Friday, March 1, 2013


"The beginning is purification, that's the first step. And purification means purification of body and mind. You don't purify the body without cleansing the mind; that's the way it works."
-- Rolling Thunder, CHEROKEE

Purification means different things to different people. Purity is a concept for the marriage and in women in Judaism and the Muslim religions. Christianity has it where you are a good woman. All of them indicate a standard of behavior that has been forgotten. I am a woman that thinks of a man as a person someone to love and have fun with in my life. Enjoyment of companionship and trusting the man is very important.

Yet how has this been perverted in daily life? Why do we think of things differently. It is because we are shown standards of behavior and action by movies and TV. People forget this is entertainment and for amusement purposes only. Who would watch a good woman or pure woman's life unless they are fighting for some cause or standing up for themselves. It would be so boring it would not make good entertainment. People of the fifties enjoyed that sort of TV and everyone nowadays makes fun of the old shows.

I used to love Easyriders as a movie. Yet I watched it a few years ago and had to laugh. I had to think did we really talk that way all of the time? No wonder it drove our parents crazy. I loved motorcycles and started to ride one after I left home. Everyone else had a sexual revolution and I had more of a personal freedom revolution. I was made fun of because I was so innocent and most 15 year old knew more about sex than I did. I had been kissed once at 18 and that was it.

Life has happened to me and I know more now. Yet I still am that innocent girl in my mind loving men and thinking of them like they are just so wonderful. Now men have thoughts of women as being knowledgeable and think they know as much as what people used to call whores. No one thinks of men and women in the same way.

Our thoughts are perversions in many ways. Most of the stuff we do should be saved for that special person. I can see having fun but how do we do it. Is it like I am a sex machine and can tear their heart out or is it they are wonderful and I love them. People in the US and other places will make fun of religious women and people who do not put out and do things their way.

I always believe that each person decides for themselves. If you want to have purity of thought you have to look at how you treat others. How you think of men or women. Using anyone for sex, money or other actions is not the purpose of marriage. The love, the thinking they are wonderful and just seeing them as themselves is the way to live in truth.

I would never have sex with a married man, never pervert anyone else's relationship or cause cruelty to them in anyway. Yet others try to force you into being what they want you to be. They try to lie and people love the most dramatic best lie or they would not watch TV. Lies always try to overwhelm the truth of what people are in their lives.

Being strong and enduring. Being your own person and living in truth is what life is all about even with the mistakes and things we blame ourselves for in our lives. We are all sons and daughters of God yet we are here to face and endure from our life challenges. It is how you deal with life that makes you a person of purity.


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