Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ghosts of Corregidor

I wanted to show everyone photos that I have of the ghosts of Corregidor Island. The first photo is of actual ectoplasm forming and you can see the head of an American and a Japanese person in the helmet holding the head.

I have a photo of the bunker when the door was opened and you can see there were no bumps or anything on the walls that would form this shape. It proves my point that these energies need to be released so the countries can heal. Otherwise the layers of negativity happen as if the country was cursed and they are always held back by past energies. Here was a photo of the bunker when the doors were opened.

I know that the bunker was clear. A little boy was there saying no I won't go in and there are ghosts there and his mother was saying there are no ghosts. Mothers believe your children is all I can say here. I was a psychic child and had many memories of the same thing happening to me.

We went to Malinta tunnel next and here is a photo of a soldier still fighting his battle.

The last is a photo of me with a Japanese soldier standing on my left hand side. I know that anyone who looks at these photos has to realize the energies that it takes for ghosts to manifest. The release of the energies of war, greed, anger, and hatred from these spots will help remove the blocks that are afflicting so many countries right now. It will restore the chance for the countries to thrive and have prosperity, good luck and health. Even a little change helps to move the balance towards good. I hope all of you will subscribe to my newsletter and help me by donating to the land energy clearing project.

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