Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Challenges in the Philippines

No one has heard from me and that is not because I have been ignoring people. I have a credit card and it expired in April. They mailed the credit card to my US address and would not mail it to my Philippines address. I asked my ex husband to send it to me and he said that he never received the card. It blocked me from receiving the money.

I had to set up a Philippines paypal account which would not work with out a debit card. I tried 6 banks and I finally found one that worked this week to allow me access to my money. I have been unable to contact people because here the phones and the Internet are prepaid which means you have to have money to access them. I will have a permanent Internet with some help from a family I met where I live.

Life is funny as I had given up hope because I really had no friends here and the few friends I did have were not in touch with me much. They had been working, and just living their lives and did not answer my texts. I felt funny asking them for help and had not been talking to them much.

I have a crooked agent for my apartment who has been taking the owners money and not repairing things and trying to get rid of me since I found a way to complain about her. In the Orient agents represent the owners of a unit that you rent. She was not giving me proper receipts so I paid the property manager which made her upset. She showed up and threatened to clamp me out of my apartment even though she had been present and knew that I had paid properly. He gave her the money in front of me and a receipt that I had paid him.

The money problems then started because of not having access to the pay pal funds, and I just started to starve. I did not have money to do much of anything and the only thing that saved me is that I had started a bank account that had some pesos in it. I could not afford to get on the Internet or charge my phone with time which is what they call a load here.

The couple had not seen me for about 2 weeks because I was just starving in my apartment and unable to do much of anything. The agent had the neighbors harassing me that she had renting from her. I did my normal prayer and just figured that if God wanted this to happen I had at least finished the major part of my work. They showed up and brought me food, and let me use the Internet where I could get some things straightened out.

My website is back up and I have to reset everything but life is a great deal better for me. I still have a great deal to do including 9000 emails and I can not access my mail account at the moment. Please use I am also having problems with my Facebook so it will be straightened out in a few days. I had things set up for the Filipino Paypal but it did not work with the banks and it has taken me 6 banks to get it straight. So life has challenges and I ask that you forgive me for not being in touch and I will get in touch with everyone.

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