Friday, November 16, 2012

I was able to get a Laptop Thank You

I was able to get a laptop because of my past clients, friends, and present clients helping me out at this moment. I lost everything I owned and needed a new apartment at the same time. Burglars are people who are out for money. They can be your landladies, and people you trust also.

Many times it is out of jealousy or envy which are deadly sins. I had years of people in my life having degrees and always getting things easily. Many times it was things I would never want any way but other times I thought why can't my life be easy. Why do I always have to struggle?

It gave me the idea of competing with myself. If I do better and can say to myself I am improved. I have done a good job it is worth ten times envying someone else having it easy. I also found it gave me compassion for the fools who did this to me in the first place. It just puts them in the realm of negativity and nothing they took from me will last for them. The reason why is they did not do it for themselves.

I was always happy when someone did good, won the lottery, or had other good luck. I enjoy people doing good and do not want to take what everyone else has gotten but want to find a way to get things on my own. I am sorry I had to do this for donations and help.

Yet the people who helped and continue to help me are getting a great chance to do charity for someone who needs the help to keep working. I do charity work all of the time, and the wheel turns for everyone. I want to thank all of you for your kindness.

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