Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nothing Happens Quickly

"The best teachers have shown me that things have to be done bit by bit. Nothing that means anything happens quickly - we only think it does."
-- Joseph Bruchac, ABENAKI.

I saw this quote and saved it. I always hear everyone ask how fast will you be able to do this? How quickly can I heal? How soon will I receive the package. The whole world tries to make everything go quickly. In spiritual circles it is promises of your whole life changing with one seminar or webinar. One session with this person for XXX will change your life forever.

It can happen but the reason it happens is we have progressed in our work or our life to get things done quickly. The person who wants things to travel quickly uses a special services because life has taught him this way works. The person who wants to heal fast may have been ill for most of his life. Yet he still has the hope that things will fix themselves with out his work on the situation many times. The person who has chronic illnesses and does not ask this will be in a work or endurance program to make themselves well.

We are the person that has to fix things so they get better. It means that if exercise helps we do exercise. If we are allergic to something but love it anyway we do not eat it. I have friends who are gluten sensitive but love doughnuts, Friends who are lactose intolerant but drink milk and eat ice cream. They find ways to do this but it is because they want to do it.

It is hard to work upon ourselves as we are told so many things by so many different people. Self-help is one of the biggest markets on the internet. Spiritual self-help is great also and being able to fix yourself yet some times all of us needs guidance and ways to heal from others. A good doctor makes someone feel better than they have in years but they still have to quit the bad things that made them ill. A good teacher can show someone something that changes their lives but it is just part of the puzzle.

Solving our puzzles with others helping us and our helping them is what life is all about in this world.

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Anonymous said...

Ha, a good observation that we find a way of achieving difficult things somehow for that which is unhelpful or negative. The nack is to invert that unconscious motion for something positive.
The nature of the mind seems undisciplined and restless when buffeted through the emotional lense of the elements and the turmoil of mental chatter. The ego's preoccupation with time it seems diminishes as it's own illusory existence does. And vice versa.
Thanks for the posts Nita, I aways appreciate the teaching that experience brings.

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