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Negative Enitities, Demons, or Aliens Part 1

The Zohar compares the satan to a harlot who is hired by a king to try to seduce his son, because the king wants to test his son's morality and worthiness. Both the king and the harlot (who is devoted to the king) truly want the son to stand firm and reject the harlot's advances. Similarly, the satan is just another one of the many spiritual messengers (angels) that G‑d sends to accomplish His purpose in the creation of man.5
This is not the satan's entire job description. The Talmud sums it up saying that the satan, the impulse to evil ("yetzer ha-ra"), and the angel of death are one and the same personality. 6 He descends from heaven and leads astray, then ascends and brings accusations against humankind, and then carries out the verdict.
However, the above-mentioned passage in Zohar concludes that if one does succumb to the urging of the evil inclination, he is "giving energy to the other side". This means, that an act defying G‑d's will grants those forces that hide G‑d's presence—at His bidding—additional strength to hide G‑d from us even more. This presents itself as even greater internal and external challenges for one to experience and identify with the truths of G‑d and His Torah.

The thought of the day is why is Satan described this way in the Zohar and Torah? It does not mention exorcisms and the Angel of Death is always considered separate from Satan. Notice that it says that it is the impulse to evil. He descends from Heaven and leads astray, then ascends and brings accusations. An act that defies God will set this off and Noah and Job are the best examples of this from the old testament. The Angel of Death is considered a destroying angel of transformation. The Satan is considered an adversary yet he was also created by God as a destroying angel and one of adversarial conditions. Both are considered something that transforms and changes a persons life either through death when it comes to the Angel of Death and through evil being caused in everyone's life when it comes to the Satan by the decisions that we make in our lives.

So are they are all creations of the left hand side of God or is death or the death of problems a release that is a gift from God. Death does not purify or cleanse us but gives us a second chance. This is mentioned in many religions Buddhism has reincarnation and the Bardo, Christianity Hell and purgatory or Heaven, paradise for the Qur'an, and Judaism has a form of reincarnation to purify the soul. So why would Satan be considered the same as the angel of Death? Because the Jewish Satan and Angels are different than the ones in Christianity and other religions. They look different and are described differently.

Satan means evil may be trying to cause the death of hope for the Jewish Messiah and humankind's hope of their prophets and messiah appearing in any generation. It is done through accusation and there are people that can be said to have the evil inclination take them over. People and suffering makes it so humankind hates themselves so much that it is done by disgracing every one and everything else to prove Satan and evil is more worthy. He does this to humankind every time there is a chance of something happening to bring more of the love of God to Humankind.Hope. trust and faith is essential as God is everything and everything happens for a reason until the time is right for the Messiah to appear.

Christianity then comes into existence and uses the Jewish Bible as the Old Testament and adds the New Testament over a 100 years after Jesus Christ dies where interpretations of the times are put into the new writings. Yet they do not have a vocabulary for technology like we do today to describe the events which cause invisible spirits and demons to possess mankind which started then instead of the evil inclination doing this emotionally.

Ephesians 6:11-12 
Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

How did this sudden change happen? Where it was no longer the Satan and an angel of adversary but became cosmic forces with out flesh and blood?

  Matthew 10.1
And he called to him his twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal every disease and every affliction.

Now what does the Qur'an say about demons? Jinn which are regular Jinn who are considered like the demons those who defied God. Celestial Jinn are the Angels which obey Allah or God.

10) And when We said to the angels: Make obeisance to Adam; they made obeisance but Iblis (did it not). He was of the jinn, so he transgressed the commandment of his Lord. What! would you then take him and his offspring for friends rather than Me, and they are your enemies? Evil is (this) change for the unjust.
(  سورة الكهف  , Al-Kahf, Chapter #18, Verse #50)

Demons are also considered to possess people in Islam so a massive change was made during the centuries. The descriptions of the Angels are different and so are the Jinn or demon descriptions.

 Buddhism says the following

The Benevolent Kings Sutra states: "When a nations becomes disordered, it is the spirits that first show signs of rampancy. Because the spirits become rampant, all the people of the nation become disordered" (WND, 8). When we speak of rampant demons, we might bring up a mental image of monsters destroying things. In Buddhism, demons represent functions of human nature and the environment that bring misery and suffering. These demons and devils—the robbers of life and benefit—are actually the negativity inherent in our lives. They can appear as negative internal feelings and as external influences that try to obstruct our Buddhist practice.

Even in the lives of wonderful bodhisattvas, there is fundamental darkness. Negativity—like death and taxes—is certain to be a part of our lives until our final moments. Subtle negativity, like self-doubt, may be difficult to see as a devilish function, but it most certainly is. It keeps us from recognizing that we are Buddhas, worthy of the highest respect.

Now even with diverse cultures meeting each other there are all these similar belief's that occur and some Buddhist sects do casting out of demons which are seen in a different way than the others. They are parts of the uncontrolled mind and have Goddesses and others being cannibals and other tortures of suffering. So all of these things are unseen. Yet the descriptions are different except for shining ones which sound the same through out almost every religion as messengers of God.

I have been searching for the answers to this since I took one photograph which I will put a link to in this article.
It is called Demon in the window and is photograph 8 and the photo with the figure and the red around it. I took this photograph during daytime during a case where I banished a demon causing problems from a home. I saw some energies and that is what showed up in the camera. It shows the entity or alien can exist in the window. Anyone who knows me knows that I have to ask to work a camera and I am no genius with photo shop which is also what people have claimed. I do not even have it on my computer. So I have shown this photo and everyone says they know how to make one like it but I do not know how to do it and that is the important part. I had to use zoom recently and had to be shown where it was on the camera. So again if you know the truth of something it does not matter what everyone else believes. Others have experienced strange things also and your truth may help them to find their truth in their lives.
See Part 2 for the rest of this article.

Ernst Mach says: "It is utterly beyond our power to measure the changes of things by time. Quite the contrary, time is an abstraction at which we arrive by means of the changes of things".

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Newton and do not exist as a physical reality. Ernst Mach says: "It is utterly beyond our power to measure the changes of things by time. Quite the contrary, time is an abstraction at which we arrive by means of the changes of things

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Ernst Mach says: "It is utterly beyond our power to measure the changes of things by time. Quite the contrary, time is an abstraction at which we arrive by means of the changes of things".

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Newton and do not exist as a physical reality. Ernst Mach says: "It is utterly beyond our power to measure the changes of things by time. Quite the contrary, time is an abstraction at which we arrive by means of the changes of things

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