Thursday, October 28, 2010

clearing haunted land

I am going to start a new project. I plan to write a manual on clearing haunted land. I was watching the History channel and saw a show on Cambodia. I felt horrible and wonder how the people are able to live with all of the hungry ghosts and unsettled energies. It led me to think of many countries that have suffered genocide and the effects of war.

I did have someone from Serbia write me saying how the people and children that were psychic had real problems and were grateful for my articles. I told them they could publish them in their own language so it could help others.

People do not realize that spirits of the deceased that do not go to the light drain energy. They can cause mental illness, and physical illness for the people who live in highly unsettled areas. My heart goes out for the people of Cambodia, Vietnam, Serbia, Croatia and many other countries.

I have read articles on how people have had problems in many of the countries where the energies are not settled. I know the people pray and the priests, monks, and ministers all try to help clear these energies and bring alive the divine sparks of good. Yet what about such overwhelming death and evil being done? How much hatred, blood and death can an area absorb with out being able to absorb any more of those energies.

I know that battlefields in the US have many sightings of spirits from the Civil War and other moments of national trauma. I would love to be able to help the people who are suffering from these energies.

It takes years for energies to dispel if they ever do dispel. If there was any way I could help by teaching or giving methods to others I would feel blessed.

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