Sunday, October 16, 2011

Respect-taking responsibility for our actions to others

"Many religions have been brought to this land. And the way my religion is, they teach me, and they taught me, and told me to respect all religions. And I still do that." -- Horace Axtell, NEZ PERCE 

All religions are a different pathway to God and all should be accepted in that way. You do not have to worship the ways others worship but you must respect the belief's of others.  I accept everyone's religion and try to find a healing method that suits their belief system. I feel that if a person chooses a religion it is twice as powerful for them. Yet many people are suited to the belief system they are born into and have been taught the prayers all their lives.

It means that when you love a belief system or religion that love goes to the divine of that religion. The religion also shapes the persons in the proper way to act towards others. I have a spiritual path which means I am doing this because I love God in all his forms. Yet religions developed to teach customs,habits and promote safety for their members.

The rules of cleanliness in some religions prevented illness. The laws upon what should or should not be eaten also promoted good health and prevented illness. All of these things are done for certain reasons. Many religious books have the added wisdom of generations in comments and advice. All of these things are from centuries of human beings trying to understand and communicate with an unknowable all encompassing divine force beyond their total understanding. 

Our eternal self or our soul understand this fact. Yet the conscious mind does not understand this and tries to lump people into groups. Once you lump someone into a group instead of as a people of individuals the bad actions begin. It can happen with nationalities, gender,color, and religion. 

Respecting others and taking responsibility for our actions is the key to being a real person. No one should allow someone else to bully, or treat someone badly for any reason. Yet respect for others and our myriad religions is the way to start in this process. 

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