Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Joy of LIfe

"When you see a new trail, or a footprint that you do not know, follow it to the point of knowing."
-- Grandmother of Charles Eastman, SANTEE SIOUX

I have always loved to travel and follow that new trail. It probably came from my childhood because every weekend my Dad would try to have us do something new. He would go down the road that no one knew where it led too just to see what was at the end of it. I have many childhood memories of camping and having fun.

I was taught a love of nature and how life can be a surprise. I traveled all over the United States and saw so many beautiful things. I remember them in my mind and know that when I can not do adventures I will still remember what I did do. I have loved traveling overseas. I remember the beautiful color of the Oceans. The different things that happened and trying new things such as different food, and different things to see and do.

My Dad had a real joy of life and I lost him when I was 21 years old. I still miss him but I keep him alive during the holidays and every time I have the courage to go down that new trail. It is hard to be joyful of life in today's world. All of the things happening and having the media and life slanted towards worry and fear.

Joy of life is taking the good with the bad and always trusting that things will get better. It is being grateful for the one kind act in a horrible day. It is the ability to have a sense of humor no matter how bad things are and be able to make a joke about it. Joy of life is not giving up or being afraid and hopeless because something new and different is out there that you can find and go wow look at that and learn about it.

The world of today is to focused on what we can lose or might lose. Where is that excitement in talking about something new and different. The appreciation of others inspiration. The joy and happiness in something good happening to someone else because you know that if it happened to them it could happen to you.

Do not let anyone or anything take your joy from you. We are all here to experience life and be guided to our highest good.

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