Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Not allowing evil to triumph

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
Edmund Burke

I saw this quote tonight and say that I have heard this a great many times. Yet how many people know what this quote is really about and how it effects their lives. I go through people telling me all of the time. Why do you try to help others they do not care? You are worth ten of that person and yet you made yourself sick and wore yourself out helping them.

I always say that by doing what I do and asking the divine to help me I add some light to this world. I may not get the results I want to have. I would prefer to be able to wave that magic wand every one is looking for and have their lives become perfect.Yet I am just a person and the only reason I have any results is because I love God and he works through me in my attempts to help others.

I have had many cures and many people writing me and saying how much I helped their lives. I stick with them through the worse times in their lives. Yet I am human and imperfect like everyone else on this world. No matter what they are or what they claim to be everyone is human and imperfect. The only one that is perfect is the divine. We are not able to comprehend any of those energies completely because our mind can not wrap around it.

I like the thoughts I have read that we are dreams in the mind of the divine. It is the reason we get free will and are able to shape our inner and outer worlds. Yet if we did not have evil we would not understand what good was all about in our lives.

So I do my best to add in my effort to make it so evil can not triumph over good. I try to do my best to add a bit of good to the world if it is only being nice to someone. I hope everyone who reads this quote thinks about ways to add good to their corner of the world.

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