Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bubbles of Eternity?

I have been noticing the people who have problems seem to be trapped in bubbles. Shields which prevent connection of their divine nature to God. I have wondered how this could have happened. God is a loving and forgiving God. It happens to others of different religions also that have multiple Gods and Goddesses.

I have worked upon these cases and the methods I found that broke the people loose seem to all do the same thing. The basis was to release the fears, worries, and upset you have each day. People who released these energies and forgave themselves each day for the mistakes they made, and the things they did that were wrong or stupid seem to be healthier. They also do not seem to develop the bubbles.

The bubbles also seem to be under the control of the negative influences that seem to bring all of the worries and upsets alive. I have always felt that people who have any type of psychic ability should learn to control their own minds and thoughts. My reasoning for this is that visualization is the key to magic and manifesting everything in your life. The people who are psychic can visualize all the things that could go wrong and bring their own worries alive.

It helps to trap them in the bubbles where they do not get the divine help that they need. People who release and quit carrying their baggage also quit trapping themselves. I do not know what to name these bubbles but it seems to have the effect where the victims are trapped until they work upon controlling their own thoughts so it can not be used against them.

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