Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Energies and Agreements

I have not posted in a while as I was watching to see any difference in energies. The energy is clearing and is being released to God yet it seems that I have to work on the patterns of the countries involved. All of us accept things in life which are not what we want in our lives. Countries do the same thing trying to make the laws and social interactions work for the country and the people.

I have noticed good energies being restored but the old patterns staying the same. The only unusual thing that has happened is a tornado in Japan. I have not heard that Japan had tornadoes but that might be my own ignorance of the weather. Yet the US has been having storms and I hope that equalizing the energies of the elements plus removing patterns will be a big help.

People always believe that when you do an exorcism everything is instantly gone. Yet I always get the problem people others have never been able to cure. I do help them and cure the problems but the main trick that evil uses is our acceptance and belief that we have to have bad in our lives. It is true that we can never remove much of the bad choices and decisions but we are also trapping ourselves and our countries in bad decisions.

The American people put up with things just like the people of other countries. We feel we can not change things but we can change the way we act. It may make it so the good we do changes the trends and patterns in our countries. Yet many times by the acceptance of others actions towards our countries we make agreements that can be used to promote negativity.

The patterns are a big part in the people not being cured because if you think about it. The spirit or evil is removed dozens of times and comes back. Why does this always happen to that person. Because of the evil being able to claim and oath or agreement was made for them to suffer. It is very easy for evil to stay around because of these patterns of behavior and agreements that allow the soul to have splits of energy inserted in it where the evil can claim agreements.

The same is true of our accepting the energies of war having to stay on this earth when they can be released and the patterns changed. I will keep trying until I will see a change and then know what combinations will work.

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