Sunday, September 27, 2009

Retrograde Mercury

People do not give astrology credit for the things it gets right. Retrograde mercury always affects my life with communications problems. It can be irritating and maybe frustrating at times yet every time I see arguments going on I wonder if Mercury is Retrograde.

I know the effects for me always seems to be miscommunication. I send emails and things are not understood. I waste 90 percent of the time explaining them when it was simple in the first place. I realized recently some people do this to get attention but it still always happens during retrograde mercury.

I believe that we just ought to learn to laugh and try to go with the flow so to speak. Anything that gets started during retrograde mercury can be problems. So when things do not work out realize life is just testing us again.

Finishing up projects that have been started before retrograde mercury is the best thing to do. Yet realize that if you start it during Mercury retrograde you just have to go with the ups and downs.

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