Friday, January 30, 2009

Energy Signature or Soul Song?

I have been busy doing new techniques for the upcoming book. I knew before I started that project that I needed a rest. I am relaxing and visiting a dear friend of mine at the moment. I brought along a book I wanted to read for the airplane and have found some interesting thoughts in it.

It is about the soul. The soul song is the souls melody and I always hear that in what I call the energy signature. It is interesting to me because others have heard this melody also and it is verified through another source.

The author has suggestions on how to use the divine in distant healing techniques that are similar to my techniques. A combination of both of them means that it will be difficult for evil to attack any healer that is trying to help someone at a distance. I work through photographs for that reason as any negative energies will try to manifest at the healers home by following the energies. Using a direct soul connection makes it easier and also makes it that the negative energies would be contacting the divine as the source to attack with what I have been working upon using in combination.

I love being able to relax as it always helps me to clear up problems and be creative. I may start taking each Saturday off as I work 7 days a week now answering emails. I also may just do it during a certain time during the day answering emails for clients. I have tried to always be there during a crisis for others but I feel it is limiting my time to actually work.

I need to be able to relax, create and invent. The vacation has shown this fact to me and I am always working anyway it is just the clients needing reassurance. The psychological aspects of healing are hard at times because you can not change others. Yet by making myself more effective it benefits everyone.

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