Monday, August 17, 2009

Permission for Healing

People want to help others that they know are having problems. They get in touch with me and want me to do work upon others. I can ask the higher self in certain instances but I really need permission from the person to be healed. People push what they want upon others. They feel a person would do better if they did things in a certain way.

The person with problems may not see it that way. They may see the problems as needing to be cleared and a different path for themselves than the person who has contacted me. It is why I always try to get permission of the person I am healing.

The healing will not work properly if the person does not give a certain level of permission. I always ask for permission to heal the person of (state problems) and I will continue to work until the problems are resolved or the person tells me to stop working. I do this to make it so it is not open ended permission.

People do not consider how an open ended permission can allow others access to them even after the work is done. Most people will not use that access but some people do access the people so they continue to receive the payments and money they are sending. I have seen others actually change the energies to make the client contact them again.

It is when the healer is more of a problem than the original problem. It is also the same for any spirits involved in the healing. No matter what spirits are called it should always be stated that the work is until certain problems are resolved or the person asks them to stop the energy work.

It safeguards everyone and makes it so ethical behavior is the standard. It allows the client to know that they are able to be safe.

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