Thursday, November 4, 2010

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Lately I have been thinking about healing war torn areas, and places where genocide occurred. I believe that most countries in the world have problem areas. I know where I live in the US has problems. The area was cursed during the time of the Spanish trail when the priests were using captured Native Americans to transport gold and silver.

People do not realize that some Native American tribes had slaves. In most instances they were integrated into the tribes. Yet slavery leaves it own marks in a culture. The treatment and energies that happened can harm an area forever. The Spanish used captured Native Americans and sold them to other Native Americans.

I was contacted by an archaeologist that had problems with seeing spirits and nightmares with a medicine man chanting at him trying to curse him. He had excavated an old church in my area that was a way station for shipping silver into Mexico. He found blood on an altar that was in the church. He transported the altar to a museum and was haunted from that moment onward.

The land in the area attracts certain types of people and energies which need to be transformed and changed. I have been working on the area for 24 years and have seen what brought results. I moved there because I was taking care of my Mother. Yet I have never been able to feel welcome there.

I also saw in the Philippines how churches were built over places of battles. One church in Manila was built in the Chinese section. I walked into the Church and said the energies felt wrong because of blood, trauma and what looked like fighting and rioting. My friends and I went out the other entrance and there was a plaque on the wall stating everything I had felt. The priests must have tried to place churches on bad energy vortexes and areas. I am sure they did this because the power of prayer would bring alive the divine sparks and remove the negativity.

I did not see it working completely because the prayer stuck in one place and did not seem to influence the whole area. I believe this was partly because of the corner stones but I also feel that the energies needed a energy configuration to move the energies to balance and bring equilibrium to the divine sparks where they influenced the good in the area to come alive.

I also saw how the murder of others has caused haunted areas. I have felt most states with problems have these areas. I know some of the places I have seen in other states had different energies. It also includes deaths from flu epidemics, floods and other traumas that killed many people. So I feel that this can help many people.

I want to write down some of the geometric configurations and ways I changed the energies in the different areas. I also plan to write some warnings and thoughts. The warnings are to people that are doing this work. It is the major mistakes in personal attitudes that cause failure and the land not clearing. It can also cause the person trying to clear the land to be hurt by the energies.

I am rather excited over this and will keep you updated with my thoughts.

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