Monday, November 7, 2011

Your Image how do you show yourself to others?

The Image 
by Rebbe Rabbi M.M Schneerson

How you treat others is how G-d treats you. How you forgive them is how He forgives you. How you see them is how He sees you.

When you show empathy for the plight of another human being, G-d takes empathy in your plight.
When others slight you and you ignore the call to vengeance that burns inside, G-d erases all memory of your failures toward Him. When you see the image of G-d in another human being, then the image of G-d becomes revealed within you.

I enjoy the quotes from I found this one very interesting even if it is not always apparent. Many times I have found that I had one experience happen to me. I reacted in various ways and a year or two later I have the opposite happen to me. I then know how the other person felt when the problem happened to them.

I have always believed in forgiveness. The reason for this was my experience with seeing someone just wait years hoping and praying for someone to be treated the same way that person treated them. They made themselves ill and died long before the other person. It was as if they had tied themselves to the persons energies just to watch him suffer.

Empathy can be difficult or easy. It is easy to feel for a person going through problems that you have experienced. Yet you can not try to get that person to react the same way you do. They are a different person and you may give them ideas but it does not mean the same solution works for their problems. The help and the good intentions are what is important to do. The reason for this is it is the way you would have liked someone to help you.

Life has many things occur that mirrors the experiences we have had and the things we have seen happen in peoples lives. You can always say I can make this easier for them. It is an act of charity and the mirror that is shown is what is inside of you and how you relate to God.

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