Monday, February 16, 2009

Home from Vacation

I am home from my vacation. It is nice to arrive home and not so nice to have to catch up on the housework. I am mostly caught up and now will be working on the book. I am happy I had a chance to relax because it is difficult to feel creative when you are busy working all of the time.

I gave a unexpected speech while I was on vacation and it really made me think about many things. I feel that many people of today are blocked by accepting others emotions and points of view. People who project their emotions to others can insert a projection of what they want the person to have in their lives.

The people who do this are not always trained in magic or even have great mental control. They do have that moment of trying to force their perceptions upon another human being. Many of us accept these projections and end up with the bad energies of the person who projected the emotions to us. I believe this is the classic example of a psychic vampire.

So the psychic vampire does not just access energies. It accesses our basic energy makeup to insert things we are supposed to do. Many people define their whole life by how others perceive them. They are traumatized because no matter how nice a person is not everyone will like them or agree with them.

I have developed a new method to help break these projections, links, agreements to suffer and accept others perceptions for the new book. I feel this will be a great help for everyone.

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