Saturday, June 27, 2009

Group minds, and Hive Minds

I have had a number of clients over the past ten years who have left groups that demanded oaths, and did initiations. The oaths and initiations are being used for a different purpose than they were designed to do. An initiation is a way to advance grades. It is a reward for accomplishing your goals and your work.

Oaths are necessary in many groups to keep the members from talking about special rituals and making it so the group is private. Oaths can also be made to Gods, Goddesses, and courses of study. People make unconscious agreements every day to conscious ones that they do not keep. I promise I will not eat all of your candy up again while you are polishing off the last of the ding dongs is an agreement but it is not magical.

Magical oaths are done differently and are binding in many ways. Implied agreements to spirits can be manipulated by negative energies into a magical oath. Agreements have become a big deal over the last ten years. It is why I have removing all agreements known or unknown in my Removing Negativity prayer.

Promises are an agreement so be very careful of the promises that you make. Do not take them lightly as a promise in a magical group can have severe repercussions. So the person is in a magical group and they demand an oath. Do not join any group that includes spiritual punishment in the oath if you do not follow the orders of everyone else. Read every oath carefully and if it includes magical punishment instead of casting you out from the group do not join them.

Magical punishment means that if a person one rank higher than you does not care for something you did then you get punished by the group servitors. or eggregores Every group I know of that demands a spiritual punishment oath also uses group minds, uses the members as batteries, and pushes all the negative energies into the lower ranked members. An oath using magical punishment is different from an oath demanding loyalty.

The group minds and hive minds are all the popular thing at the moment. The reason for this is the magicians are basically negative in nature because they believe their personal power is what matters not the divine. They link everyone together because a group is more powerful because it has more personal power. The group leader gets to use this power and everyone else has certain levels of access depending upon who they are and what they do.

It is a way for a person to have the personal power of everyone else and to use it for what they want to do. So if your personal power is used to harm another then you get the karma for it as much as the person who did this. So it is a way for the group leader to get what they want and spread the blame on everyone. Most of them make sure that none of the repercussions of their actions happen to them.

How do they do that? It comes back to the spiritual punishment oath. The group members who are out of favor or just not what the group leader wants are punished with the energies and blame from the bad actions of the group. They do not have to be conscious of what the group is doing and they can still be punished with the results.

I have heard about hive minds inevery type of magic there is on this earth. The important thing is how the groups are set up, do you have to take oaths that include spiritual punishment, are you linked to a group mind or group spirit. No matter how benevolent the group sounds if they use spiritual punishment, hive minds, group minds or any fancy name for any of these things. Do not join the group.

You should ask all of these questions before you join any group and work for their success and purposes. You should also leave any group that lures you into their group and you find that they hid any knowledge of group minds, group oaths and spiritual punishment from you. They knew it was wrong to do to you or would not have hidden that they did those practices from new members.

Anyone can meet others with the same interests. Join them in a group project that all agree upon with no repercussions, group minds, or strange oaths. The organizations give out ranks, feed the ego, and do everything to give people status.

It is not what magic is about and harmful to any member that is not attuned to the same selfish goals. Magic is about working on yourself, bringing the divine alive in your body, mind and soul. Learning how to work with divine energies if you are doing positive magic.

Anything else is an empty shell that will harm the people who do the spiritual practices that harm others.

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