Friday, January 29, 2010

Comments and signs of demons

I received a comment asking if there are any signs of demons. I do have a listing on the website but I have to say the most telling sign of a demon is a total change in the persons life. The economy has caused this to many people. We as a nation are in a state of depression mentally which helps to cause these problems.

I also feel that demons occur where problems existed before the problem. Many times they cluster around places of blood, death, diaster, and trauma. So this being said the question is can someone misuse their power and get a demon. The answer is yes they can and it will cause them problems for the rest of their lives.

I had a person contact me recently that read a grimoire. They stated that if he said the spirit name it would get him what he wanted. Most people do not know the names of demons nor do they know the names of the many angels mentioned in literature. He did this and the demon is running rampant through his life.

The person fails to realize that he gave the demon permission to do anything it wanted by using this method. So my suggestion is to at least educate yourself or your son if he is going to study the occult so he can have the knowledge to make good choices.

Signs of demons are personality changes, a penchant for violence against oneself or against others, a feeling of an evil energy that just gives you the creeps, changing eye color when the person is mad, bad smells for no reason, black images seen out of the corner of the eye, and much more.

Teenagers are at the age where they just think of living and dying. They do not realize there is eternal suffering so now is the time to watch them and help them to understand what they can do and not do.

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