Thursday, July 2, 2009


I have cases where the people need a way to help themselves. I have tried many different methods but one that seems to work with some of the problem people are mudras. Mudras are hand movements that are used in Hinduism and Taoism. They are a spiritual gesture and energetic seal of authenticity.

Mudras have different methods but all of the methods use up to 108 to 250 gestures depending upon what method is applied. Tantric has 108 mudras that can be used for different meanings and purposes.

The Abahaya mudra which is translated as the mudra of no fear is used for protection, benevolence, peace and prevention of fear. It is great for people who have some sort of invasion in their energy system. The invasion can be through psychic vampires, the persons fears after being attacked. Each of the mudras can handle different parts of symptoms of psychic attack.

The mudras have stopped energetic invasion in many of my clients that are more difficult cases. They have used it during meditation or prayer to stop negative energies. I hope anyone with problems googles mudras and checks them out.

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