Monday, November 21, 2011

Negative Experiences

‎"Negative Experiences will repeat for as long as they remain useful to you. 
So ask yourself: What does useful mean?
If something affects you, or makes you angry, or feels regretful, or hurts, or makes you sad, then you are getting use out of it because you are co-creating an emotional reaction.
Learn to let experiences move through you without getting stuck to you.
Bless, and Release, and Forg...ive, and Accept, and Love.
Then more and more of those experiences won´t repeat anymore because you are not going to get any value out of them and they won´t have any value for you.
So The Focus that you hold in your life determines How your reality turns out.
Our Intention is everything.... nothing happens in this planet without intention."

-David Wilcock

I found this very true in my work. I can not count the times I have given similar advice to others after they experience spiritual problems.  Problems will get others help and attention and your intent is everything. I have had clients who are upset with their husbands. The work on breaking links and problems always end up affecting the men and making it worse. The reason why is no matter how much it is said to someone most people ignore how really upset they are over how they are treated and how others act. 

I have felt the same way about how others treat me and it is not easy to get rid of the emotions that you are holding in and trying to be understanding and kind. It builds up so I have started a practice of forgiving and releasing these emotions each night and have found a prayer that will do it. The search for what prayer works for each individual to release and forgive others will improve your life once it is found. Yet that does not stop what we do with our intent.

Many clients want to feel sorry for themselves or angry that once the issues are removed it does not improve many areas of their lives. It is because the anger and upset helps them and they have a use for it. They play the poor victim, the abused person, the person every one always is picking upon, and many other psychological issues. They will blame it on anything that is done magically that is to help them if they are problem people. Yet their own subconscious issues will upset them every time if they hold their emotions inside of them.  They keep drawing and manifesting energies and this keeps the same issues going on in their lives until they learn that they need to let go of the past issues. Life is never perfect and no one promises them it will be perfect. Removal of unnatural energies does not make a life perfect because of the pattern of behavior in the persons life. It is why I keep helping until the problems and issues are gone. The methods are always successful but the person letting go of the negativity so it is successful and does not come back is the problem.

People also have the intent to set everything in their life so it is perfect. They never consider that their efforts might put them into a mental space that they have to work through issues to achieve what they want. The reason for this is their intent is put out into the world. Yet does not fit into the flow of their life. They picture it as a separate thing from the life they now experience. If it can not exist in the flow of your life the energies will freeze you in place. You have to release them to let them loose and forgive yourself for doing that in the first place.

I have found that for every intent there is a resistance. The more control and issues we create with our intent the more resistance there is from the energies of life. Life is meant to be experienced until you get to your goals. You do not have the control of how it is done and what will happen to you. You can write around many of the bad things in your life by doing different things but a degree of the experience will always hit you.

Healing involves looking at ourselves and our choices. Seeing that when things go wrong many times we have put this intent into existence and we should look at the reason why we did that to ourselves. An unhappy person will focus on the bad energies to be removed I even ask them to do so in a ritual where it removes links and negativity. Yet after that you need to set the intent of happiness and what you want in your life. The intent will make sure that what you want is brought into existence. It can be as simple as being happy with someone who is happy with you. It can be as difficult as making it so you are a millionaire. All of them set choices and actions into effect until you get to the intent that you set.

I realized that recently that I have always loved having adventure and travel. I have been living my dream for the past ten years. Yet I should have added in money when I did this so I could do it properly. Money never mattered to me so I have to add that intent into my choices. So remember life is an adventure and you can not plan adventures or experiences. You can learn from them and improve your life and yourself. Picture happiness and make it useful in your life and it will bring in every thing most people want in their lives.

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