Sunday, November 8, 2009


I have to admit that with the warnings from the CDC, the news about the terrorists harming people that was broadcast all over the world, and other tourist comments. I was nervous about India. Yet I will be leaving and returning home on the 11th. During the time here I have found everyone to be nice and kind to me.

My major downfall was plumbing. I turned all the nozzles and nothing came out. I did not realize I had to turn all the nozzles and lift up. I corrected that quickly, and for future travelers to India. The spray nozzles that look like something for dishes in a kitchen sink are used for cleansing yourself. I could not figure out why they were there.

India sort of sideswiped me. I felt so at home yet things kept happening that were different from what I thought was normal. Part of traveling is enjoying the differences instead of trying to find a place where everything is done the same as you feel it should be done. I have enjoyed the differences and have to laugh at them.

If you are American practice some proper English as the English spoken in India is British English and everyone looks sort of confused at American. I asked what soda pops a restaurant had for example. They said we have no soda pop but my friend asked for diet coke and they said yes they had diet coke. They thought soda pop was a name brand.

Yet everyone has been kind to me. The shop keepers see you as a tourist and raise the prices but that has happened to me in other places. I was really stared at and people thought my blue eyes were strange. Yet they were some of the friendliest people who helped to show me novel things about India. Western style clothes are what the Indians want to wear. I bought some of the Indian style clothes and the light cotton is really suited for humidity.

So I have nifty clothes, a change of pace, a better knowledge of curries. I also have to buy another little suitcase or bag for the gifts I have bought my friends. They cost next to nothing in US prices so I am not worried about customs and feel I have gotten my friends the best gifts.

India is worth while and I will never believe all of the warnings again.

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