post traumatic stress that always results from trauma. Most people who have been obsessed or possessed by evil develop this syndrome. EFT seems to be very good at releasing those energies so they can be processed by the person and removed.

The Reiki attunements are good because they raise the vibration level to a more divine level. Demons or Negative spirits always lower the vibration level. They make it so a person is depressed and upset where it is impossible to stay at a higher vibration. They can drive the person to drink or drugs.

Reiki Attunements raise the vibration level so it builds up a higher level connection that evil can not get through as easily. It stops some of the oppression that is occurring in the victims life. The main things that are noticed is that the moment the vibration level is raised people start talking to the victim, and being friendly. The treatment changes dramatically which makes the victim less isolated. The victim has to break out of their cycle to make it work but it is a big help.

Evil uses the patterns in our brains. The brain chatters to itself. The Buddhists call this the monkey mind but people who are oppressed by demons have their brain go in cycles of behavior. It is stimulated by different access points which lead right to negative experiences in the persons life.

I really call it being on the big hamster wheel of life. I used to love to watch hamsters run around on the wheels in their cages I thought they were so cute. Yet the victims do the same thing in their life and things have to be used to break them out of their patterns of thought.

People have more problems breaking out of these patterns and it keeps them in the same cycle. The spirit can be gone and they will not believe it and keep doing the same things like it is still there until they can believe it is gone.

I have many methods for breaking the patterns and EFT and Reiki are two I thought I would mention.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Power of the Divine

Today I had brought home to me how we can cut ourselves off from the divine. The divine is all around us yet how many of us know how to connect to it. People with problems can work nonstop and not reach past the energetic shield that evil seems to place around them.

I have had moments of being discouraged because I did not know how to bring the divine into someones life. The giant street sweeper weapon against evil is divine love and being able to have angels hear you. Worry, anger, hatred, talking to evil and variations upon this theme is what keeps that energy up there.

Yet evil tries to make this world look evil to God also. It is its purpose so it can do what it wants in violation of our free will. I read a beautiful article today about the soul of God. That there were divine laws that proved God had a soul.

The nice thing about this article is not only did it give the laws and the viewpoints of how this proved the divine. It had a beautiful poem in it.

I Am
I Am The Fire within you...The Spark of Life.
I Am That Which Sustains.
I Am The Source Divine.
I Am immanent and pervasive within all.
I include all.
I Am You inspiring, aspiring, and being.
I Am beyond you, transcendent and cosmic.
I reveal myself progressively and cyclically as you are ready.
I Am The Answer to all problems and questions.
I Am All That.
I Am Here Now.

This is very true that connecting to the divine is progressive. The more you connect the easier it is and goes in cycles. The cycles happen because you have loaded up the energies around you with divine energy. You make the divine spark in everything in that area glow so God sees you like a solar flare.

So no matter how hopeless it is for people who feel they are block and nothing is happening while they try to break out of the problems that brought them to me. It is not hopeless and one day the divine energies will break through and it will be like they came out from under a cloud.

The world will look different. It will be better and they will realize that the divine has always been there for them.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Thoughts of the Divine

I always state that with out the divine I can not do anything. I have heard much in magical groups about personal power, and how they are such a high level. Yet with out that divine spark with in them they would not be able to do anything.

I always think about the problems I have with some clients linking them to the divine. Every thing has to be done through their own belief system. It is the only way they will have faith and belief in what was done to help them.

Yet most of the people I help have problems with these thoughts and emotions

1. They seem to believe that the divine does nothing to stop evil. So they feel evil is more powerful than good. They might not consciously verbalize it but it is how they react.

2. They doubt everything. They are always double checking things to be sure they do not fall to pieces. I see this as a matter of control. No one has control over their life. You can only control how to act to others.

3. They all have fear and anxieties. I have to say on this one in many cases it is which came first the problem or the fear. The fear and anxieties spawn the rest of the problems and allows evil to manifest in their lives.

4. They all have normally suffered some sort of abuse and trauma. It also gives bad memories for evil to hook to and manifest the victims memories to create monsters.

5. They do not understand happiness and joy in life.

I know with todays society that many people will have troubles. No one can be positive all of the time but the ones who have the worse trouble are the people with these thought patterns. The challenge is getting them to change.

In poor countries the people may have things worse than the US. Yet here so many people act differently to adversity. I believe our reaction and how we compare ourselves to others is a big part of this. We are not entitled to have things go right even when we do everything right. What we are doing just might be wrong for us.

We are not entitled to life either. Yet we have that gift to experience. The joy of life while we are living it is our greatest gift of all.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

An Intense Few Days

I started trying to diversify and make some extra money doing a few things to make my website pay. I took a social networking course and found that I enjoy talking to and meeting the people. It does not make me good at marketing. I did love having a place to try to just work with bringing abundance to others with out the normal problems I deal with on my website.

It means to me that I may diversify more in the future not in marketing but for what I can do to help others. I will start to spotlight more articles from different places that might also show people different ways to deal with problems. I have seen there are a great many people with good ideas also and will probably be putting together a network myself with a variety of methods and groups to give people ideas.

I also mentioned in one group that part of the work anyone does who is trying to work on themselves should be helping others. I like to send loving kindness energy to people in the Wal-mart near where I live. It is one of the few stores in the area and everyone always looks so stressed out.

I have seen many groups worried about the planet and the environment. Yet the place to start curing the planet and environment is your own spot on this Earth. The rest just will spread over time as more people work on helping themselves and the environment.

The same is true spiritually. It is easy to evolve and focus on spirituality when you do not have to live in the world. The world today blocks spirituality in many ways. Yet if more people did things in such a way to open people up to themselves and their spirit the world would also change a person at a time.

It is what I try to do clearing land, clearing homes and people. Open the world up to good and let it shine with divine light on everyone. I challenge everyone who reads this to try to help kindness, and goodness shine its divine sparks on this world. It all starts with us.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Energies of Rituals and Ceremonies

I have been doing magic for a great many years. I looked over some methods that were supposedly developed from Aleister Crowley s works and Thelema. They were supposed to be able to control the abyss. The Abyss in magic is the forces of Chaos, and there is a demon assigned to them.

Aleister Crowley used a method to conjure this force in 1947. I notice the difference in his methods and work after doing this ritual. I would consider something that overcame chaos and restored the power of the Divine and order would be uplifting and pure.

The energies off of the rituals mentioned were more for glorifying Chaos than controlling it. It made a mockery of the divine in every thing mentioned. I wonder if the demon just didn't make a deal with Aleister Crowley saying I will let you live if you will write up ceremonies so I can get millions of people instead of you.

I have had a knee jerk reaction to Aleister Crowley since I first started reading magic books. I just felt dirtied by the energies of his ceremonies later on in his books. His correspondences and reworking of the Golden Bough was interesting but the rest of it said to me that he just missed the point.

I guess it could be said to be an opinion of major ego since he claimed to be an Ipissimus and so special. Yet if the energies do not feel in balance but feel sullied, dirtied and of chaos I will not do the ceremony using that method.

I have wondered since then if I shared a life time with Crowley and just did not like him because I knew what he was and what he did. Either way I have felt a real revulsion to him and his methods. The abyss is a big deal as it put you in a higher rank. Yet I wonder how many people really cross the abyss and earn that rank.

The methods I have seen are more for glorifying the demon than overcoming the challenges which involve dissolution of ego. Keeping yourself in equilibrium and balance and dissolving yourself to be connected to the divine even if only for a moment.

The main thing to gain from this is not my wondering about the truth about the people as much as if a ritual or ceremony feels wrong do not do it. It can trap you in mistakes for a lifetime of problems. It is also to learn that even in magic a higher level magician will sacrifice others many times to save themselves. Why? It is because they feel more important so the others can take the punishment for their mistakes.

I may try to learn some of the ways people are interpreting Hermetic Magic in the new ways of thought about magic. Yet I refuse to do anything that does not feel right to me. If it was meant to be for me then it would not be so loaded with energy I did not like. I learned this lesson many times that the soul will communicate that something is wrong.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Birthday and My Gift to Myself -talking about my life problem

Hello Everyone
Today is my birthday and I am giving myself the gift of talking about myself and my spiritual problem. I wear myself out helping others, and do not charge much as a consultation fee. I have had quite a few people tell me everyone else they contacted wanted to start with $1500.00 or more to do any work at all. I charge $50.00 to start and ask for a donation upon results.

Yet the first thing I hear from people who consider themselves knowledgeable in magic is that I have no ethics and am a predator. I have had three people lie about me and when I offer proof everyone acts like Oh well and no apologies for what was said to me. Like it is Ok to abuse me.

I used to cry about it and ask why God wanted me to do this to help others. I realize that most of these people have their own perceptions and in their ego led life they are feeling that they can judge others and never listen to any thing they do not want to hear. I am tired of being poor because I try to do work for others who can not afford it. Yet I do not know any other way to help them with their problems. I also know these same people would scream bloody murder and raise fits if they did not get paid for the work they do. Yet they judge me nonstop with a double standard which is what they are about in their life.

I have self-help plans where people can do things for themselves for a reasonable price. Yet none of these things seem to work. Charging has gotten rid of a great many of the liars and abusive people. I do not care if I am popular as much as I can do the work, and help the people who are not lying about their income problems.

The real clincher recently was someone asking me why I was not voting for Barack Obama. My reason as a Reverend in an Interfaith church, and a spiritual person was because he ditched his friend, mentor, and spiritual adviser of 20 years the moment it became known what he preached in his church. Obama attended this church for 20 years so had to agree with the pastor.

It was about black rights and done in the style of the 70's. The teachings of Louis Farrakhan and other things that showed hate. Yet none of the people objected to the teaching of hate whites. Obama is half white but he must hate that side of himself to listen to those teachings. I do not hate any of the races that make me up as imperfect as they might be.

I was a victim of these preachings in the 70's and do not feel a president should be a member and accept spiritually the advice of hate. It is bad enough that our society is making it so you are not human if you are poor, ill, or a minority. It causes resentment and anger which goes into hate. Yet the person running our country should be fair to everyone including his own Grandparents that he calls the white folks. Including having the woman who influences him the most, his wife, not be someone who shows how anti-white they are in public.

Anyone who gets rid of a spiritual adviser after 20 years just to look politically correct would be willing to lie, and do things just to get elected. This is not unusual but it will not be good for any race if the hate is fanned to a flame by the opinions of the president.

I stated all of this, and was told I had no ethics, faulty logic, and was abused and put down by an Obama supporter. I was prejudiced. I have wondered when it has happened that issues can not be discussed about a potential president with out a person being prejudiced. Look at my photograph and see all the races in me how can I be prejudiced?

Anyway my message today is stop the abuse. All of you who read this realize that when someone disagrees with you it is not a personal assault. It is a way of how they feel and if you did not want to know you should not ask. Stop the abuse of judging others, and saying they are playing into the peoples mental problems when it comes to spiritual problems. 90% of the people I get as clients see psychiatrists who can not heal what is wrong. Yet addressing the problems both ways with healing the spiritual seems to get results.

Stop the abuse of treating others badly because they are not what you want them to be. Try to look at it from someone else's perspective and respect them as a person. If you have to be abusive or nasty then you have lost the perspective of a discussion and just are a bully. You are trying to prove your superiority and that you are special. We all leave this world in the same way and no one is special except in the mind of God. The rest of us are here to learn how to unite with the divine and experience life.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Attract your True Love Magic Box

I am in a good mood today as I finished a project I have been working on for a couple of months. I wanted to design a way for someone to attract their soul mate, their true love with out forcing them. I have mentioned it before. Well I finished it today and now it is my Attracting Abundance box plans that I have to get done.

I know that the people I had test it out said how nice it was and how they felt good about it. I realize how few times people really say nice things. It is always good to hear but I wish that people would be kinder to each other. Yet it was nice to hear today.

I also added freebies on my main astral healer website plus a library with books that can be downloaded so I have felt cheerful about that also. I hope everyone enjoys the new additions.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustav

Hurricane Gustav caused many deaths in Haiti. The people are suffering there and now it has washed over the levees in the US. All of us should take stock of how much money we have and send a little bit.

Most of the time I encounter charities that want more than $20.00 but even that from a thousand people will make a huge difference to people in Haiti. My heart goes out to the people who just recovered from Hurricane Katrina to now have their homes threatened again by a hurricane.

I know the people in the US complained about not getting aid quick enough yet what happens to the people in poorer countries who do not receive much aid at all. Please all of you who read this blog think of giving a small amount to a charity if you can not afford a large amount.

Welcome to my Blog

My blog will be about my work helping others with spiritual problems. I will talk about methods, try to brainstorm on different methods, and many of the problems I encounter and the people encounter with being able to be healed.