Thursday, February 19, 2009

Symbols, Seals and Talismans

I have been working on advanced methods for my second book. I have developed symbols that use angel sigels and the glyphs from my book "How to heal from Psychic Attack the Problem Solvers alphabet. I am trying to use simple methods to keep it easy.

Yet all of them could be used as talismans and different ways to protect yourself. I have always enjoyed this and found myself surfacing from the computer around 5PM realizing that I would have to be fixing dinner soon. Even the dog is trying to lure me away from the computer with his favorite toys.

I wonder how many people with problems know about talismans. They are an easy way for an inexperienced person to defend themselves. The only thing that needs to be done is consecrating them at the proper time and praying over them. Some talismans come blessed already and made at the proper time.

I have clients that have tested the new methods out, and told me how they worked. The most important thing seems to be focus and concentration on the symbol during the activation prayer. I have been pleased by how they have worked and hope they will be a big bonus for anyone who buys the new book.

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