Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dental Amalgams and Heavy Metals-Do they cause Physical, Mental and Spiritual Problems?

I am not doing a quote today but talking about a theory that I am working upon to help others. I had one of my clients today mention again that his teeth always bothered him before he saw negative energies and had problems in his life. I had heard this from other clients and also about a buzzing or sound frequency emitting from their teeth. I always knew there was a reason for it but wondered if it was like the times that people could pick up radio stations on their teeth. It really happens to some people.

Yet this time he mentioned Dental Amalgams and the fact that on one of the websites they mentioned that maybe the people having problems with demons in their lives had problems with the Amalgams. My first thought was what were they made of as I know they always say they are silver. They are 50% mercury and the rest is a combination of tin, copper, and silver. I know these are all metals used to make planetary talismans and are associated with specific planets according to alchemy and the Ancients. I copied a table and information from Ask.com.

Chemistry and astrology were related in alchemy. There were seven planetary metals that were ruled by corresponding celestial bodies. Often the symbols for the planets and the metals were the same.
  • gold or aurum was dominated by Sol, the sun
  • silver or argentum was dominated by Luna, the moon
  • copper or cuprum was dominated by Venus
  • iron or ferrum was dominated by Mars
  • tin or stannum was dominated by Jupiter
  • mercury (quicksilver) or hydrargyrum was dominated by Mercury
  • lead or plumbum was dominated by Saturn
Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto had not been discovered at the time of the alchemists. Modern alchemists sometimes consider the symbols for these planets to represent the metals uranium, neptunium and plutonium.
All of these metals cause problems if there is too much of it in our system even iron. I have seen people who had to have blood drawn because of too much iron in their system. The radioactive elements have obvious problems. You can have problems or sensitivities to different metals. I can not wear regular silver in ear rings but have to use Stainless Silver. I actually do not wear ear rings anymore from the infections that regular silver and gold ear rings caused in my ears.
So what happens when evil and curses attack someone. It causes frequencies, vibrations and trends in the electrical system of the brain and this inspires how we emotionally respond and react to situations. So we are going about our lives and something can hook into us energetically by our teeth.I then thought was it the truth about the radio waves and teeth.

A case of a perplexed husband and wife who heard the radio through her teeth. Everyone knows the negative effects that heavy metal can have on the system. It is why we are warned about mercury in fish, and lead in paint. Yet what if negativity can find people because their Amalgams stored the fear and terror of the dentist and other experiences that made it so they sent that out as a message. Could this be the reason some people have so many spiritual problems and never seem to be able to attract the good energies and things that they deserve? I am going to work on this theory but I found it interesting and maybe it is why some people always have the problems come back to them. 
I wonder if some of the weird things I talk about do have ways to change the energies in the cellular makeup due to the reception of the different metals in the body. I know that metals can affect the emotional and mental actions of a person. Look at the problems with children with lead poisoning for one example. Why could something else not be able to take advantage of it because they are inter-dimensional beings? 
I have to laugh because I sound like a nut case but everything I talk about is of the weird and unusual so I guess that does not matter to me. What a thought and could the people who have wide open psychic abilities that they can not control or seem to have something else controlling their lives no matter what they do or how they act have problems with the frequencies and disruption of their neurological networks? I guess everyone has to think about this for themselves.

They now have resin fillings and I ask every responsible parent to think about this for their children and themselves. It might change your life and how you live it. Could emotional problems of depression and other trends we have in this world be caused by our poisoning ourselves through our dental work or the metals we absorb through our cookware, plumbing and other things in our lives.

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