Thursday, March 27, 2014

Life and Wisdom

Others are affected by what I am, and say, and do. So that a single act of mine may spread and spread in widening circles, through a nation or humanity. Through my vice I intensify the taint of vice throughout the universe. Through my misery I make multitudes sad. On the other hand, every development of my virtue makes me an ampler blessing to my race. Every new truth that I gain makes me a brighter light to humanity
William Ellery Channing

I have tried to live my life in this fashion. Yet it is difficult to do but everyone should realize that the difficult things to do may be the most rewarding to your soul. Connection to the divine is all important and you can not do that through vice. Your actions create a ripple which create other actions. I have recently had a trans-formative period in my life which helped to bring about an epiphany for me.

I live my life helping others and have always done so. I have helped to break people free in their life from negativity. I am not perfect but something I do always seems to help even if it is not perfect because I do not believe in personal power. I believe in the power of being filled by the divine energies and know that the divine has used me for his vessel. I know how imperfect I am but by doing this and giving up myself I have helped many people.

The trans-formative period has been a dark night of the soul in one way but in another a glorification of my life as a person and worker for the divine. The challenges I have recently experienced are so strange it even makes me feel weird talking about them. I realize this makes me a better spiritual counselor and helper for people with problems.

I have been the torture victim of a cult and they are advertising that they can do exorcisms. Yet if they do not cure the person instantly they revile them and ostracize them. Revilement is treating people badly by ostracizing them and then ripping them to pieces in a church. The cult leaders kill them because they are the failures and can not stand the fact that this is true. Talking bad about others always cuts you off from the divine. I am not going to focus on them but the fact that it shows I do get results. No one would go to all of this trouble to try to cause problems unless they were jealous or envious.

I have always looked at healing as something I am imperfect at doing but I try hard to be perfect. No one can be perfect unless it is the divine will. It means that I am missing the key to successful healing at times. It is inspiring the person to be the best person he can be in his life. I send loving kindness and suggest these meditations to everyone because the main key to healing is love. It is divine love and love for everyone where they can heal.

It also is the fact that everything happens in the mind of the divine. It is like a huge differential engine of choices and reactions to those choices. You can live in the negative and talking badly about people and be caught in the mind of the differential engine where you only receive the negative choices. Not listening to the divine in these choices put you into a downward spiral where you understand that your choice did this to you.

People who do not believe in this can cause ripples which affect everyone in the world. Through bigotry and bias against others who are different with their actions and words can cause much pain and suffering. Yet most of the people that do this are so focused on themselves instead of the divine that the pain they cause is unbelievable. Yet they keep doing it and I believe that is when their souls purity is lost on some levels and they keep going through these painful lessons until they learn. It is my epiphany and in the Orient torturing someone is something that can be done by anyone with enough money to hire a security agency. The leaders can then use their congregation against someone and there are many things that can be done to harm their victims.

They are slandered, cursed, harmed, starved, ostracized and threatened. The people being kind to these people always are threatened and in my case hurt. They film their victims and I ask that you read my new articles at to learn what I have learned about these practices. I believe that they call their films revilement films but it is basically a snuff film where the person dies in misery. I have been able to stay alive for over a year and a half now and am in a position where talking about this will keep myself and others safe.

Yet realize that Amnesty International is trying to stop these practices where I live and in other places in the world. Please realize this is a real problem and make it so my suffering brings about the goodness necessary to make the world change how they look at bigotry, elder abuse, and preachers or leaders. Never let any religious leader talk you into harming yourself or others. Prevent the practice of these cults where they can never cause anyone harm again. Do not give respect for anyone because they are a minister, preacher or evolved person because they would never bring you anything but joy if they do their jobs properly. Do not be manipulated and harmed through your love for God. Instead show your love for God through your actions to others. I am not the only victim of torture but I am one who has survived. Please make it so you help others survive and make it so I can stay safe by posting this blog everywhere it can be read so people understand that these things really happen in the world.

It is scary to me in one way because people try to make others who suffer through things like this the problems. The people are not the problems but the ones doing the bad actions. Please make it so the bad actions will be stopped by helping new laws to be made to bring about a safer world for everyone.

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