Saturday, December 8, 2012

longing and yearning for love, and kindness

“The longing for sweets is really a yearning for love or "sweetness.” 
― Marion Woodman

I really had to think about this quote. I was looking for a quote that would say how we sabotage ourselves in life. We really yearn, want and need things yet we tell ourselves we can not have them. Yet what prevents us from having these things. It is our own self putting blockages and obstacles in our way because of our expectations of how our life is supposed to be. We focus so much on the things that do not go right that we forget how much energy we put into it and then draw the bad into our lives.

I can not count the times when I have been upset that I went for that chocolate ice cream or candy bar. Why because Serotonin is produced when the chocolate is eaten. It is a chemical that the body makes that produces the following feelings aggression and feeling dominant. That food is abundant and there for us. It makes us more confident and feel better.

I have been exercising to lose weight and incorporating it into my spirituality by doing focused exercise with prayer. Yet reading in the chemical reactions show that it helps to produce more insulin and hunger. So it helps to cause diabetes when it is not balanced properly.

I wonder if this is part of the problem with people yearning and craving for sweets all of the time. It is the need for sweetness and love in their lives. In America I believe it is also the food additives and food dyes. I am eating natural food and it does not cause the problems that the regular food causes me in my health.  Yet all of Americans do not seem to have the family support and being included in groups of people that know and love you.

In the Philippines where I am at now there is something called a Barkada which is a group of friends you have known since childhood. You have love available besides your family. They also have stronger families yet they still have problems with diabetes and sweets. Could it be the desire of yearning for a better life, being treated with more kindness, courtesy and respect that causes this in everyone?

Could yearning, need and wanting the better things in life cause many other social problems instead of being happy and just trying to improve our lives? I always hear about negative thoughts and the power of attraction yet maybe it is more yearning for what is not in our lives. It also ties into jealousy and envy.

I know that believing that the divine wants the best for you with unconditional love and just acceptance of what exists until something better happens is to me the best solution. I always trust that things will change for the better. It may take longer than I want at times but it always does change for the better. Mostly through the kindness and love of the divine and people who show love and sweetness to me.

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