Friday, September 30, 2011

Free Your Mind of Sorrow

"Don't be afraid to cry. It will free your mind of sorrowful thoughts." -- Don Talayesva, HOPI 

I can not count the times I have needed to have a cry. I was raised in the normal fashion but my family always got upset when I cried. I always heard the statement from my Mother "So you want to cry I will give you something to really cry about." It gave me the message that I was not supposed to cry. My worries and fears were nothing to anyone else.

It stayed with me through my child hood and adult life. I was supposed to be strong and not cry. I was not to express my sorrow and grief. I finally realized how much it crippled my emotions. I knew people that had been in families where they hugged all of the time and were affectionate. In my family it was a good night kiss and that was about it. It did not help that I was around others who were also trained not to cry.

I have found many people with this training in their lives. My Father was not afraid to cry and express his feelings. Yet so many men are afraid to do so because they worry about being perceived as weak. I am the same way even at the worse moments because of how my family trained me. I would finally sit down and have a good cry when no one else was around and let go of my sorrow and grief.

I felt better except for my eyes being sore. I released the things bothering me. The actions of others and horrible experiences. I cut them loose and forgave everyone and set them into the past. Forgiveness does not mean you have to be around the person again or let the same thing happen to you. I moved on in my life in better ways because grief and sorrow freeze you in place just like so many other emotions.

Everyone would be healthier physically and mentally if they had a good cry every now and then and let go of their sorrow. It frees you for the better things in life. The reason for this is suffering and sorrow draw more suffering and sorrow. Joy of life brings more joy.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Encouragement and Love

“Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not
like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will
not forget you. Love me and I may be forced to love you.”

 William Arthur Ward

I have to agree with this quote from the experiences of my own life. I have made my mistakes in assessing people and what they act like to me and others. My wise Aunt once told me that how people act is more important than what they say or others say about them. I made my mistakes in life and realized how true this was when dealing with others.

I have a dysfunctional family so my first mistake was keeping friends who acted like my family so many of us do this to ourselves. I have always been criticized and ignored by my Mother and Sisters. I grew very good at criticizing and ignoring others.Once I started studying the works of spirituality I started to change. All of the things I had been shown to do to others I had to look at and say do I like myself. If I do not like myself then why am I doing this to myself and others.

I had an ex flatter me and say all of the right things. I would have done anything for him. Yet again I was picking people like others I had been around who only thought of themselves.  He ended up causing me problems that lasted for years that I had to work through and resolve. I found that many people laughed at others being naive or trusting. It hurt worse than my family and I tried to hide the sweetness, love and kindness behind being tough.

I found people who encouraged me in my work. I love helping others for that reason. Yet many times it comes down to being blunt and telling the truth. People do not always like this and do not see that I accept that back from others as well. I saw with their expectations that they were ignoring what I really am and what they had to do in their lives.Expectations can be deadly as the divine healer is the one who decides and has control. The rest of us just wait upon him.

I have loved many people and some have loved me back. It is the most wonderful experience especially if you find someone who not only loves you but encourages you. It does not mean you had sex with them or that they do what you want them to do. It is just genuine love for a person you care for and understand. It is the blessing of life. I have had others do this for me and I have done that for others also. The criticism, flattering and ignoring that you experience from others make it so once you find the difference you never let it go.

May everyone find the person who will encourage and love them in their lives. If you have found them give them a hug and kiss to let them know you appreciate them.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Doubt and how it can draw depression into your life

"If there is a shadow of a doubt someplace, that will cause a weakness." -- Wallace Black Elk, LAKOTA 

Many people that I know have worked at magic. They try very hard and have perfect book knowledge yet I never see them practice magic. They do not try to change the energies of their lives for the better. They will work upon themselves but they miss a big issue.

Most people who do not try to manifest magic have doubts. The flow of the universe brings us what we focus upon in our lives. Yet most of the people I am talking about can not manifest their wishes or the Law of Attraction rules.  Everyone is supposed to do this but the key is to how people think and believe.

I had one client I taught who did a beautiful job at magic. Yet she could not seem to get the fact that her doubting her work turned it back into energy.  She would describe the ceremony to me to get credit and then she would ask me did it work. Her doubts held her back from achieving anything with magic. She also had doubts about anything going right for her. The things in her life generated more problems because she kept worrying about what was needed to make things work. She also kept checking with every one to see if they worked. She doubted her ability to do anything in her life correctly.

This is an extreme reaction but the things we want in our life is full of vibrations and energies. Those energies generate in us an image which fulfills our desires. It also explains a great many of the problems that my clients have with evil beings and creatures. They always doubt that God will help them. They then said God did not help me and I was innocent. Yet they drew what they feared which is God would not help them with evil.

I have had times where I have been blocked from the divine and not allowed God energies into my life. I always was down and miserable and just accepting things. We do not have to accept bad things happening in our lives. Even if it is preordained to happen the energies can be changed for the better. We may still learn the things that we are meant to learn but we can make it easier on ourselves.Key words and key phrases from out childhood and life generate these doubts. Statements made by others like you are ugly will make a woman doubt her looks the rest of her life even is she is beautiful. The parents saying you can not have money with out suffering or hard work will also affect the perceptions of how things happen.

Yet some people keep their love of life and can generate the good things coming to them even in the depths of misery and poverty. The difference is they can laugh at things and always try to think of the good things that could happen. They do not accept that their life will not change. Change happens to everyone and keeping positive thoughts will keep it from being the really bad changes. Curses and demon oppression happen because people are forced in energetic vibrations that keep them in the places where they are vulnerable through doubt. Yet we can change these moments so they bring about good even with the negative energies trying to drag us back.

The reason for this is that divine love powers the universe. We do not have to suffer or learn lessons. We do not have to suffer hardships. We can change all of this by giving the divine and his helpers the permission to work in our lives.  A simple prayer or affirmation causing positive thoughts can change the energies of the day. Looking at the beauty around us can help with this also. Anything which focuses on higher level vibrations help even when every thing around us is dragging us down. We can accept that we are children of God and that a good life is waiting for us. We can say we deserve the good things in life, and are worthy of the things we want coming to us.

It is doing that even if you are homeless, living in a tent, and miserable because it leaks. You can think at least I can gather water and take a shower. It is beautiful. That is better than thinking I will die here, I am wet cold and miserable. It is hard to do but loving life no matter what it is will bring more good to you. Laughter and not doubting the world being a good place to be will manifest good things in your life. Everyone needs to do this and learn they can not control their lives. Yet everyone can enjoy the ups and downs and the adventures that bring you to where you are going in your divine life.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 and thoughts of Transformation


Based on letters and talks of the Rebbe, Rabbi M. M. Schneerson

When light pushes away the darkness, eventually another darkness shall come.

When the darkness itself is transformed into light, it is a light that no darkness can oppose.

I felt this was a good quote for the day. Darkness hit America with the terror of 9/11. We were suspicious of everyone. Conspiracy theories were every where. All of a sudden people started to study Islam and see what those people were doing. Derogatory terms were made and they started to use spin doctoring and every thing they could think of to make it so they were a poor abused people. The Muslims who wanted peace were pushed to the background and had just as much propaganda pushed down their throats to get them to act in a certain way.

The reason I say propaganda is it was an event used to transform the world. We lost our confidence in the government who to this day is putting out terrorist alerts. They were scared also and acted in a way different than usual. Everyone wanted something to be done but there is no cure for this illness. We all started to think badly and our bad thoughts brought about more bad events. We have had leaders not in touch with reality since this moment who made it so we kept thinking more bad thoughts and of more disasters.

Other countries in the world were attacked and now we have whole nations who are afraid. I say that we stop this cycle. Fear, bad thoughts, misery and being dragged down is how evil plays with the people I remove evil spirits, and energies from and heal. Think what the whole world is doing to each other. They are creating thought forms and huge amounts of energy all focused on disasters and conspiracies. The US has had more natural disasters happen recently than in its entire history. All the energies of past places we have been tied too by karma such as the countries in South East Asia are adding to the feeling of powerlessness. We as a people are losing morals and ethics in dealing with ourselves and others. World events before the World Wars during the times we were able to help others show we have been lacking in this as a country a number of times.

Yet the world did not have the economy collapse, or any of the other events until we were scared and did not have the ethics to say something was wrong. We should not be interfering in other countries business as nations that is up to the United Nations who should be neutral. They should not be forced by the interests of countries. We should stop this judging of others and instead start to send loving kindness, prayer, and good energies towards good decisions and good things happening to the economy. Our depression has done enough harm and this would transform all of the energies so good could happen to everyone. We should clear the energies and land of the events that tie us to other countries so all of the countries can move forward to a new life and focus.

I enjoy the posts of the different religions that I signed up for but transformation is what we need for ourselves and others at this moment. I honor 9/11 with all of the sacrifices of others for this thought. Let us transform ourselves from fear and failure to the bravery and heroism of the people who died from the tragedy of this event.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Inner Anxiety                                                                                  
Based on letters and talks of the Rebbe, Rabbi M. M. Schneerson

Often, anxiety takes root because a person’s external character is incompatible with his or her inner self. The anxiety may dwell upon other issues and obsessions—but none of these are the true underlying cause.

Most souls can tolerate a few inconsistencies. But others are sensitive to every nuance. As soon as some aspect of their lifestyle is not attuned to the purity of the essential self, the entire person is thrown off balance.

I received this thought in an email. It made me think of the times when I had been anxious over nothing. At least that is what I thought it was-nothing. Yet I have to say every time I have anxiety something happens in my life that makes me realize why I was anxious. At times it can be an overwhelming thing of worry and trying to dissect everything that can go wrong.  Yet I do the action or thing that makes me anxious and realize it was because of my inner self or soul.

I always know when I am anxious I talk incessantly trying to make others laugh so I can relax. I am nervous for no reason and I always discard it as just nerves from meeting new people. Some times that is all it is about and other times it is because my inner self knows that I am dealing with something that violates my basic principles even if I do not know it.

I am best at protection. I feel good about stopping harm, preventing curses and freeing people from demonic energies and other parasites that cause problems. Yet on other things it is cutting edges and feeling like I am on a tight rope. I have one of the natures that every nuance of my life causes inconsistencies to my soul. There are things I know I would die before I do them. Yet what about those things that do not seem that bad. It should be OK to do it and everyone else does it are the normal thoughts.

Everyone else is not you. You have to be truthful to yourself and realize it is not the truth. You have things that cause you anxiety to do. I do not like to lie, steal or enforce my will on others. I will watch others and be sure to be warned about what they do but I do not violate their free will.

Anything that is not right for the person always falls apart. We can try to analyze why and state it is for different reasons but we have to realize it was not for us. This is true in relationships, and every time we deal with others. In magic imbalances occur with negative forces that cause our soul to rebel. It will not allow us to do the things that are wrong for us. People who do the things that are wrong will always have an opening for a negative force to attack them.

Again it is the choices which the anxiety warned about and we did anyway. It is the things you do in your life because it is not really defined if it will be good or bad for you and your life. It is being around the wrong people and being naive enough to believe them. It is also trusting in the wrong things and actions. Our souls, guardian angels and forces of good always try to steer us in the right direction. We do not follow their advice and listen so end up experiencing the bad and doing the very things that cause us the most problems.

Some people are affected by negativity where it is almost impossible to make the right choices yet listening to our inner anxieties might help the people who do have problems.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Perfect Lives and Happiness

if we all had perfect lives, we would never know what happiness was because we would never be sad or mad enough to know the difference.

I read this comment in an email and I know it is very true. The reason the world is dual natured is to give us a comparison of what could be happening. We become grateful for the good moments. The acts of kindness we experience from others when we are down and much more.

The seven deadly sins are used by evil to access my clients among other methods. Sloth is the major one of these because the word was translated
from Greek improperly and means apathy and depression. The world is full of apathy where every one feels they can do nothing with the social trends that are happening to everyone. The depression of people has become an industry with new and different kinds of pills. Yet many times when things are bad it is healthy to have a depressed moment about life because it helps you to a solution.

Anyone that has been told they have a major illness or other problems will be depressed. It is just how long it lasts and if it leads into apathy. Depression can be seen as a lack of faith if it is long term. The person does not believe that God has anything good in store for them. It helps the bad things to manifest if you put more energy into being depressed and powerless.

My clients have shown me many times over the years that once they break free from problems they have more intense emotions, and more appreciation for things going better in life. They know the difference. If they keep focusing and looking for evil the problems are drawn back into their lives.

Everyone has bad times and bad things happen yet when they do not get any good coming into their lives something is wrong and blocked. If you think more of allowing your well being to come to you and focus on good things. Visualize them and see the end results happen it will work for most people. Focus is a big part of this also.

Keeping your focus on good thoughts and things you want to do will also make going through the bad times easier. Happiness is not a physical fact or condition of a perfect life. You can be happy in the worse times also. It is a frame of mind and it also fights depression and other things that make us go in the wrong direction. Happiness can be about having a shower or a good cup of coffee. It is all about perspective and appreciation.

The hardest thing to keep is a love of life and appreciation of life. Yet if you do keep a love of life and happiness you can endure anything.

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