Sunday, November 22, 2009

Photographs of orbs and spirits

I enjoyed my visit to Mumbai and finished my work early enough to do tourist stuf. The Gateway to India is beautiful and it has boats which travel to islands in the Arabian Sea.
My client and I decided to see the Elephanta Caves. I enjoy everything to do with archaeology and love to see different things. The Elephanta Caves are worth seeing and the first cave has a Shiva Lingam which is not common.
It is a very powerful spiritual object. I took a photograph of it as the guard allowed me to do so. the regular temples in India they do not want you taking photographs and I can respect this fact.
I was using a photo program on my pictures making it so they were lighter. I noticed the Lingam looked cloudy so cropped the photograph, and I was amazed. It had an orb in it and a figure looking down at the orb.
I feel this is so cool and wanted to share it with you. I also took photographs at dusk because the Square of India is amazing. All of the people in beautiful clothes socializing in the square. I took some photographs of the square and had to lighten them.
I lightened the photographs and saw orbs. The square along with the Taj Hotel in the background was the place where a huge terrorist attack took place in Mumbai. I left Mumbai about three days before the anniversary of the attack.
I was amazed to see orbs again as if they were enjoying the socializing. I do see spirits but I never expected to have so many photographs with them in the pictures when I was just relaxing. Check out the other photographs in my gallery at my website. I have added some new ones.

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