Friday, August 7, 2009

Three things to do when you are having problems in your life

I have had many things keeping me busy in my life but plan to write more often. July was a rough month to post things on my blog. People who seem to have their life stuck in their problems always wonder what they should do. I always do three things.

I think about what I have done in the past and make sure I show repentance of any things I did that could be misconstrued. I have the best intentions and move forward with what I think is the right thing to do. Yet life is not always able to be dealt with that way. The best intentions can go awry and look wrong. I always try to move it back towards my pure intentions and manifesting the things I feel will correct issues and problems. Yet it does not always work.

I repent for those moments. I always feel that repentance is a tool. It is not saying that you are wrong or your intentions are wrong. You are repenting the lack of knowledge and the way the intentions did not create the right results. Everyone hopes for the best results but life is messy and repentance is a way to ask the divine for help plus correct any mistakes, or things that went wrong.

You also ask the divine for his help and that you hope he accepts your repentance as a gift to you. Many people feel it is like an exchange but really none of us are perfect so asking it as a gift also covers any past mistakes we might have made that we feel should be ignored.

Next is to forgive yourself. You did not mean for things to work out in the wrong way. Your intentions were good but the results poor. Thank the divine for all of his help and say that your understanding was poor. Ask for his forgiveness and forgive yourself. Forgiveness always works to clear up the blockages and let things move forward. I also feel that it cuts out the ego. Ego gets between the person with problems and the divine. They feel they deserve the help and do not humble themselves. You can not be filled with the divine if you are already full of yourself.

The third thing is to ask for redemption and salvation. Ask to have your intents show and to please be redeemed that you did not mean for problems to happen. Ask that all agreements, actions, permission, and taking blame for yourself and others be redeemed and that you be saved and shown the right way to do things in the divines name.

Again humility and asking for the help as a gift promotes healthy thinking, looking at ones actions and helping yourself. These three things will always help to clear away the illusions, discord and mistakes in our lives. It will bring about the positive change and blessings that all of us want in our lives.

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