Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mission Impossible: Living Life

Mission Impossible We were not placed here to do the possible. Let the heavenly beings bring cause into effect, potential into actual. He did not breathe from His innermost depths into flesh and blood to achieve the facile and the ordinary. We are here to achieve the impossible: To teach the world tricks it thinks it cannot do. To bring into its boundaries that which it cannot contain.

Freeman, Tzvi (2013-01-31). The Book of Purpose (Kindle Locations 107-110).  . Kindle Edition.

I enjoy the quotes from Rabbi Freeman's books. They make me think and Mission Impossible means communications and love to many people. All of our memories are contained in our own physical brain but also something called the morphic field. It means we have selective memory. We are able to ignore reality and ignore the bad things to focus on the good thoughts. It also means we can do it the other way where we remember the bad and are not grateful for the good.

I have been shown recently through my life that to ignore the bad things is an advantage. Cruelty and trying to harm others brings about an attitude that cuts you off from God. You can be manipulated by others to feel badly about yourself or to feel shame. You can also do the wrong things and wonder how you can ever correct what was done.  No one can control these circumstances in their lives. People absorb these energies from others including the energies being inserted into the morphic field which influences our mind and emotions. It is why some people never live their lives. They listen to others and are fearful and upset over what others believe and think about them and their lives.

Yet the tricks we are meant to show the world is to bring the divine down to this Earth. To make the darkness shine and turn it into a film over the things we can not comprehend. We have to work to remove the film and illuminate the divine in our lives. We can also work to bring darkness into this world instead of light. To make the darkness thicker and impenetrable where we can find no good or light in this world. The choice is up to each person.

It is liberating to know that we can appreciate each day of life. I try to remember the good each day but some times it is a struggle to do this. The reason for me is what happens to everyone. I have others trying to shame me and make me feel less through their actions. I have worries and upsets where nothing seems to go correctly or things just do not work. Everyone else can make them work but sometimes it seems impossible to make the improvements in my life that I want to do. I get upset at myself because I used to be able to do something I can not do now. We can also look at people who abuse others and when we abuse ourselves and realize that we do this because we do not feel perfect. The people who talk badly about others and shame others do this because they can not find the good in themselves. They have to be cruel and abusive so they can try to get their own way. They have a bad example to hide what they themselves do in their lives. The person who abuses his or her choices in life does it because they know they are imperfect and believes they are able to do better in their lives.

I want to be the person who listens to the divine instead of humankind. Who tries to bring the impossible into existence by doing the right things. I do not want to have to talk badly to people or respond to cruelty with insults. I want to be the person who does not abuse herself or believe the abuse of others. I do not want to compete with every one else but be happy with being myself. Yet I do hurtful things because I am human. I think for me the impossible is to bring my divine self alive and keep working on bringing heaven down to earth in my own life. I try to do this in my work and everything I do. I do this by competing with myself and enjoying others.

Everyone who has a bad day should remember it is not what others think of you that matters. It is whether or not you will be able to stand before the divine and say you are not ashamed of yourself and what you have done. It is also not allowing others to use their actions to limit you and make it so you feel badly about yourself. The only way people do that is by actions of slandering, shaming, blaming, lying and abuse to others. They can block you from the internet, from being with family or friends, and do all these things to prevent you from living your life. Yet you also help them through letting them block you through fear or upset. Instead rising above this and not doing these actions is the mission impossible but possible at the same time. Love yourself for by every obstacle you overcome and every mission impossible that you achieve you bring goodness and love into this world.

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